Gaggia Brera Fully Automatic Bean to Cup Espresso Coffee Machine : Great machine. Stylish & Compact

But have used mine everyday and it still makes wicked coffee.

Before cluttering the kitchen with this machine i thought long & hard about why most kitchen equipment ends up at the back of a cupboard – lack of convenience. With this machine you set the coffee dial to the desired strength, pour the beans into the hopper then seal it (you can use ground coffee too in this machine but why would you do that). The gaggia goes through an automatic cleaning procedure, grinds the coffee, delivers it then dumps the grounds. All you have to do is top up the front loading water hopper & empty the front loaded coffee ground hopper now and again. An occasional top up of coffee beans and that’s it. Oh yes – and the coffee is fan-tas-tic. You can make any type of coffee and the cups can be stored on the top of the machine. I have had it for a few years now & it is still on the kitchen work surface, used regularly, and has been very reliable.

Once set up, this machine is easy to use, produces great espresso, and easy to maintain. Shame it came down in price 2 days after i bought it.

Great for all style of coffee. Frother excellent easy to use and clean would have been better in all stainless steel excellent delivery.

*** update*** just an update to say that after over 12 months constant use this perfect little machine is still making superb coffees. And it still looks good apart from some scratching on the drip tray, but not a problem as we leave the milk jug on the tray when the machine is not in use and it hides them nicely. The rest of this lovely compact machine is working and looking as good as the day it came out of its box. Read the in-depth review below for each of the functions and parts. ***update***we have had many coffee machines (this is our first gaggia) over the decades and have never found one that can really do everything whilst also coping with hard water and frequent use. We have had many just give up after a month or so, even though we regularly clean and descale them and use double water filter i. E we only add filtered water to the machine as well as using the internal filter systems provided. We have had a few robust machines that have lasted a few years but none of them have been perfect, either being hard to clean/descale or providing less than perfect froth or cremaso on to reviewing this beauty, which we have had for 3 months now, (thus outliving several of our previous machines). Overall this is a lovely compact machine, perfect for the smaller kitchen. Although the hopper and body of the machine are plastic they seem to be very hardwearing and are easy to keep clean.

The brera is gaggia’s entry level bean to cup machine. Despite fewer selection controls than the gaggia platinum, it has the same brewing unit and frothing design, and produces superb coffee and excellent frothed milk. The system has gone through many refinements since the original gaggia titanium bean-to-cup, making this an excellent choice for coffee lovers. We still have our non-automatic gaggia espresso in the loft, and this one replaces our gaggia titanium which, after six years good service, would have cost almost have the price of this machine to repair. Over the same period, we have seen friends buy and replace two or even three espresso machines from other manufacturers. Coffeethere are three settings for coffee strength and two for size of coffee. You can set your own length for each of these, though you can’t change the strength settings. ‘one bean’ strength is a good, decent strength for people who like coffee. ‘two beans’ is strongish coffee, and we usually use this as the basis for cappuccino, or for a good espresso.

This machine was a gift some 4/5years ago. I use it a few times per week for a nice espresso & the occasional latte. My personal preference are waitrose sumatra mandheling coffee beans – strength 4 with the machine set to ‘one’ bean. For a little while the machine has been making a few clunks here & there. Also the two nozzles (from which the coffee poured) were irregular. So it was time to descale & i am pleased. I purchased gaggia’s own brand for just over £7 & also gave the machine a good clean/removed the brew group & flushed through. Added a little gaggia lubricant to the side tracks. There are some great online videos on youtube by whole latte love.

We’ve had this machine for two weeks and have nothing but positive views on it. It was recommended by a friend. Instructions very easy to follow making it a breeze to operate and clean. We had a coffee subscription from the friend who recommended it so have been able to enjoy a variety of coffee beans.

