FITFORT CVC 6 : Very happy with my purchase

I’ve had this for 3-4 months now and can advise that the sound quality on these is great. The noise cancellation works well too. For the price this deserves 5 stars. I have compared the nose cancellation on these with the bose qc35’s and sony sony wh-1000xm2 my colleagues at work have. I would say the noise cancellation on these is on par with the qc35’s. The sony noise cancellation is on anpother level though, i experiended near complete noise cancellation with the sony and they are on to mark 3 now. If i had the money to spare i would buy those. So for features and price these get 5 stars.

The first thing i should say is that i was given a discount by the sellers to report on these headphones. I made it quite clear that, good or bad, it would be an honest review. They arrived the day after ordering on prime. Outer box – excellent quality2. Travel zip case – excellent quality3. On first handling the headphones, it is obvious that they are a good quality product. The hinges and swivel mechanism feel very robust and operate very well. As with all products from this part of the world, there is some benefit to be gained from having instruction leaflets written by native english speakers. These headphones are beautifully made, they feel like high quality and they work perfectly.

Very happy with my purchase. As someone who wears glasses, i’ve always struggled to find a pair of over-ear headphones that are still comfortable whilst wearing glasses and i was pleasantly surprised to find that they are just as comfy even when wearing them with my glasses. The noise cancellation is a nice feature and works well. The headphones came well presented in a tidy arrangement and clean box design. I would say the instructions could be a little clearer and a bit more expansiveoverall, very pleased​ with my purchase.

I bought this product for my wife because she works in the same room as me when i’m teaching english online. She hasn’t had the opportunity to try them at home as yet, but she did use them on a flight a few days ago and was very impressed with how much noise was reduced during the journey. I purchased a different brand for myself, (srythm), and now i’m slightly regretting it after trying hers. These headphones feel a bit more comfortable than mine. Bottom line is, they won’t eliminate all noise from around you, you’ll still hear some things, but the background noise will drastically be reduced. For the money i paid, they are definitely worth it. The only downside i’ve seen up to this point, is that the instructions were a little lame. They tell you how to pair the product and some other basic things, but it doesn’t go into much detail about it. Nevertheless, i’m a happy customer and would recommend these headphones to others. Update: even after writing to the supplier, they aren’t able to inform me how to turn the headphones off.

They come in a sturdy box and a decent travel case. Easy to assemble from a closed position. Took just a couple of seconds to pair with my phone (not so with many other devices). Very pleased with the sound. Built in mic for phone calls. Easy access buttons for controlling.

I bought these primarily for my morning walks along the seafront during the winter months. I already own a pair of on ear bluetooth headphones which are great for the warmer weather. Out of the box they look very smart and feel well made even though they are light for the size. The fit is ok, i have a small head (55cm hat size) and they just fit comfortably on my head with no adjustment at all on the head band. They are comfy to wear and keep my ears nice and warm in the chilly sea breeze. The sound quality is acceptable for the price point, they’re never going to compete against my sennheiser or bose wireless headphones, but that’s not why i bought them. They connected very easily to my android phone, hooking them up to the smart tv was a little more convoluted, but i think that’s the tv at fault not the headphones. The connection is very good up to 10 metres before it starts dropping signal. Sound quality, the bass tends to be a little muddy when listening to music and the mids and treble are a little flat, but again fine for the price. I mostly listen to spoken word, plays and audio books on my walks and for this they are perfect.

I have to say i am very delighted with the performance of this device. My primary use for it was while at the gym and for jogging. It connects to your player easily and has features to change tracks, adjust volume, answer calls built into the gear. I was not very bothered about the noise cancelling feature and tried it out of curiosity on a train ride to london. I did not expect it to be that good. It’s ideal if you want to work or read without noise and not having to listen to music. I honestly never expected it to be so good. The aesthetics of it is also excellent. Right from the packaging to the feel of it, i thought it felt as good as any premium version out there. It’s got a metallic rim with leather (synthetic?) adjustable straps. On a charge of three hours, it has lasted me for a week and is still going. Lastly, there is very little plastic involved in the packaging.

