Garden Secrets Duplex Raclette Grill – Die Cast Aluminium Raclette Grill – Great device

The raclette is a sturdy product which looks very impressive. It will definitely make a dinner party with a difference. It contains a nice size grill with individual saucepans compactly stored beneath the grill. It is everything i says it is, i am very pleased with my purchase.

Bought this as a gift for my sister. She is totally thrilled with it – she uses raclettes a lot when entertaining and she says this is the best one she has had.

Love this machine i was given a raclette grill as a present years ago and always loved it but we weren’t able to grill on the top bought this one recently and it’s great would definitely recommend this. Arrived quickly is easy to use doesn’t take too long to heat up will be using it a lot.

This was a gift for a friend. I have recently experienced a meal using it and it was so good.

Exactly what i ordered and wanted.

I chose this raclette grill as it looks very much the same as the one that it replaces. It is a little bit slimmer but it leaves more room on the table for extra cheese, meats, etc. Main feature for me is that the grill pan is can be turned over to use either flat surface or griddle surface.

Tried a few but this is the best.

Very good quality raclette grill – the best value in terms of quality and price we could find on the internet. Solid, well-made and easy to clean. It’s a great way to eat with friends (or on your own). The only way you might do better, would be to buy one abroad. Otherwise this is a very good deal. One tip: if you can, buy your raclette cheese in france, it is so much cheaper. Then freeze it – it freezes really well.

Excellent grill ,easy to use and good fun for the family.

The only problem with this raclette – it is already loosing it’s non-stick coating on the top grill, when we wash it and we’ve never used an abrasive cleaning cloth or detergent. It peels off which for the price is not great.

We haven’t stop using this since we got it. It helps living on the continant where the cheese is easy to buy, but it is such good fun and great to share.

This is a very nice looking raclette and very sturdy. Some grills the top hot plate is not stable this one is solid and removable. Used it a good few times since it arrived it has variable heat settings. And wee pans are nice size for pre-cut cheese slices. Everyone enjoys cooking there own food. Sit it on the dinning room table and the whole family love it.

The raclette is great, very light and we cooked lots on it, heated up very quickly and it was a lovely way to socialise and cook at the table and not be separate from my guests. Also much healthier than a fondue as very little, if any oil used. Would recommend this highly, just be aware you need the space to store it somewhere. Here are the specifications for the Garden Secrets Duplex Raclette Grill – Die Cast Aluminium Raclette Grill:

  • Guarantee a tasteful evening with friends and family with our New Die Cast Raclette Grill
  • Huge 47cm x 23cm Cooking surface
  • 8 Raclette Pans & Die Cast Aluminium Reversible Duplex Grill / Hotplate
  • Thermostatic control with trendy blue light ring
  • High Quality Non Stick on Cooking Surface

We love this so a fun way to cook.

Brilliant, heats up quickly, gets to a high temperature,and cleans easily. Slight problem with the grill coating, but it was quickly resolved with no quibbles by the seller, garden secrets. I would happily use them again.

We needed this urgently for a dinner party and it not only arrived in time, it is also of a very god quality. Its also safe to have your kids (older than 8) enjoying this type of dinner. Now that we used it about 8 to 10 times, i can say its still as good as new, the coating of the top part ( which is reversible ) still looks like out of the box. The small trays also do a great job. I won’t deduct a start, but a longer power cord would be useful as most people will need an extension to reach the socket.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • It peels off which for the price is not great.
  • She is totally thrilled with it – she uses Raclettes a lot when entertaining and she says this is the best one she has had
  • Five Stars