Gaggia HD8749/01 Naviglio Coffee Machine : Great reliable machine, but some might find the temperature too low at preparation.

Just got this (ordered wednesday received thursday)i’ve manually made espresso for years, but my partner never got to grips with it. We both love this machine and makes fabulous espresso and so simple. I did lots of research ahead of the purchase, and although this isnt a cheap machine its thoroughbred is second to none, in this case its been well worth it. Only thing you need and its missing is the ability to change the temperature of the espresso.

I bought another gaggia after my previous bean-to-cup gaggia synchony logic died – after 12 years. A mechanical device lasting 12 years is incredible these days so while i can’t say the gaggia naviglio will last as long, i can believe gaggia build their coffee machines to last. At first, i was missing some of the controls of the previous machine but after bothering to look at the manual, i realised it was all there and i set it up for the dosing and volumes i wanted. It’s a lot more self-aware than the last gaggia, telling me when i need to add water or empty the grinds, and it runs wash cycles automatically. I like the fact that i can add a water filter (although i haven’t done it yet). It’s also a lot more compact. And, most importantly, it makes great coffee. If it lasts half as long as mylast gaggia bean-to-cup then i’ll be very happy.

This machine appears identical to my saeco intuita which is manufactured by philips. We’ve had the machine nearly 3 years and get through approximately 500g of beans a week. We use filtered water from our brita water jug and every fifth time i use saeco system clean when it requires a ‘calc clean. When this machine stops, i will immediately replace it with same.

Great mechine, very simple to use and great coffee. I like my coffee black with no sugar this gaggia delivers every time. I ordered it on friday and it was with me on monday, amazing service.

Simple to set up , clean and produces an excellent cup of coffee.

I had an earlier version of this machine made by phillips, that i managed to break by pouring the wrong things into the wrong place. I am a coffee addict and usually get at least 2 large cappuccinos from costa a day (£6. 80) , always with an extra shot (they already have 2) – in other words i like strong coffeethis machine makes perfect coffee and i actually had to turn the setting to medium strength as full strength was a bit much even for me. The frother works really well – basically i can’t fault it. The only issue i have with it is that it’s so easy to make fresh coffee that i need to cut back a bittips:use a britta water filter jug to add the waterget a good little metal milk frother jug preferably with a temperature strip on it. If you like strong coffee make sure you set the grinder to its finest setting (see booklet – very easy to do)perfect machine for the price, can’t see any reason for buying a more expensive machine.

Fantastic coffee, easy to maintain, actually pretty cheap per cup if you don’t count the initial investment. I should warn potential buyers that you will need to shell out for de-scaling solution every few months at £8 per pop. However id be very surprised if it needs to be used as often as the machine requests. I find the fact that once turned off the power button flashes constantly a little irritating. Also i thought that for £350 it was a bit cheap to not include a milk jug/chocolate powered sprinkler etc. Bottom line this is a great machine and i highly recommend it.

Bought this gaggia bean to cup coffee machine to replace a delonghi which just stopped working. Although i’ve only had this a couple of weeks, i think it is excellent so far, and i certainly have had plenty of use out of it in this short time. I would thoroughly recommend this product and hope it will last a long time to come.

  • Love it so far
  • Easy to use, good coffee
  • Great Machine

Gaggia HD8749/01 Naviglio Coffee Machine, 1850 W, 15 Bar, Black

Product Description, GAGGIA : For more than half a century, Gaggia has been supplying both bars and homes with innovative, state-of-the-art coffee machines. Beautiful, timeless products inspired by the fashion, design and culture of the day – as well as the inherent Italian passion for la dolce vita. Cafe Club Membership : By acquiring a GAGGIA you are entitled to become a Gaggia Cafe Club member for 12 months, starting from the date of purchase. To find out more please register your machine at /register or register using the Gaggia iPhone or Android App. Member Benefits and : In-house barista training, Gaggia Accessory Kit, Machine de-scaling Service, from Gaggia and partners and more. Barita Training : We conduct Barista Training Courses in our Yorkshire offices and also in our shops. Service Centre and Help Line : We have engineer assisted Help Line service in the UK and can provide up to date technical advice. Repair and Service : We believe in long term use of machines and even refurbish old machines. Spare Parts : We carry a wide range of parts for old and new models. GAGGIA Coffee and Accessories are available to enhance your coffee experience.

Box Contains, Instruction Manual Coffee Scoop Cleaning Brush Water Hardness Tester Brew group Grease

From the manufacturer

Coffee without waiting thanks to the quick heat boiler

The Gaggia quick heat boiler technology ensures your machine is always ready. Now you won’t have to wait between brewing each espresso, but can prepare coffee after coffee.

Play with the coffee’s richness with adjustable grinders

Different coffee blends require different levels of granularity for the full flavour to unfold. The grind granularity of this espresso machine can be adjusted in 5 settings, from the finest grind, for a full bodied espresso, to the coarsest, for a lighter coffee.

Easy cleaning thanks to dishwasher-safe parts

For your convenience, you can put the Gaggia’s drip tray and milk frother or milk carafe in the dishwasher. This will save time and ensure a hygienic cleaning.

Coffee without burnt taste thanks to 100% ceramic grinders

This espresso machine is equipped 100% ceramic grinders. Gaggia uses ceramic grinders because of their consistent grind without overheating the coffee bean for an impeccable espresso. Ceramic also ensures long-lasting performance and a totally silent operation.

