Gaggia Macchina Caffe caffé manuale GRANGAGGIA Deluxe SB RI8425/11 : Great Espresso Maker

Makes absolutely wonderful coffee but the frother is on the feeble side; heats the milk but produces very little froth, even when using full-fat milk. However, i was quite content until after 8 months it started leaking and making loud fizzing/popping noises, apparently because an internal seal had gone phut, and the warranty only covers repairs, shipping (to and from the uk gaggia authorised repairer) being at customer’s own expense.

Arrived within 4 days, early assessment good.

Iam a coffee lover but no expert at home-brewing espresso. But i am very pleased with the results. So far i have not achieved italian standards probably because i’m using too much water. Very impressed by the speed of coffee delivery and accessibility. And so little effort is needed to clean up afterwards. It is a nice size for our kichen.

Great machine but check out costo online for their price.

Lovely machine, easy to use and keep clean.

Makes great coffee, slightly noisy but very pleased with purchase overall.

The construction isn’t as sturdy as the die cast krups coffee maker it has replaced, but the coffee is far superior. I was introduced to this machine by other reviews on this page, and they are quite correct the coffee is superb. It’s far quicker than my old machine and for those who like frothy coffee look no further this is the machine for you. Just as others have said it comes with a continental plug, so please be prepared to change the plug.

Really pleased – great machine and good coffee.

  • Super value
  • But I am very pleased with the results
  • Good Machine

GAGGIA Macchina Caffe caffé manuale GRANGAGGIA Deluxe SB RI8425/11

Gran Gaggia Deluxe Black and Silver. Compact design and professional performance with new Perfect Perfect Filter Holder. Pressure at 15 bar for a full taste of the espresso. The 15 bar pressure of your Gaggia coffee machine ensures an authentic taste to your espresso. Classic Pannarello for a Tasty Cappuccino: The traditional panarello from the traditional name of this Gaggia coffee maker turns milk into a wonderful cream of milk in a few seconds for a cappuccino, a cup of stained milk and much more. It also produces hot water for tea. Compatible Waffles: The Gaggia manual machines come with a coffee filter for 1 or 2 cups of ground coffee and a special filter for ESE (Easy Serve Espresso) waffles. These ESE waffles are perfectly proportioned and make it easier to use the manual coffee machine. Efficient hot cup for a hot espresso: your coffee maker Gaggia has an energy-saving strength integrated to provide pre-heated coffee cups. By preheating the cup, your espresso will stay hot longer. Pressurized filter holder for a perfect cream: the pressurized filter holder of the Gaggia machine will deliver an espresso with the perfect cream.

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Very happy with this purchase.

Good espresso, simple to use, reasonably priced.

Great espresso maker with outstanding crema.

I don’t know what all the fuss is about?. I think the reason it got 3. 5 stars is because you don’t slide coffee pods into it and press a button. Good coffee takes an extra 30 seconds.You add your own coffee (loose from a bag or freshly ground) to strength required, put the handle back in (fiddly the first two or three times, i’ll admit) turn 90 degrees anti clockwise, put your cup underneath and push the button?. Milk steamer etc the same, add milk in steel jug, place under steamer, turn dial to belt out steam, one frothy cappuccino or latte ready to roll. The nozzle on the steamer even comes off to go in the sink or dishwasher for cleaning. Under rated and very well priced for the brand and the quality of coffee.

This coffee maker is excellent – especially for espresso lovers. I’ve used many espresso machines oover the years and gaggio make the best. Don’t be put off by the budget price from this italian supplier. It may take two weeks to arrive but the customer service and huge cost saving is worth it. It does come with a continental plug fitted but a uk plug adapter for a few pounds is no problem. The machine itself is beautifully designed and easy to use. A stylish addition to any kitchen.

It came with a continental plug – very strange.

This machine is great value and the seller delivered very promptly given it was coming from italy. The machine is quite light and is mainly plastic but the coffee is good and it is a nice looking machine. As other reviewers have commented it comes with a european 2-pin plug so i had already bought a uk converter adaptor for a couple of pounds.

  • Super value
  • But I am very pleased with the results
  • Good Machine

GAGGIA Macchina Caffe caffé manuale GRANGAGGIA Deluxe SB RI8425/11

Features and Spesification

  • Product: Manual Espresso Coffee Machine
  • Designer: Gaggia Design
  • Material: ABS/Stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 20 x 29,7 x 26,5 cm
  • Features: Pressurized filter holder “perfect crema” – Integrated and removable water tank – Cappuccino/hot water accessory: steam wand in stainless steel