Still a fairly new purchase but extremely pleased to date comfortable light weight and enjoyable sound reproduction using[ the possibly a little short the jack point connection to laptop. A big improvement over previous economy / cheapish ear phones found in cut price stores just wished i had found these long before now. At last ,can listen to music in comfort. I cannot comment upon the techy type advantages offered as a little beyond me, leave that to the younger generation to explain or setup. A very good product in my opinion. ]

  • Great purchase
  • Great quality sound and noise cancelation
  • Good value bluetooth headphones

FITFORT CVC 6.0 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones – Hiearcool L1 Over Ear Headset with HiFi Stereo Sound, Build in Mic, Support Calling and Wired Mode( Deep Bass, 25-30 Hour Playtime)

What are the advantages of noise cancelling bluetooth headphones?Noise-cancelling technology reduces ambient noise such as aircraft cabin noise, urban traffic or the everyday noise of a busy office. You can simply focus on your music, your movies, your calls undisturbed or just hide the ambient noise.Endless Music enjoymentUp to 30 hours of playing time with the rechargeable lithium-ion battery when the headset is used without the ANC mode. Exquisite 3.5 mm audio cables can be connected if the battery is empty or the desired audio device does not have a Bluetooth function. So it doesn’t take a break for your music! Deep, impressive sound at every volume. Clearer call quality for calls at both ends of the communication. Seamless switching between Bluetooth and wired mode.NoteThe maximum rotation of the earphones is 90 degrees. Do not rotate the earphones beyond that. Please do not turn the shaft in the opposite direction either.Please hold the power button for 4-5 seconds till the red light and blue light flashing; Please open your device Bluetooth to search “L1” and then connect.Scope of delivery1 * Active noise Cancelling headphones1 * 3.5 mm Audio Cable1 * Micro USB Charging Cable1 * Storage Box1 * User manual

From the manufacturer




About ANC function

Noise cancelling function can work on low frequency noise below 200Hz,the low frequency noise such as road traffic or construction sites are modestly attenuated,but it will not cancel the talking noise, this allows voices to be heard and understood with relative ease,allows you to hold a conversation and/or remain aware of announcements.we sincerely hope you can understand our original intention in designing this function.

Noise Reduction Headphones,Far away from Noise,Enjoy your world

Excellent Sound Quality

The active noise cancelling technology reduce surrounding noise up to 20dB.Best choice for noisy airplane cabin, city traffic or busy office, makes you focus on what you want to hear,enjoy your music, movies and videos. The noise cancellation function can work well both in wire and wireless mode.

  • Wireless connectivity and stable bluetooth
  • Hands free call & built-in mic
  • ANC (Active noise cancelling )function
  • Lightweight & comfy for prolonged wearing
  • Wireless and wired mode for your listening.

Key Featrues




Amazing sound

Precise guitars, clear vocals, clean bass and crisp percussion. Discover sound quality that brings out the best in your music -including subtle details you may never have noticed.

On-board control & hands-free calls with Mic

With a high-quality built-in microphone, it provides a clear phone communication for you. To skip a track, change the volume and take or make calls just by a push the buttons on the headphone, with no need to reach to your phones.

12H playtime – perfect everyday headphones

Up to 12 hours of wireless play time on a full charge, and switchable from wireless to wired mode with additional 3.5mm audio cable whenever the battery runs out. Lightweight and foldable design also suit for travelling, saving space in your backpack.







