Fostex T50RPMK3 Professional Semi-Open Headphone : Awesome sound!

Really good quality and sound great, however a bit of plastic has come off of one side and is making them nearly unusable. What is the policy on getting these fixed/replaced?. Would definitely have been five stars had they not broken.

Added headband, new wire, and new pads. Kinda sound awful, will update after i mod it.

Fantastic sound for the money. The stock pads need to be changed on day one, because they are very uncomfortable. The shure 1540 pads work great. Both of the cables that the headphones come with aren’t very good. The locking connector on the headphone side is prone to cut out audio from time to time when you move around. The build quality is great, and they are comfortable for long listening sessions (apart from the pads). All around a very balanced sound, nothing sticks out. Great way to get into planar magnetic headphones.

To the point that it tricks you into thinking its banging from the real world. Pretty comfortable once you change the ear cups. Really detailed and neutral sound. Great sub bass, decent lows, crisp mids and slightly too bright highs. Been using them a few months now and the build quality is good. I just wish the adjustment would stay in place on the headband.

These are great very strong tough etc sound works with iphone and android to acceptable levels but put them on a pc with a sound card and let spotify rip at high quality just bliss also have the very good sennheiser hd600 to compare the mk3 which has the better base i still love both. I have to change the ear pad for the, 1540 by shure replacement ear pads which i also give 5 stars.

Absolutely amazing headphone. Even more amazing for the ridiculously low price tag, easily the best pair out there for under £500. Neutral sound, but very, very engaging. They deliver exactly what each genre of music aims to deliver, i. They are amazing with all genres. These headphones are the best. Instead of trying to listen critically to the sounds the headphones are producing, hoping the headphones will produce magic through their technology, these headphones make me want to listen to the music, not the headphone.

So i got these headphones along with a sap ii to power them , good news for sap ii owners or any of the sap range amps , they’ll power them to 1 o’clock to deafening levels. Anyways the headphones came up and my christ were they uncomfy and siblant so siblant it made my dt 990s less hardcore sounding. Which if you watch any reviews , dt 990s sound siblant af. Mods :hybrid pads the normal ones , it takes away the peak it has in the highs somewhere but keeps the bass volume if not slightly widening the sound stage. Hd 600 comfort strap glued ontopafter mods : comfort –they become really comfy to wear and put on like my fidelio x2s and my moded k702s. Sound –the peak it has in the highs where the ssss sounds like it’s going to pierce your skull lessens. The bass is taken a little further and the mids really shine. The soundstage widens a little and by little i mean not too far off the k702 , but still keeping its imaging so accurate. Also it says they’re semi open but like i don’t get the seashell effect with closed pairs which is good cause that drives me mad with the mdr 1as i had. Build:these are built in the most utilitarian manner and really easily moddable i can trust them to not break like my x2s. Unlike my k702s which feel fragile in contrast. And even if they do break because of the moddable nature you can get parts or replacements or frankenstein something. Overall :maybe just maybe a little overhyped , just a smidge. If i’m wanting to kick back and relax i’ll get my k702s for the wide soundstage or the x2s if i’m out and about and need the extra bass extension and maintain being open.

Clamping force too great, give me a bit of a headache after wearing for a while. Sound quality is good and definitely unique but little soundstage and didn’t find myself enjoying music with them. Ultimately i sent them back, i’d recommend the beyerdynamic dt990s over these for home use.

  • Interesting and revealing.
  • Yes ! But If you get them stock then you’re a masochist
  • Clamping force too great, give me a bit of a headache after

Fostex T50RPMK3 Professional Semi-Open Headphone

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Really happy with the sound and plenty of punch when needed.

Use these on my mac with an aune dac and a little dot i+ amp. I did change the flimsy pad for some shure ones though.

Truly amazing for the price – you’ll need a good headphone amp tho. Suitable mainly for home use. Buy better “pads” as standard are inadequate. These cans left my sennheiser momentums for dead – and they are great headphones.

Really great sounding headphones. The stock pads are usable, but i recommend changing them. Now using shure 1540 pads and these are just amazing.

No issues with the headband, but as others have said, the earpads are very uncomfortable and sticky hot after only 10 mins. Took advice and purchased the shure alcantera 1540 pads. Last ones in stock from usa. Ouch, cost me £50 with shipping. Now the sound with stock pads – love the detail in the mids to highs. Tweaked my eq for a little more bass. Their not as wide spread on sound stage as my denon 7000 where you can pick out each instrument on an imaginary stage, but the crossover is excellent. Revealing symbols and kick drums from left to right and even mid centre. Vocals are clear and pleasing to the ears. Deep house is particularly revealing of tight clean sub bass, whilst not drowning out the mids. Overall, i’m very pleased with these, but can’t wait to fit the shure pads and keep them on longer.

I bought my pair elsewhere, but. . Agree with all the other reviews on here, but if you want a cheaper alternative earpad try the shure 840 pads – £15ish does the job for a third of the cost 😎definitely need a headphone amp to get the best from these as 50ohm impedance is too much for most phones and daps.

Awesome quality but consume battery on a dap.

Can’t really explain why in detail. I’ll leave that to those more eloquent than myself. I just know that even just listening to a movie, these headphones can make me smile with audible pleasure.

  • Interesting and revealing.
  • Yes ! But If you get them stock then you’re a masochist
  • Clamping force too great, give me a bit of a headache after

Fostex T50RPMK3 Professional Semi-Open Headphone

These are an incredible, planar-magnetic headphone which will cross genres without blinking. If you can stand the slightly annoying clamp force they’ll sing for their supper no matter what you’re listening tothe sound is awesome. Close, but very smooth and detailed. I can hear people shuffling in their seats and turning pages on their music sheets on starcraft: wings of liberty’s opening track when the music enters the second movement. They’re also a very forgiving headphone. I listened to castlevania: lords of shadow at 128kbps and it wasn’t too bad, so these tend to gloss over bad recordings to make them sound better imo. Awesome for casual listeners, a bother for sound designers. Not terribly revealing of bad recordings. Sibilance can get a little surprising at times, but not painful. There is more bass than i was expecting. Not thumpy enough for bass-heads, but most people will definitely be pleased. They’re also very adept at mids. Which is probably why i like them so much (mids man all the way here)point to note: they need replacement pads.

Quality headphones, amazing sound quality. They do work a lot better if you are powering them with an amp but are listenable through a pc. I would recommend getting some new ear pads for these but get some like the brainwaves hm5s that are memory foam as these are comfortable, fit the cup and most of all don’t change the sound signature muchvery helpful review here:[.

Surprisingly good although a headphone amp and a change of ear pads is recommended. Can be modded and there is a strong community online covering this area albeit for the mk2.

I just bought these and i am elated with them. Have to be the best bang for buck phones, no wonder so many people are diying them. Yes, they come in a crappy box with crappy wires, yes they’re probably not the best lookers out there, but the sound quality is surprisingly good. They’re not particularly difficult to drive, but you will need a headphone amp to enjoy them driven well. Don’t expect them to work with a phone as they’re 50 ohms, so you probably won’t hear a lot. Not the most comfortable pair i’ve had, but they don’t get your ears numb at least. If you are going to change the pads, be sure to get very soft foam pads, as increasing the distance between the ear and the driver can change the signature significantly in planar drivers.

Great headphones for the price, but not suitable for smart phones.

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