Gaggia RI8525/08 Carezza Manual Coffee Machine – grey : best buy – worth the cost

Hii bought this item for my birthday present and i have been using it now for 8 months. The overall quality of the item is very good. The build quality is good and very robust. I use the item pretty much everyday and it makes great coffee. The coffee maker is maybe a little noisy when pumping the water but apart from that it is very good and very minor draw back. Good size water tank on it but have to take the drip tray off to put big tall coffee cups under it again only a small problem. The milk has to be fresh to get good frothing but think that is common with most of the machines. If you live in a hard water area like i do then the unit may need de-scaling a bit more than usual. About 26 seconds from when coffee starts to pour is good time for nice crema. I have been using either taylors of harrogate espresso or lavazza red espresso these two coffees are smooth yet full of flavour for everyday drinking in my opinion.

The best machine you will ever get for the money, would reccomend to anyone who wants good coffee at home.

I’ve been using this for nearly a year now and have not regretted buying it. This was bought to replace a cuisinart machine which we owned for 3 years and which was replaced 4 times under the guarantee – it made good coffee but was clearly a dudd design from a technical point of view. This consistently makes good coffee. It’s nice to use and looks good. However, other reviews are correct in that it has an apallingly rubbish instruction manual. It took me a while to work out that after steaming your milk for a latte you then need to clear the steam in order to extract your coffee. This means pressing the ‘coffee extract’ button then removing the milk from under the wand, replacing it with another container, and then turning the steam knob to clear the remaining backlog of steam into your spare vessel. Then, when the ‘extract’ light stops flashing and turns a steady green, you can press the extract button and get your coffee. This is all fine and adds a bit to the performance of making coffee – which i quite enjoy – but none of it is explained in the instructions. Come on gaggi (philips) get your act together with the instructions – i’m paying you over £200.

Makes my wife a perfect cappa and me agreat latte. Only problem no press to compact coffee.

Having worn out three cheaper efforts in as many years i decided to buy a premium product. Totally superior in build quality and performance.

Bought this based on good reviews. It has stopped working after 2 years with no help as to why or what i can do to fix it from the manual. When it does work the coffee is grear.

Item as ordered pleased with my purchase.

The machine it looks good quality but i had to send it bake because it was faulty the seller was very kind i got my money bake with no problem, thank you.

  • gaggia ri8525/08 carezza manual espresso
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  • excellent coffee maker.

Gaggia RI8525/08 Carezza Manual Coffee Machine – grey

Product Description, Traditionally modern vintage design and double walled pressurized. Living up to our “tradizione in continua evoluzione” motto, the new Carezza Gaggia range combines our professional heritage with the latest technology, to delight you with a remarkable Italian espresso that the Founder would have been proud of.
FeaturesGround coffee and easy serve podsPanarello steamer attachment
Professional bar performancesTemperature gauge
Easy cleaning and maintenanceDescaling alarmPre heating cycle for higher temperature in cup
Easy to useFrontal water tank extraction
Perfect espresso cremaDouble walled pressurized crema filterPre-brewing function for flavour enhancement

Box Contains, 1 x Gaggia RI8525/08 Carezza Manual Espresso1 x User Manual1 x Warranty Leaflet

From the manufacturer

Classic milk frother for a tasty Cappuccino

The classic milk frother on this Gaggia Espresso machine, traditionally called “Panarello”, turns milk into gorgeous milk froth within seconds for a Cappuccino, a Latte Macchiato or more. It also delivers hot water for tea.

Coffee pods compatible

Gaggia manual machines come with a coffee filter for 1 or 2 cups of ground coffee, and a special filter for so called ESE (easy serve Espresso) pods. These ESE pods are perfectly portioned and make it easier to operate a manual Espresso machine.

Boiler temperature gauge for full control

The Gaggia boiler temperature gauge allows professional monitoring of the water temperature in the boiler to always have the best result in cup.

15 bars pressure for full Espresso taste

The 15 bar pressure of your Gaggia coffee machine will make sure you always get the authentic Espresso taste.

Descaling alarm for longer product lifetime

Your Gaggia machine will indicate when a descale cycle becomes necessary. Descaling will prolong the lifetime of your Espresso machine significantly and should only be completed with original Gaggia descaler.

Double-walled filter for a hot Espresso

Your manual Gaggia Espresso machine comes with a pressurized, double-walled filter. This improves Crema extraction as well as isolation for a hotter, creamier Espresso.

