Friction Free Shaving: The Stylish Razor for Women


I’ve never featured anything to do with personal grooming if you will, on this blog before – not to my knowledge anyway. But you know what, the vast majority of us girls shave, so what is there to be ’embarrased’ about? Good vibes towards those that don’t too! I heard about Friction Free Shaving through a fellow blogger, Rhianna at Robowecop and really wanted to give it a go, hence why you are now reading this post.Friction Free Shaving Box Unopen

Who even are they?

Friction Free Shaving (FFS) is a simple monthly or bi-monthly subscription service which delivers razors straight to your doorstep. Not in throughout the day? Fear not as the packaging is so slim-line yet protective of the goods, that it slips right through your letter box. Perfect!

To get started, you simply choose which style razor you want which offers 3 different options:

Faye: 2-blade head for £3 per month
Frankie: 3-blade head for £5 per month
Samantha: 5-blade head for £7 per month and all with free delivery.Friction Free Shaving 5 Blade Set

Once you’ve selected your razor of choice, you can then choose whether you receive your replacement blades once a month, or every 2 months. Now, this is where it comes down to personal use and how regularly you change your blades. In each box you will receive the razor handle (very stylish, don’t you think?) and 4 replacement blades.

Personally, once a month for me seems like too much as this would mean using one blade for one week and then throwing it away for the next one and so on, just to feel like you’ve got your money’s worth each month. I personally change my razor every 2 weeks, simply because I don’t shave every day so it doesn’t wear out as quickly as someone who perhaps grows hair back fairly quickly. Therefore I opted for the bi-monthly option to receive a new box every 2 months.Friction Free Shaving Rose Gold Handle

My thoughts

The plan I chose was Samantha, which is the 5-blade head for £7 every 2 months and free P&P. To me, even with this being the most expensive out of the three plans available, it works out cheaper than what I pay for disposable razors from the likes of Boots or the local shop.

Women’s dispoable razors are a little crap, let’s be honest. I’ll hold my hands up and say I’ve bought a men’s Gillette razor in the past for my legs (not ideal for anywhere else, just sayin’) and there’s a reason why these things are bloody expensive – because they’re awesome! But why can’t women’s razors be just as good, but more affordable? I know men’s facial fuzz is more coarse than the hairs on our legs, but it doesn’t mean we don’t need a high-performing razor too!

To my surprise, although a cheaper-priced razor, these 5-blade heads are bloody fantastic! They leave skin feeling super smooth, I haven’t had any nicks and cuts, and the blades don’t weaken after just the first use. I love how stylish this rose gold, black and orange finish is which looks beautiful in my bathroom – just sayin’. It’s also so easy to change the replacement heads; just slide them on until they click in place, then press down the small button and pull up to remove it. Easy.