FRESHeTECH Air Lock Bag Re-Sealer – Destroyed 6 bacgs testing it where it cut through but

Destroyed 6 bacgs testing it where it cut through but didn’t seal. Reserving judgement until a few more tries but not holding my breath.

Probably the best gadget i have bought i spent the week cleaning out my kitchen cupboards and throwing away things in opened bags. ‘ now i have this, my bags are sealed.

This is a bit tricky to use, and isn’t 100% effective as sometimes it only partially seals the bag or it physically cuts off the excess plastic and still hasn’t sealed the seam fully.

Not sure it’d big enough to be versatile but on the right sized bag it seems to work ok.

Only good to seal small food bags, good handy little thing.

Very good, light, heats quickly and works perfectly.

Good little product, charged it up, tested it, it worked. I think you need to gain a feel for it, i cut right through on a couple of practice goes, probably either squeezing too tight or going too slow, so heating up in one place too long. Also took bag out of freezer, removed clip and sealed that, took several goes, i think this may be because it was wet on the inside where i was trying to seal. But it does work and takes up no space, magnet holds it to side of microwave or fridge freezer.

Really neat little product that works very well. Usb charging is really convenient too. I have to find the right speed to draw it across the opening – too fast and it doesn’t work as well and too slow sometimes cuts the material – i’ll get better with practice.

Works really wellwe use this for various things, like sealing food bags, and sealing bags we use in our crafts too. My partner even used it, with a high quality bag material on a roll, to make a steam bag for steaming wood dolls, and the seal held.

Really good, like the fact it’s rechargeable and no batteries to buy, seals most bags good .

Very handy and seals perfectly.

Have to repeatedly go over a place or go over very slow. If you can get over that, then it does the job.

Works really well, very happy with it. Here are the specifications for the FRESHeTECH Air Lock Bag Re-Sealer:

  • QUICK, EASY, FRESH – Forget the twist ties that break and the crisp clips you lose and the paper clips that get bent out of shape. This portable air lock sealing machine is fast, easy, and effective. Seal and re-seal without the hassle, and know your food will stay fresh for later.
  • MICRO-THERMAL RELIABILITY – The premium hand held heated seal machine uses state-of-the-art micro thermal technology to heat-seal bags shut. Equipped with a smart safety lock, the FRESHeTECH heat sealer will only turn on when you need it to.
  • AL
  • SEAL IN SECONDS – Your food is freshly sealed after only five seconds with this plastic package sealer. Take it to the beach, on a camping trip, or leave it on your refrigerator so that freshness is never out of reach.
  • EASY STORAGE – This re sealer is small, compact, and has a magnetic back, making it easy to store in a kitchen drawer or somewhere else in the home without taking up too much space.
  • RECHARGEABLE – What makes this heat sealer better than your average chip clip or twisty is that it allows for thousands of bag seals. When it’s time to recharge, simply plug it in, and in two hours you’ve got thousands of more snacks that can be kept fresh.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • A bit tricky to use
  • Brilliant little thing, and so handy.
  • Destroyed 6 bacgs testing it where it cut through but