Pre-brewing for flavour enhancing

Pre-brewing ensures that the ground coffee is evenly moistened before the actual brewing process. Only then the water flows through all of the ground coffee and your Gaggia Espresso machine can extract the full aroma for a balanced and tasty Espresso.

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I have tried different coffee machines until i settled for this one. I love the milk froth it makes. The machine i had before this one was the dualit espressivo which has very good reviews and few negative ones i’ve seen. On the outset it was leaking as in some revies have mentioned and other little niggles so within 2 weeks of having it, it was returned to the shop. I then got this gaggia and the quality was very different. In use, the gaggia is a bit tricky to use and manual wasn’t too clear but once you get the to the routine it’s all straight forward from there. If i worked with gaggia, i would put a video instruction on the web instead of the user manual. I even googled for videos but couldn’t find any.

This is my third gaggia, baby finally gave out, the baby dosa was problematic, this unit is brilliant. It makes the best espresso and the lattes are to die for. The drip tray surround had some rub marks form the box but philips/gaggia are sending me a replacement part without a quibble. First couple of days the water tank didn’t want to seat properly and i had to push it home before brewing but now it is perfect. Worth every penny, trust me, i’m an engineer.

Not the cheapest but a great cup of coffee comes out every time with a great steam facility on the machine too.

I hade a mini gaggia before so is not new for me this type of coffee maker, i nearly by another mini but my good i’m glad to get this one, is by far the best expresso machine u can get without being a professional, i’m glad i spend time reading the reviews and the technical side of this product.

We bought this (a bit in haste) to replace our francis francis x1 that finally bit the dust after 8 years of daily use (see my review of the x1). My impression of the gaggia is therefore inevitably coloured by the experience of the x1, which is maybe an unfair comparison, as the x1 is more than twice the price of the carezza and a much more ‘manual’ machine, which depends more on the operator’s skill than on the technology of the machine (the carezza is the opposite). In use, the carezza can make a pretty decent espresso or cappuccino, but not, in my opinion, as good as you get with the x1. I think this is due to the fact that the carezza gives you very little control. To consider the espresso first, you can vary the amount of coffee you put in the holder, and how long you pump the water through, but the design of the holder (a bit of technological wizardry from phillips, who seem to own gaggia, that puts the grounds under pressure – but there’s no way to control the pressure) means that you can’t tamp the coffee down, so you lose control of that variable. The espresso from the carezza seems to me more bitter than that from the x1 (using the same beans and grind), as if the water temperature is too high. The carezza also uses the system of running some water into the grounds and letting it sit there briefly before continuing the water flow, which some other machines also use, and this might slightly over-brew things, in combination with the pressurised coffee holder (just a theory). Foaming the milk for cappuccino is also a bit sub-optimal. The steam control knob is marked as if you can vary the flow of steam, but in practice it is an on or off affair. The end result is very foamy and expands the volume of the milk enormously, incorporating a lot of air.

I bought these gaggia carezza expresso coffee machine last month after i heard many times that gaggia produce very high standard and professional coffee machines for years. And is one of the best brands in market. So i decide stop drinking nescafe instant coffee and give myself nice xmas gift so i did get ordered and start enjoying real coffee. These model looks very nice and is not just basic looking like some other cheaper models from gaggia which is also good machines so if you buy these model you get high level so i’m very proud of these model because is just nice looking product. Never let me down always work perfect and result is just fantastic. These coffee machine making very nice coffee, late, capuchinno. I always make sure that machine is clean, washed, polished because thats the only way to get best coffee result. Only think that i’m bit disappointed that stain steel coffee cups stand is very easy make scratches so be very careful how you manipulate with your coffee cups before during and after coffee making but thats not big problem i have to understand one think that is just home coffee machine so there should be something that is not 100% thats not commercial product . But thats not mechanical issue problem is just part thats the only one think i have to complain about these machine.

Although the drip tray was scuffed and marked when the package arrived (actually two of them, we eventually settled for a scuffed one as that seemed to be they way it is) i have rated the product 5 stars. Well, it’s because of the coffee it makes which is frankly the best i’ve ever had. The instructions aren’t the best but you can easily work through them if you stick with it and follow your instincts once in a while. I can honestly say the crema and depth of flavour bettered my expectations by a distance. I’ve also taken delivery of some pure gusto ese pods as an experiment and i’ve been really impressed given what most pod-coffee is like. These are well worth a try and good value – also less clearing up if you’re in a hurry. But that said, if you have five mins to devote to preparing a drink made from your favorite ‘pre’ or ‘home’ ground coffee, i would imagine you’d struggle to beat this for the price. Also, it looks great too, so why not treat yourself.

