Gaggia Brera Bean to Cup Coffee Machine : Excellent

This is a great machine, easy to use and maintain. A staple of italian ingenuity for all things coffee.

We have had one of these machines for 5 years, it has worked perfectly and is very reliable (we’ve had other machines which have not). The machine is easy to maintain because you can take out the main coffee tampering component and clean. The coffee it produces has a good crema and different strengths of coffee can be made very easily.

We have been using this now for more than 6 months, at least 10 cups a day on average – tastes great and no issues so far easy to use (slightly complicated to descale).

Great little machine, better than more some more expensive machines i have had the misfortune to own .

Needed to replace our bean to coffee machine. . Family were lost without it. Great product, fast delivery.

Bought this after much research and indecision – i had a budget of around £350 and it was between this and a delonghi. The delonghi won top rating from which magazine for bean to cup machines, but well. The company invented the modern espresso machine.Obviously i don’t know whether the delonghi is any good, but i certainly don’t regret choosing this machine. And this seller offered a fabulous price. If you take the time to read the manual properly, it’s easy to set up and makes fabulous coffee really quickly. You have to spend some time tweaking the various options (grind, strength, short/long, single/double shot) to get it just how you want it, but really the quality of the coffee is amazing. Better than you get in the high street shops – and i’m a fan of most of them. It’s not without it’s quirks – the warning level for a full grounds bin is very inconsistent and it has given me a cup of hot water and thrown the ground coffee all over the place once – but i can forgive it when the coffee tastes this good.

Premium feel especially when you make a latte or cappucino. Just remove the plastic guide to make the milk as you will get a better control.

It does all i require it to do, efficiently and fast was used to having the gaggia classic, but this is much better. I would recommend this to everyone.

  • This machine is amazing, makes a great latte

  • Great coffee maker

  • Five Stars

Gaggia Brera Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Product Description, Prepare your Espresso – Compact, traditional design and simple to use. Espresso as tasty as from the Barista in your favorite cafe? No problem! The Gaggia Brera espresso machine gives you professional results, right in the comfort of your kitchen. Select the espresso strength and length just as you like.

Box Contains, 1 x Instruction Manual Coffee Scoop Lubrication Tube

From the manufacturer

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Gaggia Super-automatic espresso machine


Brita Filter compatible – Yes

Cupholder – Yes

Hot water/Steam Nozzle – Yes

Pannarello – Stainless Steel

Weight and dimensions:

  • Product dimensions – 45.5 x 33.0 x 42.5 cm.
  • Coffee bean capacity – 250 gr.
  • Waste container capacity – 8 servings.
  • Product weight – 8,5 kg.
  • Water tank capacity – 1,2 L.
  • Maximum cup height – 120 mm.

Automatic Cleaning

Thanks to the automatic cleaning and automatic descaling, you are guaranteed a perfect and hygienic Espresso every day and prolong the lifetime of your Gaggia Espresso machine.

Energy-saving Stand-by mode.

Your coffee machine switches off automatically after one hour. In the energy efficient stand-by mode your Gaggia machine will drain less than 1kW/h and save you money compared to other espresso machines.

Ceramic Grinder

Because a metal grinder might burn the coffee beans while grinding, all Gaggia’s Espresso machines are equipped with an extremely durable ceramic grinder. A ceramic grinder will retains the purity of the coffee aroma while being equally durable to a metal grinder. Additionally the coffee grind can be adjusted from coarse to fine, just as you prefer.

Removable Brewing Group

The removable brewing group in your full-automatic Espresso machine allows for easy cleaning and maintenance and can even be replaced separately if necessary. This saves money and increases the machine hygiene for a flawless coffee taste.

Ground Coffee Compartment

The ground coffee compartment allows you to brew a different blend of coffee without changing the beans. Simply switch your Espresso machine to ground coffee and fill the amount for one Espresso into the compartment.

Digital Display for Navigation

Whatever you want to do with your Gaggia – the digital display makes navigation much easier and gives instant feedback on the status of your Espresso machine.

15 Bars Pressure

The 15bar pressure of your Gaggia coffee machine will make sure you always get the authentic Espresso taste.