  • Improves on the original Titanium in every way
  • The best ever coffee machine we have ever owned
  • Not totally hassle free but well worth it

Gaggia Brera Fully Automatic Bean to Cup Espresso Coffee Machine

Product Description,
Treat your taste buds, with over 60 years of Italian espresso tradition, Gaggia is a company deeply rooted in Italian espresso heritage, yet its coffee machines have evolved over the decades, from the original pressure-generating, lever-activated piston, to the latest fully-automated, bean-to-cup technology which, at the touch of a button, grinds, brews and dispenses a delicious cup of espresso. However you prefer to brew your coffee–whether you want the simplicity of bean-to-cup or crave domestic barista status–there is a Gaggia for you.
History, In 1938 Achille Gaggia filed patent number 365726, an ingenious invention which saw steam pressure applied to ground coffee, so that the water forced through the coffee extracted all its flavours and aromas to create a rich foam crema layer. However, the real revolution came 10 years later when Achille filed a new patent, for a lever-operated piston machine incorporating a spring. This spring provided additional pressure, and this pressure forced water through the coffee in a shorter time, producing a short black espresso in just 15 seconds.
In the 1950s Gaggia found fame in the trendy coffee bars of Rome and Milan, and most notably in London’s prominent Sirocci in Soho. These coffee bars soon became icons of the ’50s lifestyle. With the launch of Baby Gaggia in 1977 the company began producing domestic espresso machines, making the professional values inherent in Gaggia’s commercial machines widely available for use in the home.
Uses less energy on standby

Energy saving, The Gaggia Brera super-automatic coffee machine is characterised by compact design, simplicity of use, practicality of cleaning and its energy-saving capabilities.
Gaggia Brera saves energy when not in use because it automatically switches to standby mode after one hour, then uses less than one watt per hour when in standby mode. If you’re concerned about your energy consumption, Brera can help you save energy as well as make great coffee.
Twin boiler reduces the waiting time between coffee brewing and steam output to just a few seconds

Rapid steam, A twin boiler reduces the waiting time between coffee production and steam delivery to just a few seconds. This coffee machine is ideal for preparing espresso coffee using either coffee beans or ground coffee, and is equipped with a device for dispensing steam and hot water. The elegantly styled machine is designed for normal home use only.
The twin boiler reduces the normal waiting time between coffee brewing and steam output to just a few seconds. Twin boilers means that you are able to brew coffee and add milk to make a cappuccino or latte without an additional wait, so you can froth milk to make cappuccinos, lattes and macchiato coffee at a simple turn of the steam knob.
Removable brewing unit for easy cleaning and maintenance

Removable brewing unit, Cleaning your coffee machine removes hard water mineral deposits, old oils from previously brewed pots and other impurities that can make your coffee taste bad. The Gaggia Brera automatic coffee machine comes with a removable brewing unit for easy cleaning and maintenance. Maintenance and cleaning should only be carried out when the machine is cold and disconnected from the power supply. For better durability and long-lasting results, clean the brewing unit of the machine with water. The brewing unit needs to be removed for cleaning, then rinsed thoroughly with hot water. Use a soft cloth moistened with water to clean the machine from the outside. Scale forms while the machine is in use, so it’s necessary to remove scale every three to four months of use or whenever you observe a decreased flow of water.
Ceramic grinder retains the purity of the coffee aroma

Ceramic grinder, The durable ceramic grinder retains the purity of the coffee aroma, and can be adjusted to grind as coarse or as fine as you like. The quality and flavour of your coffee will depend not only on the blend you use but also on how finely you grind it.
Every machine is factory-regulated to a medium-sized grind–turn the knob to higher numbers to obtain a coarser grind, turn the knob to lower numbers to obtain a finer grind. The finer you grind the coffee, the more flavour can be extracted from the same volume. But it’s the type of coffee making equipment you own that will determine what grind you can get away with. The ceramic grinder in the Gaggia Brera automatic coffee machine was chosen after careful consideration and research. Ceramic material is durable and safe in use. It is inert and thus ensures the best results without changing the consistency and flavour of the coffee.
The ceramic grinder in this Brera machine also provides a more consistent grind from start till end, allowing perfect dosing and blending. It gives you more control over the body and density of your coffee. And that’s not all–the amount of coffee residue left in the cup is substantially reduced. Moreover, ceramic grinders are long-lasting and make minimum noise. Thanks to its powerful, robust build, the ceramic coffee grinder will quietly grind to the same consistency and high standards for a longer period of time so you can have perfect-tasting coffee every time.
Customise everything to your personal taste

