FRANCIS FRANCIS Francis Francis E&C BT Bluetooth Illy Y5 Espresso and Coffee Machine : Posh coffee

I’ve tried illy coffee in my bean to cup and it just came out too bitter, although it used to work fine in a caffetiere. This paired machine however made a delicious single espresso from the supplied espresso capsules. If you hold the button down, you can get it to make a double espresso. This is where it gets complicated. Unlike other machines, it doesn’t have a run through of heated water, either before or after the brewing. I’m not used to a cold cup or an unrinsed machine. But there’s a lightit has a pretty short lead 66cm/ 26 inches approx before the plug. There wasn’t one of the brewed coffee longer dose supplied- you press the other button for that one. The plastic capsule comes wrapped in foil like a biscuit.

Turn on and fill the water hopper. The lights stop flashing and go steady on, when it is ready. Lift the flap and pop in a pod. Close the lid and then chose between the expresso shot size, or a bigger cup size. A light over the cup comes on to tell you it has accepted your choice and the coffee ours out. Light goes out and the coffee is ready. Lift the flap to do the next cup, and the old pod is ejected into the waste hopper automatically. You can use the app to turn the machine on remotely, if you so choose.

This machine has many good features, but also a few things that make it less than brilliant, hence the missing stars. It comes in a nice box, with cardboard inners, so all recyclable, which is good. This box comes in another box, and then finally the amazon packing box. Lots of boxes for what is, actually, quite a small machine. It is a very nice design – just have to say that. Shiny black, with silver highlights. Very nice looking on a black granite worktop. Ran mine through with plain water to clean it out,then dropped in an espresso pod. I got 6 pods with the machine, but had also ordered a pack (can) of 21 pods as well.

This is a really nice streamlined and compact machine that won’t take up a lot of room and look good on anybody’s kitchen worksurface. Its very easy to use, fill the water tank, switch on, pop in your capsule and select either a 55ml or 240ml drink from the led touch sensitive buttons. The two volumes are pre-programmed into the machine but can be easily altered based on personal preference following instructions in the included manualthe cup stand can be used at different heights based on the type of cup you use but it is fairly narrow so wide cups or mugs could be a problem. I really like the design, its streamlined and the black and chrome looks really nice. It does take longer to warm up than my other brand espresso machine and it also takes longer to make my drink. But in use it is substantially quieter and the coffee does taste amazing, which unfortunately leads me to mention the only downside; the capsules are more expensive than pods used in other machines and they aren’t so widely available. The machine does come with bluetooth and an app is available that once paired with your smartphone allows you to order capsules online, operate your machine, customise your drink and even pre-programme a time for the machine to switch on ready for you to start brewingi like this machine and i like the coffee, mine came with 6 medium roasted capsules and i’ve also tried it using the dark roasted variety – perfect coffee every time.

I was really excited to be offered the chance to try this machine out, because the coffee pods for a lot of capsule system machines make coffee that i don’t like the taste of at all. Illy is my regular coffee of choice – i have both decaffeinated and original beans on subscribe and save order, and grind my own coffee every morning. The machine itself is very neat, with quite a small form factor and water tank. A good option if you don’t want a coffee machine to occupy too much worktop space. The majority of the machine is black plastic, but there are several bright, shiny, silver-coloured metal components. These look great, but show every tiny smudge of a fingerprint. Basic set up is really straightforward – just clip on the loose mug stand, remove packaging tape from the espresso cup holder and water tank, fill the tank, flick on the power switch and you’re ready to go. Once the power is on, bright white led symbols illuminate at the front with pictures of an espresso cup and taller cup, insert your pod and press the symbol for the appropriate drink length. This can be programmed to pour length of drink according to taste. A bright led illuminates the pour area and the machine starts to work.

The francis francis e&c illy y5 espresso and coffee machine is a lovely machine that is well made and beautifully designed. It is streamlined and would look very smart in even the most modern and stylish of kitchens. It was very easy to unbox and the instructions were easy to follow. The machine works with illy espresso and brewed coffee capsules. It is definitely advisable to check to see the range of capsules available, and the cost of the capsules, before buying. They do tend to cost nearly a pound per capsule so they are particularly pricey per shot. The machine is supplied with 6 espresso capsules so i couldn’t test the brewed coffee option, only the espresso. The espresso was delicious and so if you are a fan of illy then you will certainly love this machine. The machine can also be programmed to give you the volume of water that you prefer for each type of capsule. It then retains that programme so you always get the strength of espresso or brewed coffee that you like.

This is a machine that looks really good, sleek and smart and with a price tag of £183. 59 at the time of writing, it should be good. It uses pods which i have been less than keen on when the manufacturer cannot recycle them. In this case, in spite of being able to subscribe and save on amazon, the illy pods are not recyclable, not that i’ve seen anyway. The packaging is wasteful in the extreme. This is also true of the boxes it came in, although they are recyclable. My other issue is that i’m not awfully keen on the coffee used in the illy pods. As someone else pointed out, the working parts are not pre-heated, so the first coffee may well be rather cold. I think i’ll stick to my bean to cup machine.

