Gadgy ® Candy Grabber – Buy it!

Bought for my daughters birthday she hasn’t stopped playing with it. So glad that you can turn the sound off as the music can get very irritating, though my daughter doesn’t mind it.

Excellent product and my son enjoyed lot .

Bought this as a christmas gift so not sure what the recipients are going to think of it but i love it. I got it for my sons aged 7 and 4 who are partial to the odd sweet or two so the fight for the grabber to get their favourite goody should keep them amused for some time. Arrived quickly and was a great price too where can you go wrong there’s so much fun to be had here.

Bought this for a christmas present for my daughter who loves grabber machines in arcades, just opened it to put batteries in and fill with sweets ready for santa leaving it, fantastic. (may need to replace the batteries before wrapping as we’ve had lots of goes already) delivered before expected delivery date and will be greatly received for sure, highly recommended.

Lots of fun and works with penny’s to.

It is a great product and i am happy to have it. Little snap squad collectibles from jurassic world are great to put in. It’s a shame that it makes a lot of noise tho and the batteries it needs are very expensive.

Such a good fun , my son and his mates absolutely love it . That was amazing christmas present last year to my son. He did stop playing with it -literally – for the whole two days . The service was excellent, solved my problem very fast.

It’s great my little brother loves it more than anything, the only problem was trying to the plastic off the claw.

Sweets/chocolates need to be fairly light to work properly though. We found miniature heroes worked ok in it after a bit of trial and error. Kids loved it but it’s not an easy win every time so be prepared for tantrums and tipping it upside down to get the sweets out.

This works well and the kids really enjoy it. The grabber bit sometimes doesnt want to open on it own and can get stuck but there is a little flap on the top to get your hand in, then its fine for a while. This has provided a few hours of fun for adults and kids alike.

Bought this just as an extra present for christmas and boy has it earned its keep. It is one of the first things my grand kids go for when they come to visit, and the trouble is they are much better at winning a sweet than i will ever be.

I bought this for my daughter keeps her entertained for ages.

Bought this for my son last christmas whose 6, and it was a huge hit. He still plays with it regularly (over 8 months on), and whenever he has friends over, this always comes out. The best sweets to go in are the chewy sweets from lidl or celebrations as the grabber can pick those up. Here are the specifications for the Gadgy ® Candy Grabber:

  • ✔FUNNY 60 SECOND GAME: As soon as you drop a coin in the machine it will start playing music. Starting now, you have 60 seconds to use the controls to grab the candy and move it towards the opening. Furthermore, this entertaining game improves the hand/eye co-ordination of young children and can feel rewarding if you succeed!
  • ✔ WITH MUTE BUTTON – Unlike other candy grabbers, this candy grabber model enables you to mute the sounds with one simple button if they start to become unpleasant to you. Now you can relax while your child can continue playing!
  • ✔FUN FOR EVERYONE – Whether it will be for your son or daughter’s friends, your nephew, niece children or grandchildren, you will always have a nice and fun claw grabber game to play with them! It is also perfect for any children’s birthday party and other kid’s parties.
  • ✔FAIRGROUND EXPERIENCE – this beautiful, retro-nostalgic candy grabber machine will remind you of all the fun you have had at the fairground. Now you can pass that fun on to the next generation.
  • ✔COMPLETE PACKAGE – The Candy Grabber includes plastic coins, but it also works if you use real money (and use it as a piggy bank!). A manual in your language is included.

Its a nice toy but the chain broke on the first day when my granddaughter was playing with it.

Bought as a christmas present it’s rubbish it will be in the bin soon. It doesn’t pick up the claw gets stuck and won’t open.

Purchased as a gift, works perfectlyread some of the negative reviews about this item and i completely disagree, no. Heavy sweets/chocolate don’t work but it is a children’s toy. Would recommend small chocolates such a celebrations/heros or sweets like fruit salads/black jacks, starbursts. I would definitely recommend this item as it’s created hours of fun.

Bought this for my 7 year old. He loves it and his friends were jealous. Worth the money alone for the look on his face when i filled it with grapes.

A gift which was pleasing (after we sent one back because controls didn’t work). The second one has worked well.

Adults and children both love this fun machine x.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good fun.
  • Fun fun fun
  • Fab little toy

This has provided lots of fun for my grandsons. It took us a while to find the best sweets to fill it with, as the grabber drops anything too heavy. We found that the wrapped sweets from tins of celebrations, etc were the best to use.

