G3Ferrari G3 Ferrari G10006 Delizia Pizza Oven – 1200W in – Buy one, it’s brilliant!

Have only made one batch of pizzas to date but looking forward to becoming more adventurous.

Get one of these bad boys and have red hot restaurant quality pizza at home in just 4-5 minutes with a crispy base and perfectly cooked toppings. I already have an uuni wood fired oven for outdoors but i thought i would get one of these for when the weather isn’t so good and for the winter. So pleased i did get this oven, almost as good as the uuni, obviously you don’t get the true wood fired taste or a pizza in just over 1 minute but the pizza from this is just amazing, crisp, bubbly edges just like real restaurant pizza. I would recommend this oven to anyone who loves pizza, get one. Pix are of pizza cooking on the stone and it on my uuni paddle in the garden, yummy pizza.

It’s like you actually have a pizza oven at hometry garlic bread.

I bought this oven and i usually make pizza at home. Well i had to learnt very quickly not to let the cheese to go on the stone. Make pizza big and cheese and tomato sauce at least 3 cm from the edge. Enjoy the taste is gorgeous.

This is greati bought the 3 years ago and have used it at least once a week since then. Cook delicious pizza at home whenever you want, for a fraction of the cost and in a quarter of the time as take away. I’m sure it helped convince my partner that i was the one for her4 small gripes, but not enough to lose any stars:1 – came with a european style plug, so i had to replace with uk plug. 2 – the stone has cracked and discoloured – doesn’t make any difference to the cooking, but it saddens me a little bit that my pride and joy isn’t perfect. 3 – only cooks 1 pizza at a time, so if there are a few people eating, you will have to eat serially. 4 – i’ve put on a couple of kilos since buying it.

I have tried using it with shop-bought pizzas but it is best with home-made. Crispy bottom and browned/cooked top. Looks just like a pizza should and taste is the best. As a student i lived on pizza and have also travelled italy extensively, eating tons of pizza from genuine pizza ovens. I may have had better pizza, but can’t remember where or when.

Fabulous little machine, purchased 3 years ago and still going strong.

Received the item in 2 days, and as soon as it arrived i prepared some pizzas just to test how good it was. I am satisfied with the result, as the pizzas were cooked throughout. It is a must have if you like your home made pizzas. The settings i have used were 2. 5 for temperature and it took around 7 minutes. I’m giving 5 stars because i recognise that the price could be easily 75£.

Amazing results for such a simple & compact machine. It is hot enough to cook a thin crust pizza in under 2 minutes (just the way we like them). It is so easy to prepare the dough, sause and add toppings, now we have reached pizza perfection with this fantastic machine. Hearing the crunch all the way through as we cut into the pizza is a very satisfying experience. Could not recommend this enough, best value for money product i have ever bought.

Delivery was excellent couldn’t believe that it arrived so quickly. It was a present for someone so have not heard how it is working. One disappointment though, the cookery book with it was in italian so we will have to buy a cookery book as well.

Amazing, creates the best pizza’s ever – small but perfectly formed, buy one, you won’t be disappointed.

Absolutely brilliant pizza maker, it makes it in around 6-7 minutes and gives the brilliant crust that a stone oven would give it. The only down side is that it does take up a fair bit of space but if you have the counter/cupboard space then i would definitely recommend it. It’s quite cheap as it will last quite a while and i would always recommend to make your own pizza, the small bit of effort that you put in gives it the taste of accomplishment.

Great addition to the kitchen of any pizza loving family. Here are the specifications for the G3Ferrari G3 Ferrari G10006 Delizia Pizza Oven – 1200W in:

  • Pizza oven with timer – Only household oven that can reach 390°C, the ideal temperature for professional pizza cooking
  • Refractory stone hot-plate (Diameter 31cm)
  • Thermostat with 3 cooking settings and indicator light – Temperature range from 190 to 390 degree Celsius
  • Dimensions: 31.5cm x 37.5cm x 25cm (high) – Available in either Red or Black

After many attempts which got to just ‘average home made pizza’ at best (making base etc from scratch)the first attempt with this gave a very close to perfect pizza result, ideal for home use-only used twice so far but very happy with results, no soggy centre, nice crispy bottom of basei should have brought much earlier, professional restaurant quality pizza now at home-all instructions are in italian, but it’s very easy to usepreheat for few mins, don’t worry about red light turning on & off, the timer dosnt auto turn off the heat so be careful not to leave & forget.

As close as i can get to making the real thing without building a real and expensive pizza oven. Certainly beats a conventional oven. Wish i had one that would do at least four pizzas at the same time for the family.

Oven arrived today, dough balls were made yesterday. 5 instead of 3 as others said it burnt on the first few uses at max temp. The recepie book says 25g of yeast to 300g flour. I used 2g to 1kg from the book, flour water salt yeast.