-Bluetooth Version: v 4.1

-Connection distance: approx. 10m (33ft)

-Battery life: Music playback up to 12 hours (at medium volume without noise cancelling)

-ANC operating time: over 8 hours

-Charging time: approx. 3 hours

-Battery Voltage: 3.7 V

-Battery Capacity: 360mAh

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These are an excellent pair of headphones, particularly for the price. The anc works fairly well given the cost, eliminating most of the background hum of plane engines and trains, it is particularly effective at removing the lower frequencies. Aside from that they are incredibly comfortable and the sound quality is of a good standard. They come with a regular audio jack and usb charging cable. The battery charges fast and lasts a long while. In all, these are an excellent pair of headphones. Bearing in mind a set of bose anc headphones are 6 times the price, but almost certainly not 6 times the quality.

Noise cancelling bluetooth headphones wireless – over ear headphones with hifi stereo sound, build in mic, supports handsfree calling and wired mode for phones, pc, tv and air traveli bought these to replace my anc earbuds from taotronics here -> active noise cancelling headphones, taotroics anc wired earphones with 15 hours playtime, in ear corded earbuds with built-in microphone (noise reduction, aluminum alloy construction, gold-plated jack), which just lasted past the warranty, so please dont buy those. This is the first over ear anc i have had and would recommend. These work better that the taotronics earbud ones i had before these. These feel good quality, one issue i did have though was pairing with my hd fire 10 device, but will need to look into this some more. Overall happy with this product. Updated – yes pairs with amazon hd fire. Overall still happy and i got a free bluetooth usb dongle as an after sales gesture which works well with my laptop and pc.

I have hearing aids and i wanted some headphones thart i could use with the hearing aids still in my ears. These phones are excellent for this purpose. They comfortable and compatible. Well made with easy to use controls. No problem linking to my iphone 6s.

I have rated these headphones with 5 stars as for the money they are really good. I have to put the price as a factor because they are not perfect. When the volume is low, they are quite ordinary, however, they are earphones so why wouldn’t you have the volume up?. Certainly at louder volumes (not full volume but just cranked up a bit) they are a cracking pair of ‘phones. Information provided isn’t great but they are not rocket science to work out. A bit more info on charging times and also information on the light would be useful or perhaps a website that more information was available would be a help. Not withstanding those minor points the performance, the value for money and the customer service all rate a 5 star rating from me.

I’ve been using these headphones for about 3 months. They come with a strong case which is ideal to stick in the rucksack i take to work without worrying about them breaking and the sound level and quality is decent. These are the first set of noise cancelling headphones i’ve tried and i’m not overly impressed. It works, slightly, but it definitely shouldn’t be your primary reason for purchasing them. There’s also a lot of noise leakage, so much so that i couldn’t wear them in bed without waking my wife, however i purchased them to use in a busy work canteen and they’re fine for this. All in all a reasonable buy for the £52. 79 i paid as the case is strong, the sound is loud and clear, the bluetooth connection is good and the earphones cover the whole ear so block out a fair amount of peripheral noise. However the noise cancelling function isn’t great and there is an excessive amount of noise leakage.

I am really pleased with this product and the speed of delivery. The headphones arrived the following day and they were very well packaged. They came in a quality carry case that for once i will be using, i don’t normally bother as often the cases items come in are flimsy cheap afterthoughts, not this time though. The actual headphones feel well made and sturdy with good quality materials. Very easy, simple and quick to set up on laptop, iphone and android phone. Very comfortable to wear and the noise cancelling feature is impressive. Comes with charging cable, hardwired cable for non-bluetooth use and importantly an airplane adaptor. Can’t comment on battery life yet as they came charged and ready for use (well done). Overall a very high quality product that is comfortable and easy to set up and use.

I’ve had these headphones for over a month now so i think i can write a fair and honest review. First of all, the headphones feel nice and the fit over my head quite nicely as well, the sound quality is pretty good as well. I’m also quite pleased with the battery life, i travel to work 2 hours everyday and i only charge these once a week (its only died on me once after using it for about 7 days straight). The anc is quite a nice little feature also, but don’t expect the noise cancelling to be at the level of the those £200 plus headphones that are out there, also dont forget to turn the anc off as even if you swith the headset off, the feature remains onmy only real gripe with the headset is that loudness. Don’t get me wrong, its not quiet by any means but my previous pair were alot louder and this is just me being pickyoverall, this is a good headset for the price, easy a 4/5 for me.

