Garsent Digital TV Portable – Brilliant little TV

What i have found is, i’ll be watching an hour long programme and three quarters of the way thru the battery dies. By the time its connected to the charger, you’ve missed a chunk of the programme.

I’m not going to knock a star off for sound quality as it’s hardly surprising that its a bit tinny in such a small tv but something to be aware of i guess. Picture quality and ability to tune a vast number of channels is good and it serves its purpose.

Can make dinner and watch my tv programs at the same time.

Absolutely chuffed to bits, excellent picture and sound. The aerial does work best on a tin lid.

Holds its charge well, works very well on the little ariel.

Bought for our summerhouse, this tv is perfect. Full reception of all freeview tv channels using the supplied aerial. Not sure how long the battery lasts between charges as yet, but as i have solar power installed, i can easily recharge without having to take it back indoors.

Haven’t tried it outside yet but excellent picture just wish it had a longer power lead.

I brought this to take on the long winter nights fishing. The picture was amazing though ariel at home but got no reception on the bank so was no good to me.

Good reception very reasonable price.

The television is in the kitchen, we had to buy something with which to hang it under the cupboard, which was difficult. I would prefer a slightly different layout of the remote, but that is something that one gets used to.

Arrived super quick and very good quality.

Great little tv perfect for camping.

A really great little tv works out of the box and get over 100 freview channels. Here are the specifications for the Garsent Digital TV Portable:

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  • ☑ 【Built-in TFT HD Decoder】 Watch TV wherever you are, whether in transport, travel, Campong Vacation, Caravan, Garden, Car or Truck.
  • ☑ 【High Resolution】 It adopts a high resolution 1024 * 600 TFT LED for super clear pictures and videos. A large 10-inch LED screen allows you to enjoy your movies.
  • ☑ 【Recording Function】 HD TV programs, movies, video, photo or listen to your music can be recorded and stored on a USB device or hard disk.
  • ☑ 【High Sensitivity】 A high sensitivity tuner enhances the signal reception capability to make the television playback smoother and more stable.
  • ☑ 【Quality Assurance】 If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us when you use them, we will do our best to protect your fairness.

I received my package a week before than i was expecting it, so i’m really happy. I tested the sound, as was one of my concerns due to previous reviews but it sounds great, even for a small device the sound was really good. The image is great also, of course i just tested with digital tv using the aerial that came with the tv.

Already had a high gain areal the one provided does not receive a good signal.

This portable tv is just what we were looking for for our conservatory. The flat aerial goes on the window and reception is good.

Great price and perfect size for the kitchen.

We use it in a tiny camper van and it has picked up plenty of channels wherever we have been parked for the night. We did get a more sturdy magnetic ariel for it though.

Great little tv a really good picture.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great little device with a lot of features
  • Easy to set up and good picture

Quality picture & so easy to set up.

It was exactly what we wanted, a small tv for use in a camper van. All the high street shops could only supply large screen tvs. It was reasonably priced and works very well.

Also purchased a high gain freeview ariel which picked up a significant number of extra channels when we are off the beaten track. Really pleased with the tv and a really good price. Angle at which it is viewed is important for clarity.

Very poor instruction booklet. All the screen says is no signal but i do not know what to do.

Really good tv picture clear.

I purchased this tv for my kitchen as me and my family eat late, i was fed up missing my programmes as i was cooking. Battery life not that good if you want to watch tv in the garden like wimbledon when it starts.

The wall fixing was a sucker (which i thought a bit odd – screw slots would have been better). I bought because it also has analogue, which means i could use to connect to my sky box with an aerial lead. The picture for both sky and freeview is excellent, but the sound on the sky connection is abysmal. It turns out that you can only get a successful sound connection on analogue if the tv works on a pal system which my other tv’s have but this one does not.

The remote takes a while to register the volume buttons, it’s like a delayed reaction. You have to press the button and wait before pressing again. Disappointed with the tinny sound, had to attach my own speaker to add the base and depth. Great picture and good looking tv. I use it in the kitchen, just the right size.

Excellent product, lorry driving partner loves it.

This tv is excellent value for money. Very easy to set up – simply follow a couple of prompts on the screen – and the picture is very reasonable given its size. I wanted this as a kitchen set so not really concerned with watching high end content and movies but good to see that there are a wide range of connections so it could do a lot more than i’m asking of it. Sound is slightly tinny but that is to be expected at this size/ price point – there are however options for surround, movies, music etc so it can be customised. I am using a external (main) aerial and reception is very good – not sure how good it would be otherwise. All told a good little set for places where a normal telly won’t go.

The ability to capture chanels is very good. Picture quality is great for a personal set and colour and contrast is good. Light weight and usefill batery capacity. Let down somewhat by sound quality (though i have heard worse from more expensive sets) it is cheared up using a separate speaker bar. All in all this set is excelent value for money.

I bought this for my hubby who is a ‘tramping’ truck driver (away all week). He’s delighted with it, ok, so we had to upgrade the ariel to something more ‘beefy’ but the tv itself is great. He parks up in the evening, sets it to tune in with the ariel out of the window & he has at least 60-80 channels. It has a great picture & the sound is good, the remote control is a little small for his fat fingers, but it does the job, with it been able to use a usb stick, he can watch movies & listen to music, so for the price, we are chuffed to bit’s. Don’t forget if you buy this for a vehicle, you need a seprate tv licence. His colleagues are so impressed with it, they have asked where i got it from & hoping to purchase one also. Very happy customer, thank you.

I bought this to use in my kitchen. The sound obviously isn’t as good as you would get in a larger tv – but it is more than good enough for me.

Lots of very good details eg when playing music, the screen layout looks really good (an equaliser, album image, title), image slideshow has various effects and loops images, the remote is really good/easy to get used to, many different settings in the on-screen menu including colour/contrast/sharpness/surround sound etc, and tuning it by plugging in the main aerial was really easy/found many channels. There’s also a sleep timer [up to 240 minutes. The inbuilt stand works really well. The ‘play’ button also pauses media. If you press ‘stop’, when next pressing ‘play’ it will ask if you want to resume from where you were. Files can be deleted from the usb by using the remote’s ‘red’ button. Pressing ‘display’ when playing media brings up many options eg aspect ratio for a video can be changed, and, on next playing that video, the aspect ratio is remembered. So many good features, that would normally be found in more expensive devices. If i could have a wish list about this, it would be the following. Ips screen, longer power lead, louder volume option, a usb port on both sides, bigger battery, and the ability to stop autoplay. ]

This became invaliable as an interim tv in one of our rooms just before we moved house, but we couldn’t get any channels until we plugged it into the aerial socket of the house. The sound isn’t great, so plug it into a speaker and yes like others have said the remote is poor. I just don’t gte why the power cable is so short though, very weird.We’ve got a different set up in our new place so was hoping to just use this as a little kitchen tv, but there’s no aerial socket. I’ve also never managed to get another device to connect to it for long – ipad briefly cast to it but kept losing signal. It’s now hooked up as a monitor to our cctv security cameras and is working brilliantly.

At first i thought i was going to have to send back as the aerial was no good at all. Bought a high gain aerial from amazon & it works well now. I just hope it works in hospital as that’s why i bought it for my mum. I plugged my main aerial into the tv & scanned all the programs that way & it’s absolutely fine.