Personalise your perfect cup, Program the dispensing buttons on the electronic control panel to suit your own personal coffee taste. The ‘Personalise Your Coffee’ function allows you to choose the desired taste of your coffee every time you make a cup. Every cup is freshly brewed and prepared with the ultimate balance of your choice between coffee and water–a guarantee for a smooth, full taste and delicious aroma.
You can customise everything to your personal tastes, from the number and size of coffees you make through to the amount of milk or coffee that is dispensed. The Gaggia Brera coffee machine has a finger touch function to save user settings, which is a novel way to easily access your preferred coffee settings. The machine has two buttons which can each be programmed for a personalised coffee, so it stores up to two individuals’ customisations. Since you store coffee beans in the machine, brewing a morning cup made exactly to your liking will be as easy as pressing a button.
Brew a different blend

Ground coffee compartment, Variety is still an option; via the ground coffee compartment you can brew a different blend without changing the beans. With the Brera machine you can rest assured that everything is as fresh and delicious as if it were being prepared in the finest café. The machine allows you to adjust the amount of coffee (dose) to be ground according to your requirements. Gaggia Brera is an effortless and efficient bean-to-cup espresso maker.
This coffee machine is ideal for preparing espresso coffee using either coffee beans or ground coffee, and is equipped with a device for dispensing steam and hot water. The integrated water and bean tanks are easily accessible from the top and front, and perfectly complement the machine’s ergonomic design. Special insulation and super-silent ceramic grinders preserve the peaceful kitchen atmosphere.

Strength selector, Coffee has a huge variety of different flavours and undertones as well as strengths. Much of your decision will come down to personal taste. To assist you, Gaggia have included a ‘strength selector’ feature in the Gaggia Brera coffee machine which will help you in your decision making process. The strength of a coffee is mainly determined by a two things: how long the beans are roasted for and the amount of coffee you use in a cup.
With Gaggia Brera you can make anything from very mild to very strong coffee, and everything in between. Just select the amount of coffee beans to be ground for your espresso and have the coffee strength of your choice.

User friendly, A compact bean-to-cup espresso maker in a stylish, modern design, Gaggia Bera is simple to use and allows easy access to the water tank and coffee ground waste via the front of the machine. Gaggia Brera is the bean-to-cup, super-automatic espresso machine from Gaggia that delivers excellent quality coffee in style and in the comfort of your own home. This compact and lightweight espresso machine comes with electronic controls, LED display, a 250g bean chopper and a 15 bar pressure pump for outstanding results. Its integrated ceramic coffee grinder gives you five choices for ground coffee, while the removable brewing unit, stainless steel boiler and 1.2 litre water tank ensure this super-automatic espresso machine is easy to clean.

Box Contains,

  • 1 x Gaggia Brera fully automatic bean-to-cup espresso coffee machine
  • 1 x Instruction leaflet
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     my first ever video review. The brera is a really great machine which make superb coffee and can be used to heat milk for super hot chocolate. Also gives hot water on demand. I haven’t worked out how to “personalise” the strength of the coffee, i’m not sure this is actually possible (leave a comment if you worked it out). Really recommened this machine, for both taste and ease. Expensive but will repay the investment many times over if you appreciate real coffee – it will be hard to go back to instant. Minor gripe around cleaning but that is the way to keep the coffee tasting great. Top tip – make sure the machine is definitely finished before opening the ground drawer. It took me a lot of time to work out how to fix it when i was impatient (actually during the filming of the review – i cut this bit out). The video was filmed with a sanyo vpc-cg100exbk-b xacti cg100 full hd dual camcorder with 14m photos and hdmi – black on about the lowest quality setting to keep the file size down.

