Fresh ´N Rebel Fresh ‘n Rebel Headphones CAPS Buttercup | Wired On-Ear Headphones : Good all-rounders

These headphones can work both as bluetooth, and it also comes with a nice wire with a mic. What i like:* the set is very light, so wouldn’t weigh you down. * they are rechargeable, which saves having to buy batteries, and should the battery run out, you can always use the included wire. * sound quality wise, i can’t fault it. It advertise itself as deep bass, which i find deep enough for the type of tunes i listen to. Definitely better than a lot of headphones i’ve tried. If this review was based on the sound quality alone then i would have given this 5 stars. The quality for both wired and bluetooth connections are equally good. * foldable to save space in a bag. I really want to give it 5 stars, but there are just enough niggles that i felt strongly enough to drop a star.

These were a very stylish set of earphones in a really unusual deep red colour – so nice when everything isn’t always black . They are extremely good at noise cancelling and you can hear very little when they are on because they fit snugly and are very well padded. You can use them as bluetooth but we have mostly used them with the wire provided which is nice and long and also flattened so it tangles less often. They fold up very small which is nice (a carrying case would have been even nicer). I have heard better but they were from much more expensive headphones. These are noticeably clearer and with more bass than cheaper versions and because they are over th ear the experience in=s a more immersive one and one which thankfully has very little leakage to the outside world either. A good quality set of full ear headphones in an interesting colour.

Comes with charging cable & audio cable. Comfortable & they stay in place.

These headphones are great and it was well packaged.

My daughter’s beats broke and i replaced with these for her to use at the gym. She’s really pleased with the quality and sound.

Great finish but most importantly the sound for me is superb also as stated can’t hear anything going on in our noisy world.


Love the headphones but the wire is already broken – the button doesn’t work and is stuck on the inside, meaning songs keep skipping.

  • Great finish but most importantly the sound for me is
  • Great!
  • Really good quality at a lower cost.

Fresh ‘n Rebel Headphones CAPS Buttercup | Wired On-Ear Headphones

Style Name:Caps wired  |  Colour Name:Buttercup
Product Description, The Fresh ‘n Rebel Caps are wired on-ear headphones with a retro look and feel.  The ear cushions and head band are made of soft protein leather for a comfortable fit. Features:

  • Model: on-ear wired headphones
  • Built- in microphone: Yes
  • Material of ear cushions: soft protein leather 
  • Audio cord: 1m long (3,5mm)
  • Box Contains,

    1 x Caps headphones;1 x 3.5mm audio cable with mic and remote

    From the manufacturer

    Closed-Back Headphones

    Caps Headphones are on-ear headphones with a rich sound and a cool design. The closed-back design blocks out ambient noise in trains, planes and cars so you can listen to your favourite tracks while you’re on the go.

    Comfortable Wear

    Caps Headphones fit perfectly on your head and are easy to stow away when they’re not needed. The Caps Headphones will become your new best friend.

    Durable Coloured Cable

    The coiled, detachable cable comes with an ultra-durable 90° jack connector and an integrated remote, so you don’t always have to pull out your phone to pause a song or pick-up a phone call.

    Quality Material

    It´s all in the details. Caps Headphones are available in eight colours, matching every style and outfit. So don´t you worry about a fashion fail.

    Caps Wired Caps Wireless Clam ANC
    Style On-ear On-ear Over-ear
    Wireless Bluetooth
    Battery Playtime Wired 10 hours 30 hours with ANC, 35 hours without ANC
    Built-in remote and microphone
    Weight 122 g 138 g 260 g

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    These fresh’n rebel bluetooth headphones paired readily with my iphone. They were fairly light and comfortable to wear. I was surprised by the listening experience, it seemed as though my head was in a chamber where the music moved about. There certainly is good sound separation going on here, and i did notice new things in familiar songs. I wore them for ages and they weren’t sweaty when i took them off, unlike many other headphones.

    I ordered these headphones as i liked the design and they looked liked unlike others they would fit larger heads. They fit my head perfectly and have great noise cancelling too. They are really quick to charge and the photo is true to what they look like. Would recommend in a heartbeat.