I was only slightly hopeful that the oven would provide authentic ‘street food’ italian style pizzas. I needn’t have been so sceptical as the pizza oven exceeds all expectations and delivers all that i had hoped. All that remains is to decided whether you’ll chose to make your own pizza dough or buy frozen dough ready made,for this is one of those rare occasions in which the ‘gadget’ really will pay for itself as this easily replaces our ‘go to’ branded pizza ‘restaurants’.

This is a fantastic product, we bought one from amazon 4 years ago and love it, this purchase was for a birthday gift, who i’m sure will also love. Cooks so well, great fun too. Delivery was excellent very fast and well packed. Buy one you won’t regret it.

I prepared my standard dough but with this oven the final result has been much more delicious and very similar to a pizza you can eat in italy.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Takes a bit of getting used to

  • Buy one, it’s brilliant!

  • fantastic!

Really good addition to the kitchen. Cooking time is very fast, and the results are brilliant.

I make pizza every weekend so the outdoor oven type was never going to suit the irish climate. The oven makes pizza with a great base in under 5 mins. Still working on the best way to get the base onto the hot stone, the paddles supplied work well, but i’ve always let the dough rise before cooking, now, the risen dough, being sticky, is slightly more difficult to get manage,very please with this purchase so far, and really good value for money.

First two occasions perfect. Third time whoops what went wrong there. Burnt pizza and stone quite stained. Done what i was told in the instruction. Still on trial but overall very good. Just hope i can control cooking the pizza without burning.

Wonderful machine that makes brill stone baked pizza. My 10 year old grandson says it’s the best pizza he has ever tasted. It’s all he wants to eat at grandma’s house these daysget your dough right and you are golden. The photo above is of the first pizza made in the oven. It was crisp, and very tasty and it took 3 minutes to cook. I use it nearly every single day and not only for pizza. I have made garlic bread, rolls, and a sweetie based pizza too, with nutella as the sugobuy this. This is my recipe for the base500g strong white flour7g dried yeast1tsp of sugar1tsp of salt300ml lukewarm boiled water30ml of good quality olive oilput all dry ingredients into a bowl and mix well. Add oil to lukewarm water and then mix into dry ingredients with a fork. When the dough starts to come together and form a ball, tip it onto a floured surface and knead the dough until it feels elastic this can sometimes be about 10 mins. When the ball of dough is formed, return to the bowl, cover and leave in a warm place for about three hours or until the dough doubles in size. When the time elapses, knock back the dough in the bowl and place on a floured surface and knead the dough until it retains its elastic feel.

I’ve lived in naples so i know pizzaas good as you can expect without a wood oven. It heats up quickly and cooks evenly. My only criticism is its size. Hard to make focaccia in this oven as the element is too low.

It’s even inspired me to make real pizza dough as the finished pizzas from this oven are so good. Easy to use- looks very stylish. Instructions/ recipe booklets would be better if more english in them.But really – who dosnt know what to put in a pizza??. Great for garlic bread pizzas also as youngest dosnt eat tomato.

I had experimented with different doughs, different sauces, different toppings – all to get the taste i craved (without success). I bought one of these as an impulse buy and definitely do not regret it. Its not exactly a sophisticated contraption but really does get that base and flavour which make a great pizza. Only complaint i have is with the size. If it was bigger then i wouldn’t have to make two at a time :d.

Excellent, we had seen a youtube review of the oven on sorted, they loved it and we do too.

It’s simple, easy, consistent but do buy a pizza paddle (much better) and way your dough to 200g per ball.

If you want to make the best home made pizza you definitely need this oven. It works very well and very quick. Takes only a few mins to make the perfectly baked pizza therefore it’s ideal for a pizza party on saturday afternoon.

Very pleased as it cooks pizzas perfectly.

Very good, cooks lovely pizzas very quickly. Fairly simple to use, just need to follow the instructions and make sure leave lid up before cooking to avoid burning the base. The first pizza was perfect. Haven’t tried shop bought ones yet, only homemade base.

It’s rare for me to be unsure where to start a review but that’s the situation i’m in right now. On the one hand i’ve made some really nice homemade pizzas with this, on the other hand i have also cremated far too many. I feel like i’m still learning to use it after almost a dozen pizzas. Following the instructions almost always left me with an uncomfortably blackened base – i know this is fashionably called ‘char’, but it’s the sort of thing where a little goes a long way. No matter what i did i couldn’t get the upper crust to ‘char’ in a similar fashion, unless the base was absolutely incinerated. You also have to be careful that your dough won’t puff up too much, cause the dough to touch the element. For me, making a very thin base pizza with chopped hard mozzarella, mushrooms and pepperoni, i worked out to pre-heat to around ‘2’, when the light goes out increase this to ‘2. 5’+, lift the lid and let the element fully heat up before putting the pizza in and lowering the lid. Pizza should be done in five or six minutes. Lifting the lid seems to let the element heat up fully, while the base cools slightly, giving me a better ratio of top to bottom cooking.

