Free From Frizz Try Me Smoothie Kit: The Ultimate Care Kit for Frizzy Hair

This cold weather hasn’t had as much of an impact on my skin as it usually does each year, but instead it’s affected my hair soo bad! I’ve always had slightly frizzy hair, which doesn’t bode well with how thick and long my hair is too. Since the temperature dropped back in October, I’ve just noticed my hair getting more and more dry, but even frizzier by the day. Therefore for all you other frizz heads out there, I want to introduce my latest hair saviour – Free From Frizz Try Me Smoothie Kit.

For only £4.99, this Try Me Smoothie Kit* offers four miniature hair products: shampoo, conditioner, spray and a serum, all of which are suitable for all hair types. If like me you’ve tried an array of frizz-taming hair products which simply don’t do it for you, this Smoothie Kit is the ideal way to try a number of products, all for less than a fiver.Free From Frizz Try Me Smoothie Kit

Free From Frizz is a new brand that’s come out recently and helps transform your frizzy and unruly locks, to sleek and smooth hair. Better yet, not only does it tame the frizz, but it also helps to protect your hair from humidity and heat damage. A number of its ingredients aim to boost the condition of your hair and improve its strength, whilst anti-oxidants help protect it from environmental damage. Is there anything more you could think your hair needs?

Both the shampoo and conditioner are 60ml each, which doesn’t sound a lot for this kind of hair product, but these have lasted me approximately 3 weeks – I don’t wash my hair very often as dry shampoo is good enough for some of the days throughout the week, but I do tend to be a little generous when it comes to dispensing the likes of shampoo and conditioner in my shower routine. As for the Smoothie Serum and Smoothie Spray, these are each 10ml in size. Again, these will still last upto a good month (perhaps more) depending on how generous you are when applying hair products.

The smell of each of these products is ahhmazing! My favourite yoghurt flavour is peach/apricot which takes me way back to my childhood when I’d eat the little pots of goodness all the time, which makes me so happy to say that this Try Me Smoothie Kit smells just like them! I never take too much notice of the smell of the hair care products I use as it doesn’t particularly bother me to some extent, but these have got to be my favourite to date with regards to fragrance.

So, do these really help tame the frizz? Yes. Throughout the weeks I’ve been trying this frizz kit, I’ve been using all four products each time. I start out with the shampoo, then the conditioner. I ensure I’ve really worked these into my hair when washing it and even leave the conditioner on for a good 5 minutes whilst I take of everything else. When it comes to taming frizz, my hair is noticeable smoother, but as for the conditioner this has really helped to make my hair more manageable too –  no more playing tug of war when it comes to brushing my hair!

Once the hair styling takes place, I first opt for the Smoothie Serum – I apply two pumps of this onto damp hair, working on just the ends of the hair, trying to avoid the roots. I avoid the roots when working with any kind of serum simply because I find it can sit weird and make it feel or even look greasy. Then I apply a couple spritz of the Smoothie Spray onto my hair once dried – whether that’s blowdrying or naturally drying my hair. This helps to protect my hair before styling with straighteners or curlers, but also keeps it looking and feeling smooth, plus adds that hint of fruity fragrance I’m absolutely obsessed with!


Do you have frizzy hair? What products and hair care tips do you swear by?