My Festive Films Wishlist

It’s already nearly mid-November and I’m unbelievably excited for Christmas – no words can describe it in all honesty. Each year I have my own little rituals when it comes to the build-up towards Christmas; begin buying presents (because let’s face it, the Christmas list was complete by August), start planning the Christmas break, letting Mum know what I want on my plate come Christmas Day (give me ALL the brussel sprouts) and also what festive films I really want to watch.

I may be super-early when it comes to planning Christmas, plus I have already wrapped half my presents already (one of which was bought in July), but when it comes to the like of Christmas films and songs, I do wait until 1st December has come and gone – I’m not that crazy! So, I wanted to share with you my festive films wishlist for this Christmas! This will be my first Christmas where I have my own flat – although it’ll still be spent with the family, of course! But festive films can’t be enjoyed without a good TV, so if you’re in the market for one this Christmas, check out the Ultra HD 4K TV Panasonic for starters. Better yet, if you want more for your money, check out the likes of TopCashBack to help you save money as you spend!Festive Films

My Festive Films Wishlist

1 | Home Alone – this is the number one, must-watch film for Christmas. No doubt about it!

2 | ELF

3 | The Grinch

4 | Love Actually

5 | The Nightmare Before Christmas – Don’t shoot me, but I’ve never watched this film! I hear about it every year, yet still have not pressed play. So, this year will be the year.

6 | Die Hard – Don’t judge me, but I do love a good action film. But, Die Hard is still Christmassy, right? Well, there’s a Christmas tree and snow in it anyway, amongst all the blood and fighting.

7 | Fred Claus – Simply because I love Vince Vaughn.


What Christmas films do you watch every year, without fail?
Any recommendations?!


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  • I watched Home Alone and The Grinch on Saturday, some may say it’s too soon to start watching christmas movies buuut they’re wrong. Jingle all the Way and The Santa Clause are on my list!

    • Hahaha, to be fair, I’d have totally watched them too but I’ve tried to slow it down this year and wait for the 1st December! I’m doing well so far haha! Ooh, Jingle All The Way is another film I haven’t watched! I seriously don’t know where I’ve been!
      Kayleigh x

  • I’ve waited a month before commenting since there’s no way I’m thinking about Christmas at the beginning of November. I’m with you on 4 and 6, I’m currently writing a post about my Christmas movies for next week. I guess your tree has been up for ages?