    I had this for christmas very good coffee machine, easy to use and not that noisy at all, would recommend.

    First of all, before any negatives, this machine makes a lovely cup of coffee, especially if you like black coffeethe smell first thing that you get from this machine of freshly ground coffee, really makes a difference to your morning. It’s fairly easy to use, but gaggia really should employ a decent designer to redesign their instructions and also employ a decent translator, the text often needs a re-read, and for this much money, i expect a decent manual. In fact it would be a very good idea for them to have a link to their website so that you can watch a video tutorial to get you started a little quickerthe machine feels solid and heavy, but there is far too much use of plastic for a product this expensive. But the metal where it is used is finished well. In daily use, this is a bit of a fiddle to use, and rather than use the water filter option built in, i’d recommend using filtered water as you would end up buying two of these filters one for your coffee machine and one for your water filter. One thing that may not be to everyone’s taste is the water is not kettle hot, instead it’s more like the coffee you get in a restaurant, drinkable very quickly. If you like milky coffee, the drink is pretty much ready to drinkcappuccinos are easy to make, and are very nice, having that lovely authentic coffee shop feel. To score this properly you need more detail than on star rating, so here goes my effort:quality of coffee: *****build of machine: ***maintenance: ****that smell in the morning: *****overall very good, just let down a little by build and manuals.

    Descaling process longwinded and complicated and required in less than a month otherwise really pleased.

    This machine is so much easier to use and gives much better coffee than any espresso machine i’d tried before. The milk steamer is relatively quick so you’re not waiting too long for your latte. It is expensive so look for a special offer (i bought for around £400 on amazon).

    Smart looking, compact machine. A wee bit slower than i had anticipated but gets the job done.

    Although i have this machine for approx. 7 years, it still makes a fantastic coffee. We didn’t have any problem with it apart of one case when the machine’s stopped working for a while which my husband managed to fix by cleaning it thoroughly. Overall, we are very happy with our purchase. There is loads of more modern-looking and fully-automated coffee machines on a market but we are still perfectly satisfied with this one. The only con is a complicated descaling process which i still has’t worked out.

    I see several buyers had issues with not being able to extinguish the descaling lamp once they’d been through the descaling process. I had the same so back it went to philips. Arrived back within a week with an extract from the user manual which stepped through a totally different (more automated) process from that shown in the manual that came with my brera. Engineer’s note: ‘nb on the new brera, to start the descale programme switch the machine into standby mode, then press and hold the two coffee buttons for 6 seconds to start descaling’. Descaling light resets at the end. In summary, it makes great coffee – just very poor it came with an outdated manual.

    • Improves on the original Titanium in every way
    • The best ever coffee machine we have ever owned
    • Not totally hassle free but well worth it

    Gaggia Brera Fully Automatic Bean to Cup Espresso Coffee Machine

    This is a very very nice machine, don’t get me wrong, but i got a bargain and wouldn’t be very pleased if i had paid full price for it. We have already had to send one back as, when it came to it’s in built de-scaling alarm time i was unable tore-set the alarm as described in the manual. Even after following the de-scaling procedure and the reset procedure still the indicator remained on. After discussing this with a repair engineer it turned out that this was a fault. So far the replacement has not reached the required amount of coffees to require de scaling so i’ll wait and see. If this one refuses to reset i shall be pursuing a refund or exchange to a different model. Once you get the perfect bean for your taste and requirements. Espresso making is a very personal thing and you have to dedicate some time and effort to it.

    Great product at a great price. Get great quality coffee at the press of a button. Easy to use and easy to clean.