  • Delicious coffee, but no sign of recycling support for the pods
  • Lovely machine and lovely coffee, but at a price
  • Delicious coffee, but strange design

Francis Francis E&C BT Bluetooth Illy Y5 Espresso and Coffee Machine, Amazon Dash Replenishment Enabled, Black

Product Description, Illy Y5 espresso & Coffee Bluetooth is the first Espresso machine that allows you to connect your device via app and register for Amazon Dash Replenishment. This will let your device automatically reorder coffee capsules when you are running low

Box Contains, 1 x Y5 Espresso & Coffee Bluetooth Machine

From the manufacturer

illy Francis Francis iperespresso capsules coffee

Never Run Out of Coffee

This connected illy Y5 iperespresso capsule machine is enabled with Amazon Dash Replenishment Service (DRS) which means it will automatically reorder capsules from Amazon when you are running low on coffee. Just download the ‘My illy Machine’ app and sign up for DRS to manage your capsule orders.

illy Francis Francis iperespresso capsules coffee

My illy Machine App

Features & Benefits

  • This device measures capsule usage and will place an order from Amazon when you run low, so you never run out.
  • You’ll receive a notification from Amazon when your coffee is running low and an order is about to be placed.
  • Customize your favorite espresso and coffee preparations using your mobile device.
  • Easily initiate brewing from your mobile device.
Helpful tips to have your morning coffee ready to start the day:

  • The night before, place your favorite capsule and mug in the Y5 machine.
  • Using the app, schedule the time in the morning that you would like your coffee to be brewed.
  • Upon waking up, you will receive a notification that your machine is ready to brew.
  • Click ‘brew’ from the app to start brewing and enjoy your coffee.

System requirements

  • Available for Android: version 5.0 and higher
  • Available for IOS: version 8.0 and higher

Download ‘My illy Machine’ App with 3 Easy Steps:

My illy app

My illy app

My illy app

Step 1:

To download the ‘my illy machine’ app, download the app from the apple app store or google play. Make sure you are close to your machine for easy pairing.

Step 2:

Activate bluetooth on your mobile device. Open the My illy Machine app and select ‘Connect.’ Choose the machine you want to connect. When the blue light is flashing, your machine will begin pairing. My illy Machine app will alert you when pairing is complete.

Step 3:

Set up automatic replenishment using your Amazon account and use the app to customize your coffee preferences and initiate coffee brewing.

Y5 iperEspresso Capsule Machine Features & Benefits:

Y5 iperEspresso Capsule Machine Features & Benefits

Y5 iperEspresso Capsule Machine Features & Benefits

Y5 iperEspresso Capsule Machine Features & Benefits

Custom Beverage Choices

Two touch-responsive LED icons allow you to choose between coffee and espresso in seconds.

With two programmable volume settings the machine will auto-stop based upon your selection of espresso or coffee.

User Friendly Operation

After 30 minutes of inactivity, the energy saving function activates.

Used capsules are automatically dropped into a 10-capsule storage compartment for easy cleanup.

Intuitive Design

Adjustable cup tray to fit both, demitasse espresso cups and standard coffee mugs.

Clear water tank visible from the front of the machine facilitates quick and easy refills.

illy iperespresso Capsule System

illy iperespresso capsules coffee

illy iperespresso capsules coffee

2018 illy world's most ethical companies

What is the iperespresso capsule system?

Discover the full line of illy iperespresso capsules that create extraordinary espresso at the touch of a button. This innovative system uses a two-stage extraction system enhances the body and aroma, and forms a velvety crema for the ultimate gourmet espresso drinks.

Coffee or espresso? Choose to choose

Whether you’re in the mood to savor a full bodied espresso or a rich aromatic cup of coffee with ease, illy iperespresso capsules are specially designed to deliver the perfect cup. The intelligently designed coffee capsule features a high performance mini-filter that precisely brews a mug of aromatic coffee.

Good to grow, good to sow

illycaffè S.p.A., the global coffee industry leader in quality, direct trade and ethical supply chain practices, has been recognized by the Ethisphere Institute, a global leader in defining and advancing the standards of ethical business practices, as a 2018 World’s Most Ethical Company. iIlycaffè has now been recognized for six consecutive years, underscoring the company’s commitment to leading ethical business standards and practices.

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  • Delicious coffee, but no sign of recycling support for the pods
  • Lovely machine and lovely coffee, but at a price
  • Delicious coffee, but strange design

Francis Francis E&C BT Bluetooth Illy Y5 Espresso and Coffee Machine, Amazon Dash Replenishment Enabled, Black

Features and Spesification

  • Receive alerts for recommended reorders based on Coffee usage
  • Combines great looks and reliability with new technology to make both espresso (illy Espresso capsules), and filter-style long coffee (illy FILTRO capsules)
  • Minimalist Design, Maximum Versatility.
  • Convenient front panel controls and water tank make this machine extremely versatile.
  • With two touch-sensitive icons you can choose to make espresso or coffee in seconds.
  • This device measures capsule usage
  • Amazon Dash Replenishment enabled- When registered, this device can automatically reorder coffee capsules when you are running low