Gaggia Carezza Deluxe Espresso coffee Machine – RI8525/08 : Carezza Coffee Machine

I still haven’t figured out what the third button does. After a few days getting rid of nasty off-flavours coming from the rubber pod adapter, it makes a good cup of coffee.

Excellent machine and great coffee.

My first ‘proper’ coffee machine. I’ve had cheap ones in the past that just didn’t make good coffee. I was concerned that i would not be able to get this to work perfectly, but it is easy to use and right of the bat produced brilliant coffee. Further more, it looks really good as well. My mother, who has a very expensive krupps machine is now looking to replace it with this one.

Needs a fine grind to get the most out of it. Regular ground espresso coffee pours a bit too quickly. Heats up quickly as it has a 1900w boiler. Some machines have 1000w which will take twice s long to het up. Addendum after 12 months of use. Still working well and still pleased with it. Advice- don’t bang out the grinds like they do in cafes. The plastic handle is flimsy and will crack.

Can’t start my day without it.

Present for my husband, he was very happy and the coffee tastes great.

I am no stranger to coffee machines. This machine looks fab and to start with worked fine. Within a few weeks the frother did not work properly. After following all the problem solving instructions in the manual, it still no longer froths milk and makes a strange noise. I have contacted the supplier to ask what to do next. Hopefully, they will replace it.

Direct from milan, makes great coffee.

  • Does a decent enough job for the money
  • Overall happy with this coffee machine
  • It has a couple of things that a newbie like me finds interesting

Gaggia Carezza Deluxe Espresso coffee Machine – RI8525/08

IDEABRIGHT LTD DESCRIPTIONGaggia Carezza Deluxe Espresso coffee Machine – RI8525/08 Carezza Deluxe’ coffee machine holds a removable, 1.4 litre water tank and has a button interface for ease of use. The new Gaggia Carezza combines our rich heritage with the latest technology, to delight you with a remarkable Italian Espresso that our founders would have been proud of.Features: Brita Filter compatible Hot water / Steam Nozzle Simultaneous brewing Water tank capacity: 1,4 L Pump Pressure: 15 bar

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Makes great espresso once you get the hang of working it and a good milk frother definitely worth the money.

Given as a christmas present but i understand the recipient was very pleased with this machine.

Extremely pleased with it, makes great coffee. The only one negative is that you cannot see the level of the water very easily.

We have owned gaggia coffee makers for over 20 years and this one is fantastic. The coffee is piping hot and the creamer works really well (we had to buy a taller milk jug as there is so much pressure, the milk really steams and froths high). If you are wanting an easy to use, good performing coffee maker, then look no further. We would highly recommend thiis gaggia.

Was looking to upgrade to a better espresso machine and gaggia was recommended to me. So far this seems like a good choice, but the instructions are confusing and i’m still trying to figure out what the ‘rinsing’ button does.

It takes time to get used to it but it is worth it. You should get a bag of citric acid to descale it when needed.

It looks great and is a joy to use. So far the cappuccinos have been good, with depth of flavour & robust foam.

Best coffee machine i have ever had. Produces first class drinks every time, just make sure you clean and descale regularly. I use gaggia cleaner from amazon, half a bottle each time keeps machine in tip top condition.

  • Does a decent enough job for the money
  • Overall happy with this coffee machine
  • It has a couple of things that a newbie like me finds interesting

Gaggia Carezza Deluxe Espresso coffee Machine – RI8525/08

Fast delivery, especially as it came from italy. Good product, as i would expect from gaggia, and makes excellent coffee.

Brilliant machine for people who don’t mind making their own cappuccino.

Loving this machine still after over 9 months of usage, the same quality of coffee you would expect in a bar at home. 500gbp on this has been a great investment.

Having owned classic gaggias for many years i wanted something more powerful and easier to use. This fits the bill, it makes great coffee, froths milk with ease. Once i had worked out the initial procedure it was fine. You have to remember to clean the parts immediately and expend the steam in prep for the next use and it is good to go. Much better casing design too. I actually cut my finger badly on the classic because the machine casing was metal with sharp edges and when cleaning around it if you hit it accidentally it is very painful. Now i have the water filter as our area is dreadful interms of hard water, it is fantastic. Love this machine and would recommend it if you enjoy good authentic coffee.

Lovely machine, looks stunning in the kitchen.

Made few cappuccino’s so far and it is excellent. Happy with the purchase at this time, will see if it stands the test of time.

The name says it all just a great product from great company gaggia.

This is my 3rd gaggia (and 5th pump espresso machine not counting nespresso) and is an interesting mix that is okay but not great. It does make an okay cup of espresso but not a great one (it also makes better coffee if use a britas filter)ignore the deluxe title this is one of gaggia lower end machines (although better than some cheaper models). At a distance it looks the part although close up it is mainly abs plastic bodied not metal. The dial on the front does indeed indicate temperature but you have no control so really is entertaining frippary. The filter holder feels heavy enough but infact this only as it’s effectively double weighted due to a gimmicky spring back feature. In reality the buisness end as is the actual filter basket are pretty lightweight compared to my last gaggia baby. The holder also has a plastic membrane to improve crema that was on my entry level (and almost 3rd of the price) gaggia which i got about 15 years ago. That said that gaggia made reasonable coffee and lasted more than 5 years and the same in coffee terms is true here. I use pre-ground coffee and i’m now on my third different brand.

Easy to use and makes lovely coffee.

Makes fantastic espresso etc.

Coffee machine bought as wedding present so have no personal experience but advised it is supplying good coffee and working well.

Looks good and makes excellent coffee. Thought our previous machine was good but this gives a superb crema – a new home made coffee experience .

The gaggia coffee machine is easy to use and produces perfect coffee every time.

Love the machine although it took a while to work out as it was more complicated than the delonghi it replaced but it is better. The ability to do two cups at once is a real bonus for a couple. It makes really great coffee and is actually quite straightforward after the first two or three attempts. The only downside was that it took ages to come from italy and then came with just a european 2 pin plug. This was cut off and an uk one fitted but i thought it was a requirement to supply with a fitted uk plug.

Did a lot of shopping around before buying this having had another gaggia espresso deluxe for 15 troublefree years. Was delighted with the functionality (15 bar essential), style, price and delivery – all the way from italy.

The best home made coffee i have ever produced and the machine is also great to look at.

Bought this for my partner for xmas. Was disappointed that it arrived with no packing on it so ruined the surprise. It also didn’t have a uk plug. I thought all electrical goods sold in this country had to have one. Consequently we couldn’t use it all xmas until the shops opened. Kind of ruined the whole present.

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