Fitbit Unisex Flyer Wireless Headphones : Average at best

Great for the fibit versa watch and android phone.

Looked at a number of bluetooth/wireless headphones & decided on the flyers. Delighted with them as they work perfectly with my fitbit ionic.

Works brilliantly with my devices, they take a short while to charge and can honestly say i have not had a problem with the little cover for the charging port, it stay put when replaced.

Sync immediately once switched on. Only issue is the tips/wings for the ear buds are either too big or too small.

I have many bluetooth headphones. These are nowhere near as good as others. Plusgood sound, quality is consistent and has depth. No so good for workouts as the makers would have you think. Most importantly, bearing in mind these are created to compliment the fitbit ionic, they, unlike the ionic, are not ixp8 standard and therefore are only only splashproof. They cannot be submerged so can’t be used for swimming, which the ionic can be. On the whole, for the money, disappointing.

Pros: great quality, travel pouch, good sound quality, easy to pair/setup, good battery lifecons: keep having to adjust ear piecesi wanted a pair of wireless earphones to use specifically for the gym – cardio and free weights training. I have the iphone 7 plus which doesn’t fit into most gym wear pockets and wired earphones become annoying and easily tangled. Fortunately most cardio equipment has a phone holder or there’s usually a place to safely leave the phone during exercise. I have several fitbit products which i have been very pleased with so i chose the flyers. Upon receiving them they were easily paired to my iphone, no issues there. I enabled the bass boost by briefly pressing up and down buttons simultaneously – this improved the sound quality dramatically. Having selected and attached the correct adaptors for my ears i set off for the gym. First up was the treadmill, a slow jog/warm-up caused me no problems. However as soon as i picked up the pace the earphone cable started dancing around my neck and i found myself having to constantly put both earphones back in place. Even slightly removed from the ear causes background noise to ruin the sound.

I love these, great sound and battery life. Range isn’t brilliant but i use them when exercising, so phone usually on me. Little pouch to keep them in and plenty of adjustments to get the perfect fit.

Arrived very promptly & great price.

  • bought the Ionic and assumed these would accompany it nicely, but the Ionic music management is a joke
  • Good but not right for me
  • Very happy

Fitbit Unisex Flyer Wireless Headphones

Product Description, Hear what moves you with Fitbit flyer-the ultimate wireless headphone for fitness. Take on tough workouts with a design that’s sweatproof and durable. Stay motivated by playing your favourite songs for up to 6 hours with premium wireless audio and powerful bass. And optimise your comfort, security and sound quality with customisable ear tips, wings and fins. Battery – Playtime: Up to 6 hours, Charging Time: 2 hrs, Quick Charge: 15 minutes charge = 1 hour playtime, Charging: micro-USB. Works with: Android, iOS & Windows smartphones, Windows & OSX computers, A2DP Bluetooth mono & stereo devices. Bluetooth 4.2

From the manufacturer


Built for Fitness

Built for fitness, Flyer gives you the freedom and motivation you want during workouts with powerful audio, a comfortable fit and durability you can count on.

Premium Wireless Sound

Precision engineered for crisp audio, powerful bass and dynamic range enhanced by Waves sound technologies, Flyer’s sound is optimised for workouts and all-day.

Secure, Personalised Fit

Get the best comfort, security and sound by customising Fitbit Flyer with interchangeable ear tips, wings and fins in different sizes.

2 Sound Settings

Choose from two dynamic sound settings: Signature or Power Boost-which is enhanced by Waves technologies and amplifies bass for a stereo-style experience.

Innovative Design

You don’t stay in place during workouts, but your headphones should. Flyer will, thanks to innovative wings and fins that hug the natural shape of your ear.

Durable & Sweatproof

With a durable design and hydrophobic nano coating that’s rain, splash and sweatproof, Flyer will withstand even your toughest workouts.

Long Battery Life

With up to 6 hours play-time, plus a 15-minute quick charge gives you an extra hour, Fitbit Flyer has the battery life you need to boost every workout.

