Gaggia 74841 Espresso Coffee Maker : I don’t sleep much anymore

I bought this machine because i decided the kitchenaid artisan was too dear for me and it seemed to be a good consolation option. The machine has good build quality and produces a good coffee (which is the most important thing) i’m not a big cappuccino drinker so haven’t used the wand yet.

I love coffee and i love gaggia for making it at home. This is the second one i bought after my first broke, however after using it daily for over 6 years i accept that nothing lasts forever. I have bought delonghi for a friend before but it doesn’t compare to the gaggia, this makes an excellent cappuccinosome reviews are negative stating that the coffee is no good and is just brown water, however i find it great. It did take me quite a while to master the art of making the cappuccino however once u get it the way you like it there’s no going back. I found the key is 2 things (1) use a very fine grind of coffee, i use lavazza or illy. Supermarket brands are not ground as fine and i find this affects the crema layer on top that u get. (2) get a good stainless steel cup to froth the milk and try over and over until the milk is just right to finish things off.

I’m a coffeeholic so this was the best purhcase i’ve ever made and i’m still using it, everyday. I’ve always wanted my own expresso/latte machine and an italian friend of mine suggested the gaggia. After many months of deliberation, i finally shopped around and was lucky enough to find the gaggia on amamzon and at a reduced price. 2 days before xmas, i ordered this on prime time delivery and managed to get it just in time for my xmas and new year guests. This coupled with lavazza silver/red ground coffee makes a beautiful cup of coffee. The machine itself is light enough to carry around from house to house (i frequently stay at my mothers house). The coffee holder sits tight and 9 times out of 10 the coffee is dispensed without any over flow (i think the other 1 out of 10 is because i’ve filled the holder with too much coffee). The steamer froths and warms my milk up with just the correct pressure, which i can change the pressure with the knob. The water filter holds enough water so i only need to re-fill every 3 days or so (i ususally make 2-3 cups a day). Very easy to keep clean providing you clean it everytime you use it (which takes 2 secs).

I bought this machine as a christmas present for my son and apart from now being the very proud owner of a gaggia coffee maker (he has previously always bought dualit products) he finds the coffee from this machine superb as the pressure is so much higher than his dualit model. He is overjoyed with the gaggia machine and the coffee is far superior to anything tasted before.

Where do we begin with this wee terror?. I’ll start off by saying that whilst i’m not a trained barista, my coffee knowledge is fairly extensive and i understand the principles of espresso extraction. To that end i have achieved some decent results but this hasn’t come easily. I’ve owned this machine for a few years now and my opinion is constantly changing. Initially, when i knew naff all about good coffee, i loved this machine. But this was at a time where i was quite happy to walk into a starbucks/costa/nero. The results were fake espresso and milky cavity wall insulation. So let’s look at the reasons for this: this machine was clearly designed to make foolproof espresso analogs through the use of a pressurised basket and crema pin. What this does is force a jet of coffee into the pin, which results in aeration and so a foam on top of the coffee. To the uninitiated this could seem like a convincing espresso (it had me fooled for a while).

We like our espresso and this machine does not disappoint. Easy to use and easy to clean. However it won’t last forever – replaced an identical model we had used for around 2 1/2 years before it started to clog up, but is it worth paying the earth to go to the next level?.

Regarding my review below, gaggia coffee maker bought in the january sale nearly 2 years ago – a quick update. . No problems (other than when my husband accidentally dropped that little black widget in the filter down the sink – replacement ordered quite painlessly via amazon bless them). Two year’s of happy trouble free coffee drinking from our little red gaggia. My only issue is going to be ensuring that my daughter (now 18) doesn’t ‘accidentally’ drop it in her suitcase when she goes to uni in september——————————————————————–we’ve never had an espresso machine before – and i was concerned that it might be too much of a fiddle – but my 16 yr old daughter, my husband and i mastered it very quickly. Now the smell of brewing coffee is part of our morning routine. Yes there is the usual post brew dribble but other than that the coffee is great and the steam jet very effective. To echo previous reviewers of this kind of machine – there are a few handy pointer:1. Get yourself a s/steel jug & milk thermometer. Espresso is not in measured shots. A couple of basic espresso cups are also useful (cheapest we found were at d***** mill @ around 1. In the beginning – you will get it wrong.