Classic milk frother for a tasty Cappuccino

The classic milk frother on this Gaggia Espresso machine, traditionally called “Panarello”, turns milk into gorgeous milk froth within seconds for a Cappuccino, a Latte Macchiato or more. It also delivers hot water for tea.

15 bars pressure for full Espresso taste

The 15 bar pressure of your Gaggia coffee machine will make sure you always get the authentic Espresso taste.

Optidose for Espresso the way you love it

With this coffee machine’s Optidose feature you can chose the amount of ground coffee per cup of Espresso from 7.5 to 10 g to personalize the strength.

Avoid heat loss and fit every cup with adjustable spout

The adjustable spout on the espresso machines will fit every cup and thus prevents the coffee splashing or cooling down while pouring in your cup. This way your espresso is always served at the right temperature while maintaining a clean machine.

Easy cleaning thanks to removable brewing group

The removable brewing group in your full-automatic Espresso machine allows for easy cleaning and maintenance and can even be replaced separately if necessary. This increases the machine hygiene for a flawless coffee taste.

Always a clean machine thanks to automatic circuit cleaning

Thanks to the automatic cleaning and automatic descaling, you are guaranteed a perfect and hygienic Espresso every day and prolong the lifetime of your Gaggia Espresso machine.

Energy-saving Stand-by mode

Your coffee machine switches off automatically after one hour. In the energy efficient stand-by mode your Gaggia machine will drain less than 1kW/h.

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Don’t let the lower number of reviews for this machine put you off. I came from a delonghi magnifica 4200, a nicely spec’d machine but ultimately unreliable, over to this one as i wasn’t buying another delonghi. The grinder on this is ceramic and doesn’t burn the beans, even lavazza red, which always used to have a slightly burned flavour out of the old machine, tastes rich and smooth from this one. It would be nice to have a little more adjust-ability on the grind – although the finest is good enough, i can’t help feeling a little more control would be helpful for some beans. Also it does make some strange noises from time to time. But this never seems to cause an issue and the coffee is consistently good out of it. I like the design – water, grounds and drip tray all front-fitting, no messing with swing doors and it’s small. Good sized bean-hopper, all in all a nice bit of kit.

I decided to buy a coffee machine when i finally realized how much regular trips to costa (my nearest one is 20 miles away) were costing. I then had weeks of research and indecision about which machine to go for before. I eventually decided i wanted a bean to cup machine but with a manual milk frother so i could pretend to be a barista. I considered the de longhi magnifica which has very good reviews on amazon. However, when i had the chance to view one in currys i was disappointed by the appearance which, to my eyes, looks cheap and fragile. The naviglio looks much sturdier and better made and, of course, it has the magic gaggia name. On the other hand, it has a realistic price tag unlike many of the machines out there. I reckon it will have paid for itself within six months. I have been absolutely delighted with the machine which produces better coffees than high street coffee shops and am having lots of fun experimenting with different beans to see which i like the best. It’s quite needy because it needs some cleaning every day, a thorough clean once a week and greasing every month but, hey, that’s all part of the fun.

Having previously owned a gaggia swing up bean to cup coffee machine for 7 years with no problems whatsoever, we purchased this as a replacement. It does not feel as robust as the swing up, but at a fraction of the price (this is just £330 compared to the swing up which was over £500) i suppose that is to be expected. Been using it for 4 weeks now and it seems fine. It’s one fault and something that people need to be aware of is that sometimes the coffee, once ground, can sit waiting to be used and if left for a period of time (like overnight) this can create a semi-solid lump of ground coffee which can create a block in the coffee outlet duct (the instruction manual actually tells you to clean this duct regularly). I am now in the habit of each morning simply checking this outlet duct (from above having removed the clear plastic cover). I was told it might simply be the type of coffee bean which creates this “lump”, but have tried several varieties and all are the same. The essential part of keeping this machine working well is to regularly clean it.

Love it, except for the lack of temperature adjustment. The coffee isn’t piping hot when prepared so needs to be drunk soon after it’s made. Probably some hipster rule about not being able to use water more than “x” degrees, but it detracts from the overall experience. However i take my coffee black, so the lower temperature is not a problem as long as i don’t let the coffee sit for more than a couple of minutes. But anyone who takes milk or cream will almost certainly find the coffee too cold even immediately after preparation. If i was a latte drinker my review would therefore be only 3 stars for the inconvenience of having to heat the milk. I don’t pretend to be a barista but i like good coffee and this machine prepares good coffee straight out of the box. The bean quantity per serving can be adjusted as can the strength of the brew and there is a decent variation between the weakest and strongest settings. I have half a dozen of these machines (under saeco branding) in an industrial/commercial environment as well as one at home and they have all survived nearly two years serving 60+ people without any technical problems. A very good machine for the price.

My brother loves this machine.

Easy to use and maintain, good coffee. Steam pipe not the best, but i like my coffee black, so that’s not an issue for me.

  • Love it so far
  • Easy to use, good coffee
  • Great Machine

Gaggia HD8749/01 Naviglio Coffee Machine, 1850 W, 15 Bar, Black

Features and Spesification

  • Removable Gaggia Brew Unit
  • ABS Plastic Body
  • Pannarello Frother
  • Ceramic grinder to retain the purity of the coffee aromas
  • LED Interface with Buttons. Coffee beans container capacity 300 g