Multi-Device Connectivity

Flyer simultaneously connects to two Bluetooth devices at once, so you can switch from hearing music on your laptop to answering a call on your smartphone.

Adjustable Cable

The adjustable cable on Flyer ensures that your headphones stay com-fortable and secure during high-intensity workouts and all day.

Music & Call Controls

Flyer’s streamlined 3-button control box lets you adjust sound, pause or change songs and answer or end calls with the push of a button.

Dual Microphone

Get high-quality, hands-free calls in any environment with a du-al microphone that suppresses external noise like wind and other sounds.

Automatically connects with Fitbit Ionic

By seamlessly connecting to Fitbit Ionic, Flyer can take your workout experience to the next level with hands-free, phone-free music and more.

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This is my first product review. But fitbit flyer deserved it. Fitbit flyer are the best fitness headphones i ever used. Great sound ,battery life is enough for a long gym sessios around 3 4 hours with boost sound mode on and around 7 8 hours in off mode. Great headphones,i really recommend .

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of these headphones. They have great bass which is perfect for exercise. There is also a boost mode which you can use to increase the bass further when you need more motivation. They’re also great for exercise and stay in place while running.

Best fitness earphones, amazing product.

Fit nicely and are comfortable, won’t fall out with a few options and sizes of ear buds.

Great headphones they stay put during exercise. Very easy to connect to fitbit watch or phone.

These are great headphones, i previously had some kitsound outrun bluetooth headphones but these are so much more comfortable, even with the smallest ear pieces the outrun would hurt my ears after a while but i can wear these for hours without any discomfort. I thought i would need the small ear pieces but the medium stay in better for me and i use the small wings, there are plenty of different ear pieces to choose from to get the perfect fit. It was easy to connect these to my phone and now every time i turn them on they connect instantly without me having to go into my phone settings. There is a handy little adjuster on the wire so when i run i can tighten it up so the wire doesn’t flap about as i run and when you turn them on or off they tell you how full the battery is, i don’t know how long they stay charged as i just charge them every time i use them but when i turn them off they always say medium battery so they should last for at least two workouts before running out. They have a small light when charging so you know when they are charged. All in all i really love these headphones.

Recently bought the ionic and assumed these would accompany it nicely, but the ionic music management is a joke currently; so i’ve just been using them with my phone with spotify. I was hoping after investing all this money, £410 to be exact, i would be treated to a top of the range audio experience, however it falls very short. Pros:* pairs instantly with my phone, super easy. * boost mode, is essential and sounds great. * gym workouts are much better, not having to worry about my phone cable connected. * stylish, i think they look greatcons:* battery life isn’t great, i get about 3/4 hours at most. * none of the ear pieces comfortably fix, having to constantly adjust them (i’ve reverted to my £20 sony earphones in work because they’re so much nicer to wear)i have no idea how nicely they work with ionic, as i have no reason to pair them currently. It’s a shame how these devices compare to the current competition, as they fall short and it’s hard to justify the cost.

Great sounding earphones that price range.

  • bought the Ionic and assumed these would accompany it nicely, but the Ionic music management is a joke
  • Good but not right for me
  • Very happy

Fitbit Unisex Flyer Wireless Headphones

It is the second pair i’ve ordered thinking i was unlucky with the first. The battery doesn’t stay charged as much as they advertised. They were fully charged and after half an hour if listening music i was advised the battery is half.

Works well & easy to connect but ear buds aren’t the best fit & do fall out which is irritating.

Amazing sound quality, gorgeous design, battery lasts really well.

Features and Spesification

  • Secure, comfortable fit with interchangeable ear tips, wings and fins
  • Durable and sweatproof with protective hydrophobic nano coating
  • Premium wireless audio delivers crisp sound and powerful bass
  • Up to 6 hours playtime, plus quick charge
  • Connects to Bluetooth-enabled devices