    These are comfortable, with a secure fit and high quality sound. For the money i think you’d be hard pushed to get better value in a quality pair of wireless earphones in this over ear style. The charge lasts around 5 hours, which is the only downside really as i think if it lasted a bit longer if would be better for the younger audience who seem to have a need to be plugged in, so to speak, 24/7 but for commuting, for in and about the house or for a child to use in back of the car to watch a film on a journey ect these are solidly good.

    Love everything, just if i’m on the phone to someone and i’m on bluetooth i switch the headphones off no one can hear me clearly.

    I am very impressed with these headphones. They are comfortable to wear and easy to adjust. The controls are simple and easy to access & use. The sound is excellent and they seem to do a good job cancelling out external noise. Perhaps most impressively they fold down very neatly – into a compact shade with minimal risk of damage. I’ve got a couple of quibbles. I am not keen on the startup sequence – it seems like you need to hold the button down long time for the headphones to start and they do not make a noise when they turn on or off.

    For the money these are remarkably good quality headphones. They are bluetooth so will work the the latest iphone 7 series with no headphone socket but come with a cable should bluetooth not be an option – like on a plane. Whist full-size around ear headphones they are light and fold into a small space – again good for travel either by plane or the local comute. Convieniety they don’t use batteries but have an inbuilt rechargeable battery which i’ve found to give more than five hours use. Plus they have in built control buttons on the right-hand phone which allow you to set volume but also answer phone calls. I am not a great audiophile but the headphones offer a good clear sound which is not light on bass, if you appreciate that. For listening to films, or game use, they are excelent with a microphone for game use and phone calls. Well, for five stars they have to be faultless. I’d like a longer battery life and the colour is an acquired taste. That said a wide range of colours are available, some of which are even more of an acquired tasteif you are after a reasonably priced set of over ear bluetooth headphones though i don’t think you’ll go far wrong with these.

    The headphones are physically comfortable especially the head band and ears. They are adjustable but they don’t tilt in as such, just straight adjustment. When you want to pack them away they fold inwards to form a neat package. For folding headphones for are pretty sturdy. Basically there are two modes of use, bluetooth or wired. This pretty much gives you the full range of devices that you can use them with. The wireless backup power is a rechargeable pack built into the unit. All you need to do is connect the usb cable and it’s charging. There is also a microphone if you want to use them for gaming or phone calls. Sound quality is good, not excellent, but good.

    Use these headphones on a daily basis for the gym. Perfect for what i need them for and great quality for sound.

    • Great finish but most importantly the sound for me is
    • Great!
    • Really good quality at a lower cost.

    Fresh ‘n Rebel Headphones CAPS Buttercup | Wired On-Ear Headphones

    I was a bit nervous after all the negative reviews, but they arrived promptly, were easy to connect and have great sound quality. You can’t hear a thing when you’re wearing them. They’re very comfortable too (worn with glasses and without).

    These are rather awesome headphones. They produce a deep bass sound and can cancel out most background noises (except a crying baby, nothing shuts that out), plus they are extra comfy. You can connect with your devices via bluetooth or connect the cable to use it old school. These are quality headphones, nothing feels cheap or flimsy. Whether you use them wiresless or wired these are high quality, great sounding headphones.

    Features and Spesification

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    • RICH SOUND & DEEP BASS – Caps Headphones are on-ear headphones with a rich sound, deep bass and a cool design.
    • COLLAPSIBLE DESIGN –  Caps Headphones sit comfortably on your head while the collapsible design makes them extra compact and easy to stow away when they’re not needed.
    • SOFT MATERIAL –  Soft ear cushions and comfortable headband. The closed-back design blocks out ambient noise in trains, planes & cars so you can listen to your favourite tracks while you’re on the go.
    • AUDIO CABLE WITH MICROPHONE & REMOTE – The coiled, detachable cable comes with an ultra-durable 90° jack connector and an integrated remote.
    • WIDE RANGE OF COLOURS – Available in must-have colours, you can match your personal style and choose a colour that blends in or one that pops out.