Stainless Steel Body

The case of your machine has been skillfully manufactured from stainless steel. This makes your Gaggia more robust, ensures long-lasting performance and is an eye-catcher in every kitchen.

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My fourth gaggia over many years. They can’t be beaten, but build quality is dropping. I hope that service will improve now that parent company saeco has been bought by philips.

I’ve waited a while before posting a review. I’ve now had the gaggia brera for 8 months so think i can give an accurate opinion. Pros – yes – it makes great coffee. There are three strength settings and it’s a matter of personal taste which one you opt for. Cons – the main problems surround maintenance. Every so often the water circuit needs priming. Although in the manual this is a simple matter of twisting a knob and letting a bit of water come out of the steam wand – in practice it’s a bit more than that. At times, for some reason, you need to continue the process for upwards of half an hour. Yes, 30 minutes of twisting a knob, letting a bit of water out, twisting the knob back – finding the warning light is still on and re-starting the process all over again. For 30 minutesanother issue surrounds descaling.

I bought this machine for my hubby, as he loves good coffee and i wanted to purchase a quality unit that allowed you to grind whole beans, as most machines on the market these days a limited to the use of capsules only, which is not the same. If you want this, it does of course come at a premium but worth every penny. Slight issues with postage, as took a while to get to me from italy but well worth the wait.

User-friendly and produces excellent coffee. Having owned previous coffee machines, this is the first automatic one i’ve bought.

I bought this machine two months ago and i’ve been using it since that day ,it is a great machine make a great espresso, latte and cappuccino ,i’m using it daily to fix my mode , its really worth it price5 stars.

This machine does make lovely coffe and cappuchino. Not too difficult to figure out how to work and doesn’t take up too much space.

To de-scale just press the short and long coffee buttons together whilst the machine is on standy-by and the whole de-scaling process is automatic. Just keep re-filling when the water light comes on.

Delighted with this machine. It does exactly what we want with a minimum of fuss. We had a gaggia classic previously, and when looking at moving to a bean to cup machine decided to stay with the brand. An attractive design and easy to use. Fairly quiet in operation, considering the beans need to be ground. Clear instructions for use and maintenance. At present, having had the machine for just over a month, we would certainly recommend.

  • This machine is amazing, makes a great latte

  • Great coffee maker

  • Five Stars

Gaggia Brera Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

We had a krups for over 7 years and when it finally died we bought this gaggia. It came direct from italy, very well packaged and very quickly. It makes great coffee, quietly and quickly without fuss, you can also use ready ground coffee in a special hopper so if you want a decaf you don’t need to empty out the beans hopper or use another machine as we do. We are very pleased with our purchase and won’t hesitate to use the same vender again.

Easy to use, looks good and makes great coffee.

Wonderful machine easy to use excellent cups of coffee good milk frother.

This was brought for a wedding present, but unfortunately i had to send back as who i had brought for already had a coffee machine,ive given 5 stars because i know this is a good make as i have one similar and never had any problems.

I’m a real coffee geek and my family bought me this for my birthday. Can’t speak too highly of it, it simply makes consistently good espresso based drinks. It’s self cleaning feature and easily removable brew group makes maintenance easy. Only problem is now i begrudge paying over the odds for inferior coffee in all too many coffee shops.

More and more people read reviews before they buy an item and i’m no different. I was impressed with the reviews that i read and the big discount was an extra sweetener. The product was everything that the reviewers claimed. Great crema and the programmable function to dispense the correct amount of fluid according to taste is a real bonus. I take the point about the liquid not being piping hot but i can work around that.

This was bought because traditionally the italians know one or two things about coffee. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants that restaurant coffee taste at home.

Great quality for the money, although does require frequent cleaning and maintenance. Highly recommended for relatively hassle free coffee at home.

And i was extremely pleased with the unit. Lots of paperwork mind, and no trouble if your multi lingual. The unit is all i expected from gaggia, and my cncerns about whether it should be a delonghi or gaggia were answered swiftly. I had made the right choice. I’m rating this a 3 for the following reasons. Gaggia themselves suggest a water filter, but do not supply one. They should supply one in my opinion, and then, as it will need replenishing every few weeks. The other piece i was disappointed about is the water capacity. It very quickly gets exhausted and is only a slight pain when having to replenish. 3 is maybe a harsh review, but the general feeling is that it is a solid and rbust machine.