These headphones feel sturdy and have a good sound quality, they’re easy to connect to my device and there is a handy battery icon on my phone that shows how much power is left. I’ve yet to find out if i can take a call but tbh i just wanted a set of over the ear, bluetooth head phones for music and meditation vids on youtube, as the in ear ones are disgusting and should be outlawed by the ear, nose and throat police. The only down sides i can see are, there’s no appreciable difference with noise cancellation switched on but the ear phones are very snug and block out a lot of noise anyway and there’s no instructions on how to fold them back again to fit in the case as i’m frightened of snapping them at the hinge.

  • Great purchase
  • Great quality sound and noise cancelation
  • Good value bluetooth headphones

FITFORT CVC 6.0 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones – Hiearcool L1 Over Ear Headset with HiFi Stereo Sound, Build in Mic, Support Calling and Wired Mode( Deep Bass, 25-30 Hour Playtime)

These are without doubt the best headphones i’ve had. Initially bought so i could listen to music whilst mowing the lawn with the noise canceling feature. They work great, not totally but enough to eradicate most of noise from petrol mower. You don’t even have to listen to music to use it. Use noise canceling on its own as earmuffs and it’s like total silence. (but i do not advocate their use as earmuffs)if you intend to use outdoors for running/cycling etc i would advise caution as the noise canceling could be too good. Doesn’t block out sudden noises but does block out constant droning noise such as some traffic sounds so be awaregood bluetooth signal so i can have my phone in my back pocket without interference and excellent sound quality. Built in mic was a little quiet for the receiver but that could have been their volume settings, plenty loud enough for me. My only downside was they didn’t provide a mic in the cable. So you can make phone calls without bluetooth.

Not had the product long, but it seems to do what i expected. The real purpose for purchasing these noise reducing headphones was for a couple of long haul flights i have coming up. The real test will be in a few weeks timebatterycan’t really comment on battery life as i haven’t used them too much, other than to say not sure when the battery is full or depleted. When you plug in a charger the led goes red, but i’ve never seen it change colour. Not always sure if they are connected. I don’t hear any audio instructions on the headphones such as “power on” or connected” as described in the instructions – just a series of bleeps. Often have to remove from head and look at the led to see what is going on “is it flashing blue?”.

Like alot of people i looked at other brands of headphones that was priced alot higher, i only needed them for my holiday and my long flight, i’ve got to say for the price i was very happy as there great vaule for money, very easy to use and set up, they came charged so i could use them right away, i don’t normally like the fold away’s but i can live with that as the quality is good enough, sounds pretty good, anc wont be as good as some others but they did there job on my flights, very comfortable to wear, battery last around 11-12 hours, came with 3. 5mm lead incase the battery dies, plane adaptor, usb, nice hard case, very happy to recommend this product.

Features and Spesification

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  • ♪ Active noise reduction bluetooth headphones – reduces much of the ambient noise in the work environment, on travel and everywhere on the road, by activating the ANC mode.
  • ♪ Comfortable design wireless headphones – 90 ° rotatable ear cups with extremely soft and high-quality memory protein ear and an adjustable headband provide comfort for the whole day.
  • ♪ Dual 40mm driver setup/excellent audio performance – the extended 40 mm driver with large openings ensures powerful bass and crystal clear heights with high fidelity.
  • ♪ Wireless mode/The wired mode – a built-in 360mAh battery provides up to 30-hour music time. You can also use it as a wired headphone with the supplied audio cable so that the headphones will never turn off.
  • ♪ Multi-device Support – allows wired connections when the battery is empty or devices are to be connected without Bluetooth, as well as a wireless mode via Bluetooth for compatible Android devices, iphone, ipad, PC and more.