We’d got in the habit of having takeaway pizza once a month or so which came in around £40 for the whole family, i tried to get the kids to eat my home made pizza but 250c does not produce the same affect. I thought i’d give this oven a try; we’ve used it number of times now and it does produce pizzas that are indistinguishable, if not superior ( given the higher quality ingredients) from the professionally made ones; the only negatives are you are limited to 12 inch pizzas and you have to make them.

I bought this in july 2013 and it has turned out to be just as good as i had hoped. I really wanted an outdoor brick pizza oven but decided to give the g3 a try. I use it once or twice a week and have also used it to make several pizzas one after the other. It takes about 8 to 10 minutes to heat up from cold then cooks the pizza in about 5 minutes. I haven’t had a failure yet.

It cooks the pizza and pizza base really well and makes a big difference to the taste. I would deffiently reccomend.

Really good quality product but takes a little while to get used to it and getting the perfect pizza. Be careful with deep pan and thick crust as well as they can burn being close to the lid. Had a cracked stone on mine when it was delivered but after contacting the company they couldn’t of been more helpful. Shipped out another one to me and advised me how to fit it. Fantastic customer service, and kept me informed thoughout about delivery time.

Makes great pizzas in 4 minutes and is very easy to use – can’t fault it. It’s a nice looking bit of kit and not too large, so now sits permanently on the side in the kitchen.

Pays for itself after 6 pizzas and more importantly, they taste better than the normal pizza delivery brands. Pizza, calzone and naan breads have all been a success. Just dont get oil on the stone as it will smoke your kitchen out.

I’ve had this oven for just over a week, and have already used it four times (and that week included christmas). It makes excellent pizza, so much better than my normal oven. I’ve already made several family members want their own.

People knock me for my gadgets but they eat their words once they have tasted the pizza’sthe paddles are the saviour to getting the dough onto the stone. I just wish you could purchase more paddles.

Made our own dough, followed instructions on ferrari pizza oven user manual and, wow, this works perfectly in 5 minutes. Never buy a frozen pizza again.

As all italians i was skeptical about it but after 5 minutes , after opening the lid. Wow its an evidedence that god exist and he was definetely a pizza chef :).

This oven is highly recommended not only for pizza but also the best for someone who is a hot naan lover as me. Easy to use and the best magic comes from its italian pizza stone.

I bought one of these to try out (i have a small hotel) and as a result of the high-quality pizzas that it cooked, i bought a second one within a couple of weeks. The finished pizza is as good if not better than what you’ll find in any u. High street pizza restaurant and that recommendation comes from someone who used to have a ‘pizza express’ restaurant in london with a large, multi-decked, commercial electric oventhe secret of an excellent pizza is a good ‘base-mix’, top quality ingredients (italian if possible) together with the speed and heat that it is cooked. This italian-designed pizza oven gets to a much higher temperature than a normal domestic oven. First-class product and well worth the money. It’s a slight irritation, having to wait for the orange light to come on a second time (very important), after initial warm-up and opening, that shows that the oven’s elements have, once again, reached the perfect cooking temperature. That’s only a problem though if, like me, you’re cooking multiple garlic breads or pizzas but having 2 machines ‘on-the-go’ at the same time, has solved that issue. Remember to unplug it, even though the timer has stopped, to turn it off.

We found the pizza oven to be a great addition to the kitchen gadgets – dare i say, the best kitchen gadget we’ve bought in a while. Simple to use with authentic, delicious results. It took us a few rounds to get the hang of it but we enjoyed the journey 😀highly recommended.

This is now the 2nd oven we have bought. The first my mum bought and because it was so good i got this one. Thin crispy pizzas cooked in a few minutes. Family have loved ours so have now bought one for themselves too. It’s not one of those gadgets you buy use for a month and then sits in the cupboard. I use mine at least once a week.

Makes pizzas restaurant style. Been making home made pizza for years and it’s nothing like what i get out of the oven – definitely buy this if you eat pizza often, you won’t want oven pizza again.

My husband bought this just over a week ago and has not stopped using it since so that should be enough to say how good he thinks it is. The only complaint is the wooden paddles aren’t up to much and have already started to fall apart as they are made of ply wood.

Superb, eat the greatest pizza you will ever find and if you do it right they are actually really healthy too.

I have spent years trying to cook pizza how i want it. Ie chewy with a cooked base, bubbly at edges. Done the cast iron skillet method. . This will cook your pizza to perfection. :-oi have got to sort my dough method out, mine rise far too much. Yes gotta learn that spinning technique to get it thin, and then there is the stuffed crust. And then the issue of getting dough on to the stone.

Very good pizzas, but heating element failed after 2 months, so reliability is an issue.

Fab u lousmakes cheap pizza taste like restaurant. I just added extra cheese and topping to frozen pizza and results were superb.