    I’ve been wanting a coffee machine for a while, there are many well priced ‘pod’ systems out there – but i don’t want my choice limited to just a few different coffee types designed to fit the machine. Now, as a proud owner of this stylish gaggia system i can enjoy whichever coffee i desire – ground or beans. This is a handsome machine with a brushed steel appearance, some chrome parts and a display screen. The back half of the top is where you put your beans (or ground coffee into the covered spout) and the front half can be used as a stand for your espresso cups. The machine can produce either a long or an espresso sized coffee. If your espresso isn’t quite large enough, or if you prefer your long coffee a little longer – then the amounts dispensed are programmable – simply hold the button until it produces the amount you like, and then this is information is stored so that the next time you press the button it will dispense the same amount each time. It also has a nozzle which produces hot water or steam – this makes the machine an all-in-one unit. It grinds beans, it will heat your milk and froth it, it even cleans itself. When the machine goes into standby (either by itself or because you’ve pressed the power button) it will quickly rinse itself through so that it’s ready for the next cuppa. At first i was slightly overwhelmed by the machine, there seemed to be various options and the instructions were incredibly poor.

    Bought to replace our long-running de longhi esam4200 (de’longhi magnifica esam4200 15-bar bean to cup espresso/cappuccino maker, silver). Compared to that it:1) is more compact. It works well with the same percol beans i used with the de longhi, but my favourite beans are now some fairtrade dark roast ones from starbucks. 3) is simpler to configure and operate (via its push buttons). 4) requires more frequent emptying of the grounds tray and drip tray. 5) requires more frequent filling of the water jug because it uses more water during its rinsing cycle. 6) will probably last longer because it is possible to grease the moving parts of the brew group. 7) has a labour-intensive and complex descaling programme (a real pain for us because we live in an area with hard water). 22-steps, not including repeated ones8) switches itself after only one hour of not being used (a tad too soon in my opinion.

    First off for anyone thinking about buying this or any other espresso: if you are not prepared to learn how to operate one and then learn how to get good at it, spend time cleaning it after use, descaling every few months and general maintenance, don’t. Just don’t buy one, go for a pod. You will be dissatisfied, frustrated and annoyed with it. This is a tool not a toy and you will end up writing reviews on here stating it is over complicated, over priced and doesn’t do what you want it to. With the exception of genuine manufacturing faults all the slight negative reviews come down to user error. A good espresso machine is not a cheap investment. For a really good one you are looking at spending £800 and more, therefore, this machine is extremely good value as you are getting professional standard coffee for a medium range price. Lets be honest, if you are even thinking about an espresso machine you love coffee, buying a machine at £100 that doesn’t replace your desire to buy overpriced ones in starbucks or other such places and doesn’t last, well, it’s just £100 thrown away because it will never do what you wanted from a machine. Think of it as you would a new entertainment system and budget accordingly, then you won’t be disappointed. Also, visit a good shop that specialises and see the machines in action, taste the coffee, see exactly how it works.

    It was a xmas present for my husband. Everything was perfect until 2 weeks into use it came up that it needed descaling. Got the gaggia solution, descaled it last night but now the coffee is not drinkable. It has a strange chemical tastedo not know what to doany advice£400 is alot for 2 weeks of coffee.

    Precision instrument for perfect cup of coffee. Take your time to see instructions how it operates and how to look after, things are really easy after that. Cost double the simpler espresso machine, but wort every penny: fast, tasty espresso and cappucino at a push of a button, quiet and easy to clean, nice desing.

    I read the reviews of others before buying and having purchased this machine my experience is similar to others but overall i am delighted with the performance. Yes the comments made about the size of the water reservoir and the drain tray are valid but you soon get used to this. Terrific machine but i have nothing to compare it with.

    Having had a built in one previously this is excellent. Water reservoir not huge so needs filling quite often.

    This machine makes a serious cup of coffee, just put in the beans, the water and go. Afterwards it will clean itself. If you love coffee, it is well worth considering.