Arrived much earlier than stated which was great, and it works brilliantlyhighly recommend. Uses beans as well as ground coffee.

This is an excellent machine. It just works really well and is so easy to use. Obviously the quality of what comes out depends on the quality of beans used but the machine itself, makes an excellent job of turning beans into pleasure.

I wish there was a little less plastic and more stainless in this machine, with that said these options are available for an increased price. I have only had it about 2 months but i have found it easy to clean, easy to maintain and the coffee it produces very good. For what it is and what it produces i think it is very good value and i would recommend it for those moving away from a manual who do not want to compromise too much in the way of taste.

Bought to replace my previous gaggia that gave up the ghost after seven good years. Can’t complain to be honest as i suspect that i did something to render it doa. Anyway, i had a couple of criteria for my new machine. Firstly, i had to have the facility to bypass the beans and use ground coffee when i fancied a change and secondly, i wanted to be able to top up the water tank without removing it. Well, i got a 50% hit with this but the price was too good to be picky so i bought it. And was initially quite disappointed with the results compared to my previous gaggia – which i think was probably a higher spec model to be honest. The main reason being that there are very few options for the volume and strength of the coffee. My previous machine allowed me to infinitely choose the water volume between americano size and espresso. I could also adjust the amount of grounds in a similar way with a dial. On this machine you have two sizes – espresso and lungo, which is about half a mug and which is watery and weak no matter how you set the machine.

We’ve had this machine for 2 years now and it hasn’t missed a beat. Produces perfect coffee time and time again. I never realised how bad instant coffee was before we got this but can’t stand the taste of it now. Yes the water tank is small and so is the grain dispenser but for be it is worth every penny. I’m sure as long as you clean and descale regularly it will last you a long time.

Thought long and hard before this purchase but very pleased with the choice. Plenty of personilased ajustments available at the press of of button. Eg coffee strength , size of cup. Very easy to operate and maintain. Warning lights for ran out of coffee, no water and coffee grounds bin full. Instruction say to descale every 2-3 month (easy process )however after 2 weeks descaling light has come on which as i live in an area of very soft water was a concern, however having looked this up it appears this is also triggered after a certain numbers of brew and is seet to standard water hardness.

Took along time to decide which machine to buy finally decided on this one and have been delighted by it hardly drink tea at all now and have converted other half to coffee, coffee depends on bean you use and still in process of finding the perfect bean but overall very pleased with it. Other reviews have said straight coffee cold not found this a problem but warm cup first, descaling a slight problem went through cycle but warning light would not go off remembered seeing a review that stated new machines had different process, switch on to standby press the 2 coffee buttons for 6 seconds and the machine the goes through the cycle itself. Would recommend this machine without hesitation.

This machine was a big and important purchase for myself, as i absolutely love my coffee and after owning it for two months i can safely say this did not disappoint. Gaggia is a renowned name in the world of coffee and this machine lives up to its reputations. This is an easy to use machine with compartments at the front which are easily removed to add fresh water and take away the coffee bean pucks. It’s design is stylish and sleek and it’s a very nice size for most kitchens. The machine has three settings for strength of coffee and you can make amazing espressos and americanos at the touch of a button. The steam wand is nicely situated and you can get a milk pitcher underneath it with ease. This machine steams milk to a high temperature very quickly and produces thick creamy milk – perfect for cappuccinos or lattes. If you are looking for your next bean to cup espresso machine – look no further.

Features and Spesification

  • This energy-efficient machine automatically switches to standby mode after one hour, then uses less than one watt per hour
  • Program the dispensing buttons on the electronic control panel to suit your own personal coffee preferences
  • Durable ceramic grinder retains the purity of the coffee aroma, and can be adjusted to grind as coarse or as fine as you like
  • Via the ground coffee compartment you can brew a different blend without changing the beans
  • Removable brewing unit for easy cleaning and maintenance