Reviewing an espresso machine is tricky. It is all too easy to fall into the trap of saying ‘it makes good coffee’ or, ‘it makes bad coffee’. There are so many variables to take into account –is the water quality ok; is the grind just right and did you use sufficient pressure when tamping the coffee. You also need to find the right beans for your tastes. Beans from dry, arid countries like kenya will taste a lot different to those from tropical or rainforest regions like columbia and costa rica for example. Getting your espresso just right is arguably more to do with technique than the machine itself. Fortunately, this gaggia does at least give you the tools you need to have a pretty good stab at the perfect shot. The standard 15-bar pump is here, as is a full-size 58mm portafilter that is reassuringly heavy, metal and fitted with two spouts for your coffee to travel down. There’s also a milk-frother/steamer that my costa-trained wife is very happy with. As with all steamers you need to make sure you are using a metal espresso jug or a plastic one at a push.

  • Gaggia 74841 Espresso Coffee Maker
  • Great coffee
  • Replaced a workhorse

Gaggia 74841 Espresso Coffee Maker, Deep Red

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I bought mine from a kitchen utensil shop for £ 162 , 5 years ago it had been reduced from £210. I bought the special crema basket as i found it difficult to get the head on it. I love the coffee from this machine. When it dies i want a bean to cup machine but i look like i am going to have to wait a while.

Lovely looking machine which makes a nice coffee and a good froth. However if you use fresh ground coffee (rather than capsules) and don’t use the perfect crema pin the coffee splutters all over the place. It is a tiny loose part which is v easily lost. I have just bought my second one (£5. 28/4/2013 it has now started to leak badly, as experienced by another reviewer, if i leave it turned on after making the coffee, all of the water will eventually drip out into the small tray and leave a large puddle on the work surface. I have only had the machine for 5 months so am going to return it.

I searched the internet looking for a coffee maker and was recommended by a friend to buy a gaggia. I bought this one for my partner for xmas and i am very impressed. As well as being very pretty in my kitchen, we found it easy to use, very quick and makes a delicious latte. The first cup we made was slightly cold but we now put the milk in the microwave for 1 minute before frothing and it comes out perfect every time. Also, one of the things that put us off buying a coffee maker to begin with was everyone told us that they were too hard to clean and the novelty wears off. We have found this very easy to clean, we clean it after every use which takes two seconds. As a beginner with coffee makers i’m am delighted with this product and i would highly recommend this to anyone.

Very good coffee machine, making great espresso. Power switch at the back of the machine, so needs to be switched on and off at the mains.

We bought this gaggia just before christmas and enjoyed many a warm drink over the hols. As well as looking very stylish in our kitchen it is very easy to use and makes a mean coffee. I feel confident in recommending this product.

I’m a trained barista and can definitely recommend this as a great little coffee machine. It certainly looks the part and although someone people have highlighted the fact that it is plastic,it certainly doesn’t detract from it’s looks – you wouldn’t know until you picked it up. Plus it uses a pro coffee ‘handle’ with a real heavy qualityobviously the coffee that comes out of it is down to your technique of making it but it produces the espresso very well complete with a great standard of crema. I was surprised at how good the milk steamer is – it’s fantastic. Again this is about technique but it’s not hard and you’ll pick it up in no timegreat value for money. I would have no hesitation in recommending it.

I like this machine a lot, and have had some very good coffees out of it. I would say it is possible to produce the kind of coffee you can get from an artisan coffee shop with a little work and possibly a little luck. I think, having read around a little, that the main advantages of a more expensive machine come from the ability to do more at once (eg smaller wait between drinks, frothing whilst espresso is being made etc), and from the greater temperature/pressure stability granting better consistency. However, as i have only owned this machine i can’t guarantee that is correct. I would also say if you can afford the gaggia classic it might be a better choice as all the benefits of this machine exist but there seem to be even more options for parts etc. It is a nice colour and shape. The most important internals are quite good, the group head, portafilter and boiler are all of good quality, which makes this machine a better choice than the lower cost home devices. They are solid chunks of metal which gives them very good temperature stability (and i’m pretty sure i read somewhere that they are the same as on some more expensive gaggia models).

This is the best espresso coffe maker i have owned so far,easy to use makes lovely coffee great price and looks lovely in the kitchen.

  • Gaggia 74841 Espresso Coffee Maker
  • Great coffee
  • Replaced a workhorse

Gaggia 74841 Espresso Coffee Maker, Deep Red

My husband loved it, he uses it all the time. The water is alot hotter than our last coffee maker.

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