Geemarc Additional Headset : She is very happy with it and finds it very easy to use

When i got this item the battery was flat so i just canceled it.

Unlike tv ears the tone control actually works. They take some getting used to hanging from the ears but the difference when watching tv & being able to hear is fantastiv.

I could not believe i have not bothered before to get a listening device to hear the television without the neighbours having to listen as well. They are an excellent product, worthy in my opinion of receiving 5 stars for good quality for a modest cost. Another benefit is i do not have to have my hearing aids in when using the cl7100 as it operates ok without them. I would recommend them without reserve.

This system has greatly improved my ability to hear voices clearly on the television without the need to increase the volume. It is quite comfortable to wear. I was recently visiting friends in australia and one lady, who is profoundly deaf, was using a similar device (not the same make) which i tried and found beneficial and this made me carry out some research when i got back to the uk and i decided that the geemarc cl7100 would probably suit my purpose. I am very pleased that i chose this model.

Ideal as i can listen to tv at my volume my partner have these on to listen at his volume.

We have a 14 year old tele so couldn’t get this to work on ours.

This is invaluable as my father can’t hear the television even with the sound at its highest, wish i had heard about these years ago.

Bought these for my fathers who is quite hard of hearing and also for the benefit of my mother (who is not). The sound quality is excellent but it was a little difficult to set up initially. However, once done – marvellous.

  • Excellent listening aid for those with a hearing defect.
  • Effective but not ideal.

Geemarc Additional Headset for CL7100 Infrared TV Listening System- Uk Version

Style Name:CL7100AD_BLK
Product Description, Introducing the latest product in our diverse range of products. This is the Wireless Infra Red headset, as an additional headset for the CL7100 Infra Red headset.This headset, including the controls and integrated battery, weighs in at a light 60grams, this allowing you to wear this device comfortably for hours at a time. The headset incorporates volume and tone settings that you can adjust, providing you with great quality monaural sound up to a cracking 125 dB!
No need to swap out batteries here, at least 10 hours listening time from a full 3 hour charge will allow you to listen to your favourite TV show or radio station at your preferred sound level, without upsetting your next door neighbours or others in your home. The unique extra springy headset arms allow you to open the headset wide to place on your head.
The main charging station comes with two slots for the headsets to be charged, so with no configuration setting changes, merely slot the additional headset into the additional headset will be ready for use in seconds! (Of course only after it’s initial 3 hours charge that is).
What is in the box? We provide 2 sets of rubber ear pads, a small tuning key for balance adjustment (if it does need adjusting) an instruction manual and the very important headset. A great way to listen to TV or the radio at the sound level you want to listen to without annoying the neighbours or the rest of the family in the home. Up to 4 headsets can be paired to each base.

Box Contains, CL7100 headset (battery enclosed in sealed unit)1 set of alternative earbudsbalance keyuser guideguarantee card

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Bought this for my mum, she loves it. For the first time in ages she is watching and enjoying films without trying to deafen my dad and the neighbours. The only criticism she has is that the ear pieces do make her ears a bit sore with prolonged wear; she gets over this by removing them during add breaks,.

Very pleased with the headphones does exactly what it says.

This is a great help but we are having problems with it as we can’t seem to get it charged enough to work not sure if we will keep it just not had the time to get it sorted.

Bought for mother in law very hard of hearing on first try it was like opening up a new world for her excellent product well recommended.

Bought these for my father, mum and he were having falling outs over television volume. Headphones easy set up, all friends again.

I bought this for my mum as she is slightly deaf and was getting complaints her tv was too loud, now she can listen with this and have the sound down low. She is very happy with it and finds it very easy to use.

Bought for my wife who has hearing difficulties. Works ok but a little uncomfortable as the ear piece is not lightweight. It does enable my wife and i to select the appropriate sound levels on the tv to suit individual requirements which was the main reason for purchasing the item. After 18 months the adapter failed and the manufacturer replaced it as the unit has a 2 yr warranty. When we come to replace the device we will look for a lighter device or install a loop device.

Brill but could do with a hdmi socket.

  • Excellent listening aid for those with a hearing defect.
  • Effective but not ideal.

Geemarc Additional Headset for CL7100 Infrared TV Listening System- Uk Version

The interface cables supplied do not work with my now ageing philips 42″ plasma tv. 5mm stereo 2 metre audio connector which, adopted, does the job ok. The sound quality via the ir link is a tad indifferent but when connected directly via the alternative audio connector port on the headset is very acceptable; if only mono. I shall get a great deal of use from the headset on devices which do not disconnect normal sound output when one plugs in a headset; as does my samsung tv in the bedroom. I have to explore alternative methods of connection for each device i own, now that i have become very suddenly quite deaf and my other half complains about the volume settings i need when we are in the room together.

Can’t comment as it was not clear that the battery charger had to be purchased at the same time.

Being repeatedly told off like a teenage rebel for having the tv too loud as a man in my fifties i have to face reality of having poorer hearing. This works marvelously, great sounds, simple controls, hight quality material,i wondered why the product is sold with two charge points but only one headset?. My wife tried it and now she wants one, nothing wrong with her hearing. Someone in the marketing dept knew they had a good product. Works so well i’m getting another set for the other tv in the shed.

Cuts out a lot during viewing.

Bought this for my elderly mothers the headphones are fantastic great sound would recommend.

Loved product but could do with sponge over ear piece as rest heavy on ears.

Once we found the correct connection it worked perfectly (via scart lead into back of tivo box, wouldn’t connect via scart into tv, or leads into tv, but once connected to tivo its great.

I don’t have to worry about the neighbours hearing my tv any more.

Features and Spesification

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  • Receiving amplification up to 125dBspl
  • Ultra-light, comfortable under the chin headset
  • Supplied with a re-chargeable lithium battery in sealed unit
  • Up to 4 headsets can be paired to each base
  • Continuous usage time : 10 hours