    For quite a while i had been thinking about either replacing my gaggia classic, or purchasing a new grinder, i was using a hario hand grinder, but so far hadn’t because of the costs. After seeing the offer on this machine, i decided to take the plunge and i am very glad that i did. The machine – in my opinion – makes a very consistent and flavourful espresso, when using good quality beans. The main upside against the classic, is the ease and consistency that it makes coffee with. No more having to grind, and measure the beans, no more filling the filter and no more grinds everywhere. I find the inferior steam quality the only downside. Having upgraded the steam wand on the classic, i was able to make decent steamed milk, this machine’s steaming process seem seems crude in comparison. All in all, this machine has turned having a coffee at home from a chore to a joy, at the cost of having to forego lattes.

    This was an expensive gadget for me and after much deliberation i went for the brera over the competition (some of which were a hundred pounds or so less). Be assured this is a sound purchase,my only warning is that you may not want to drink instant coffee again, and you will certainly have an increase in visitors looking a for some quality coffee. I was mindful of the build quality as detailed by other reviewers – and went to view the unit in person at my local electrical superstore. Yes there is chrome effect plastic and yes some parts could be metal. But i don’t think we are buying an ornament here, it’s a coffee machine and should be judged on it’s ability to churn out tasty coffee – and on that front, in my opinion, this machine excels. This is my first bean to cup machine so i can’t compare it to others, but i can compare it to coffee from your main brand high street coffee houses. . And i struggle to beat the taste of this machine in any of them. I have tried a few different beans – mostly mainstream brands. Recently settling on ‘rioba’ and their platinum range. Purely down to it’s availability at my local wholesalers.

    I purchased brera few weeks ago. Easy to use and (so far) problem free. I love the smell of freshly grounded coffee. The best coffee maker i have ever had.

    I have had this machine for 4 months now so i can review this based on sufficient use. I have used several other coffee machines inc. A traditional gaggia espresso, and this beats them all by far. This is a great little coffee machine, makes consistently great coffee, easy to use, not too noisy or too big, and looks good on a worktop. Also produces good frothy milk for cappuccinos, as it has a separate steamer. I would thoroughly recommend this machine to anyone wanting great fresh coffee. You just have to try out a few different beans to get to your favourite. Being a bit picky on the downsides, being smaller than other machines it has a smaller water and waste container so needs filling and emptying more often. The machine does not come with the brita water filter so you have to buy that as an extra, the only real complaint i have is that it has a default setting that requires it to be descaled every couple of months regardless of water harness, so if you choose to do it you have to factor in the cost of the descaler or run the descaled program without the fluid. Build quality is ok , but it mostly plastic, fortunately the front is stainless steel.

    Double boiler makes a difference from our last machine. Easy to set up and maintain.

    This little machine is amazing great for the smaller kitchen as most bean to cup machines are huge. This was purchased for my son as he was that impressed with mine,and he has a huge kitchen.

    This is the best christmas pressie i’ve ever bought myself. Has been used almost every day for over a year now and never lets me down, everyone always comments on the great coffee. Easy to adjust for strength and size. Can’t complain at this model. Compact, perfect for smaller kitchens. If i were to buy another then i would look at a larger model – bigger water tank and maybe two bean hoppers – decaff/regular.

    This is my first bean coffee machine ( only ever had a filter machine before). Why oh why did i wait so long to drink coffees from freshly ground beans?. The brera is so simple to use and i now delight in making family and friends latts, capas, americanos and others. So easy to set strength and volume of each drink. The brera is self cleaning and tells you everything that you need to do such as topping up water , emptying spent coffee container, etc. Steamer is quick and powerful and i bought a thermometer which helps greatly. I`m probably spending much more buying beans compared to previously. I haven`t had an instant or filter coffee since having the brera and i can`t see me doing so. Thoroughly recommend this machine for a first time bean to cup purchase.

    Features and Spesification

    • Integrated Coffee Grinder
    • Milk Frother
    • Removable Tank