If you don’t want the expense of a bean-to-cup machine this must be the next best thing. Its fairly compact, well made and very stylish. Looks like a minature of the larger commercial machines. Started with ese pods but will progress to ground coffee, if i can be bothered, as the pods make a good brew. Not cheap but you have to pay for quality. Tip : warm cups beforehand to ensure a hot drink.

  • gaggia ri8525/08 carezza manual espresso
  • Gaggia carreza
  • excellent coffee maker.

Gaggia RI8525/08 Carezza Manual Coffee Machine – grey

Used for the first time today and after some trial and error, its all working good. I got crema straight away from grinding my own beans using the bodum burr grinder in red (£93) on the finest setting. The dispensing is a bit uneven when doing 2 cups, with one cup getting more crema than the other, but i’m hoping this is just because its new and because i cheated on the initial priming. I think with use, it will get better. Steaming of milk took a bit of getting use to, and i haven’t been able to get the temperature up enough, but that got better when i read instructions properly. Have ordered some illy ese pods to try too so will see as well as a tamper to see if this makes the ground coffee taste better.

I have been delighted for many years with my trusty baby gaggia but decided to finally replace it when the steamer seemed to be failing. I spent many hours researching all of the machines that are available and pouring over the reviews. Finally i decided that it had to be another gaggia and this very stylish machine seemed to fit the bill. I am delighted with my choice. The machine consistently makes superb espressos and cappuccinos. It heats up quickly and the steamer is superb. Having experimented with ground coffee i decided to try some ese pods. I was a little sceptical whether they would be as good as grounds but they were recommended by gaggia and are a much easier and cleaner to use. Again i carried out a lot of research and decided to try a whole variety of pods supplied in sample packs from coffeeroyale. There are regular and decaffinated pods to suit all tastes and preferred strengths. I finally settled on caffe karoma classics – they are superb. Just hope that this machines proves to be as reliable as my old gaggia.

Recommended by my local coffee shop/italian deli owner (italian welshman) who has had one at home for ages.

Like quick warm up, but dislike new filter holder, the normal type, as on the other gaggia classic is quicker and cleaner to use.

The machine makes great coffee once you figure out how to use it. It really is a case of trial & error. The instructions are difficult to follow because they been translated from italian to very basic english. Otherwise we really like the machine.

This replaces a gaggia pure machine that lost its steam function. The first carezza received from amazon was very, very , noisy, sounding like a pile driver as it made steam. The second one screamed as it made steam and ran consistently hot. Thanks to amazon’s returns policy they went back swiftly and smoothly. Intense espresso, we use cooper’s of jersey’s sumatra. The machine is much better than the pure, and creates oodles of frothy milk. Top tip, hold the frother, panarello, just under the surface of the milk as it makes froth. When froth is sufficient put the frother to the bottom of the steel jug to heat the milk, do not boil it. Follow the instructions, if you want, but they are very confusing. In a nutshell;put coffee holder, empty, in, it automatically rinseswhen rinsed and the coffee light is steady, run off water through panarello, turn steam knob offfill holder with coffee, press coffee button, dispense to taste. Wait until green coffee light is steady and then press the steam button ,wait until it has a steady green then start the steam for frothing. Always start with cold milk. A lovely retro design, taking styling hints from its commercial cousins, the footprint is acceptable, the coffee holder is substantially made and the water holder is much easier to refill than the pure. We had similar quality issues.

Love this coffee machine it makes the perfect latte and whats more it makes a large cup not a tiny cup like some coffee makers , it is easy to work and easy to clean. Would suggest this machine to eanyone wanting to buy a coffee maker.

Agree with the comments in the last review. Geat service from amazon and delivered in 2 days with free delivery. I brought this to replace a pavoni machine that has given years of constant use. The gaggia doesn’t make such a good coffe though – even though the coffeee holder is bigger than the pavoni, the coffee does not seem to come out as strong. For some reason, if you want to foam milk the machine will only let you do this after making the coffee, not the other way round. My old machine would let me froth the milk first and then add the coffee directly to the milk in the cup. Try it with the gaggia and various error lights start to flash. As noted by others, the instructions are poor (or porrly translated). In summary, ok but not great for the money.

Features and Spesification

  • Panarello steamer attachment
  • Ground coffee and easy serve pods
  • Descaling alarm
  • Frontal water tank extraction
  • Double walled pressurized crema filter