Happy enough with it, but not great build quality, especially the coin slot is a bit temperamental. A bit pricey when you take these into consideration.

 i have to say i was reluctant to buy this because of all the negative reviews but my mother in law really wanted to get my son it for his 6th birthday. I read the positive reviews and bought little individually wrapped sweet (like the ones pictured). And it worked really well straight away. My son could do it easily and won a sweet 1 in 4 times which i think is fine. He doesn’t have to win every single time. Good for hand eye coordination too. It seems well made and robust.

Had alot of doubts about this but its actually not too bad.

Bought for a kids party and filled with shopkins figures and a few sweets. All the kids wanted to play (and hog the machine). As its not always the easiest to win this can lead to a bit of cheating so best keep an eye on the younger ones. The only downside really is the music which has no off switch and gets annoying once they figure out you don’t need to put coins in to trigger a game.

Great stocking filler, very fun and addictive but the music gets annoying fast.

This is a great little gift for someone.

Fast service never trued it out yet as it’s a xmas box for my 4 year old grandson sure he have hours of fun. Filling it up with little toys etc.

Fantastic hours of fun kids love it. Takes a while win a sweet but that’s the fun of it haha.

Great machine children love it and prompt delivery.

Over priced brought as a gift but its all plasic and not worth money.

Fab toy my 4 year old loves it, i enjoy it too. We put things in kinder egg plastic eggs as they seem the perfect size. Downside the blooming music.

Nice looking – suggest keeping the music off as would drive you nuts. Build quality is ok for the moneyas per the fair not easy to pick up sweets, meaning the kids have to work harder for treats :)took them about 30 seconds to figure out by turning onto side you can cheat as the sweets fall out easily,also the money slot isn’t very effective as the switch is too high to can be activated even by a finger nail. However all the above aside the fun factor is what this is for and for this it scores 5*as a way to get the kids to save money, hmmm well thats just boringbest used with small wrapped sweets.

Ordered for my 11 year olds birthday. She loves these machines (the real ones) so was made up with this. We tried it with lollies and they are quite hard to pick up (make sure you turn the music off its a bit annoying) the novelty has worn off a bit but still glad we bought it for her.

Absolutely love this, bought for my 5 year old son and he loves it. We all play with it on a daily basis.

Was abit sceptical but how wrong was i. Works as you would expect and my son loves it worth.

Good fun toy ,bought as gift for five year old. I think the mechanism could be better ,seemed a bit hit and miss ,got tangled easily. Luckily hubby is a dab hand with fiddly machines. When it works well ,it is great fun and very realistic ,good that it has a mute button. Could drive parents mad otherwise.

My kids love this item, the only problem with it is when the crane moves towards the left hand side it catches on the lid and pops it off, and sometimes stops it moving. Otherwise enjoyable and frustrating at the same time.

I’ve tried the grabber with mini squishy toys and it works well. It has now been put away for christmas and i know kids will love it.

This is a great little machine i love the fact you can have the sound on or off easily grabs little toys party bag fillers are ideal.

After reading lots of reviews of this claw machine,i was a bit sceptical. Many saying it was rubbish,wouldn’t lift things, weak claw etc. But,as my son loves claw machines i went ahead and purchased it anyway. And i’m so glad i didlet’s be clear here,this isn’t a £2000 claw machine you play in arcades,it’s a kids toy,but in saying that,it’s a great toy as long as you arent expecting to win cuddly toys,and anything with any weight. Knowing it was a relatively novelty inexpensive toy,i decided to buy snall appropriate little prizes for it(see photos)-little bags of ‘snaps’,sweeties,party bag fillers like those little suction hoppers,frogs that jump,bendy men,etc. These are all perfect for it. The claw isn’t strong(would you expect it to be??),but does lift these lightweight novelties. I also scumpled up some ‘post-it’notes with prizes written in them,like ’20p’,’trip to the park’,’extra sweet treat’. Kids loved winning these and opening up the post-it to find out the prize.

Really good, we were nervous after reading the reviews. It’s performance depends on what you try to ‘grab’. Sweets like miniature heroes/ celebrations are the ideal size/ weight. The music can be turned off which is a bonus ;-).

Looks good xmas gift so unsure how good it is but nicely packaged and good size.

Lovely toy , my daughter(7 years old ) is over the moon with it even me i played with her and really is nice. I didn’t get why people give 3 stars.

This grabber is a very cool toy, hours of fun, however you need to think about the type of sweets etc you put in as it does struggle to pick up some items.

Great gift but check you have light enough sweets in it to avoid disappointment.

I’ve bought these machines in the past and they’ve only lasted a couple of days before breaking, but this one hasn’t let us down and has been carefully put away to be brought out next christmas.