Geepas 1.8L Rice Cooker with Steamer | 700W | Non-Stick Inner Pot, Automatic Cooking, Easy Cleaning, High-Temperature Protection – Make Rice & Steam Healthy Food & Vegetables – 2 Years Warranty – Better than it first appears

Excellent product and value for money.

Good size enough for small family, cooked the rice nicely.

It is easy to clean and helpful, but 1l is a little bit small for cooking porridge even if it is just for one person.

Rice comes out perfect every time and stays warm till ready for dishing up. The addition of the steamer on top is perfect for steaming veg, fish and/or meat in small portions for a complete meal for my little grandson in just 20 minutes. I know some people have had trouble cleaning the steamer but by placing a small enamel dish inside to contain the items for steaming, there isn’t any problem with cleaning it. Highly recommended and efficient as well as saving on the washing up.

Compared to alot of other brands, this does the job of steaming nice rice & steams veggies at the same time, for a fraction of the price.

Arrived on time and packaged securely. Rice cooker is good enough for the price, perfect size, looks exactly like pictures, however its not as sturdy as i thought it would be.

I’ve been looking for a rice cooker for a while but didn’t want to spend too much money so this was perfect, it’s made cooking jasmine rice so easy which is something i could never master. Just be sure to get your water ratios right.

Ideal size for my needs, simple to use and clean.

I was amazed at how perfectly this rice cooker cooks basmati rice. I always either burned it or served it soggy before. It’s pretty good at steaming vegetables too.

Excellent product – i can finally cook decent rice.

Perfect – just what we needed.

My initial reaction when the cooker arrived was one of god this is cheap flimsy product. I have used it on numerous occasions and the rice is cooked well. I use the top section to cook salmon and my only complaint about the top tray is that the fish skin always sticks to the tray. I have used a number of more expensive cookers and this does offer value for money and does what you want it to. I have no hesitation in recommending this product.

I bought this product after reading about a dozen reviews here and am pleased to be able to write a good review too. I wanted an easier way to cook rice, being fed up with all the rice cooking disasters which have plagued our household. This geepas rice cooker cooks perfect rice every time and because of it’s automatic switch from ‘cook’ to ‘warm’ it takes the stress out of rice cooking. I can put in on to cook and then just walk away and leave it, when i return after 25mins it has finished cooking and is in ‘warm’ mode. The rice is perfectly cooked, fluffy and is not stuck or burnt to the bottom of the cooking pot. I also find the vegetable steaming tray very useful too, it cooks cabbage, brockolli and courgettes very efficiently in the same time it takes to cook the rice. My only criticism is in the user manual, which seems to be almost all about safety, with very little guidance on the use of the product. It doesn’t even explain that the heater switches automatically from ‘cook’ to ‘warm’, or how this is achieved?. I don’t know how this works, whether it’s on a timer, like a toaster, or if there’s a temperature sensor which detects the rise in the heater element temperature which will occur when all the water in the cooking pot has gone?. Here are the specifications for the Geepas 1.8L Rice Cooker with Steamer | 700W | Non-Stick Inner Pot, Automatic Cooking, Easy Cleaning, High-Temperature Protection – Make Rice & Steam Healthy Food & Vegetables – 2 Years Warranty:

  • ✅ 3-IN-1 FUNCTIONS – This pot features three different functions namely cook, steam and keep warm. It allows you to choose how you prepare your rice. After cooking, you can also keep your food warm using ‘Keep Warm’ function. The steam function lets you cook rice healthily while preserving the nutrients. Perfect for cooking all types of rice – including Arborio, jasmine, white, basmati, long grain and more. Ideal for family dining, batch cooking and meal prepping.
  • ✅ TEMPERED GLASS LID – This rice cooker has a sturdy lid made from tempered glass. It has a stainless steel rim that fixes it into place. It does not get smoky and lets you watch your rice as they are being cooked. For both safety and convenience, the glass lid is made from toughened glass that conserves heat in the pot and lets you see your cooking progress. Its compact design also makes it easy to store away or fit on any counter-top, making it ideal for smaller kitchens.
  • ✅ 1.8L LARGE CAPACITY, ACCESSORIES – This pot has a large capacity of 1.8L. It enables you to cook up to 10 servings of rice at a time. Now you can make large meals for the whole family. It is quick and efficient. The package includes a measuring cup and spoon, which add convenience when cooking and serving your rice. Add preciseness to your cooking and take rice out with ease with the rice spoon. Create fluffy rice dishes hassle-free now!
  • ✅ EASY CLEAN NON-STICK INNER POT – The inner pot is made from a non-stick material. This coating allows tasty and healthy food without burning. The food does not stick to the bottom, and it is super easy to clean and maintain. Make healthy family meals without hassle using this versatile Geepas Multi Cooker, which will rapidly cook your favorite foods. Your one stop solution for perfectly cooked, delicious meals every time!

Very easy to use and clear instructions of how to use the cooker and steamer. The rice came out very well, i have not use it to cook anything else.

I’ve received the product on time and i ve already used it several times, easy and fast to use.

Not had it long but so far well pleased.

Cooker and steamer working properly.

Brought this just in time for our holiday. I’ve cooked a lot of rice in my time so i know how much water to add. Came out just right, absolutely love it so far, highly recommend a++.

Bought for my don in uni and he loves it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Better than it first appears

  • Works perfectly for the price.

  • Life changing – a rice revolution! Perfect pilau.

Have been using the rice cooker daily since purchase and have found no problems with the rice cooked, a 120ml portion will be done around 10 minutes. While the steamer works well i have found that the lid does not properly fit the steamer tray, and had a problem on the first use with the lid getting trapped within the streamer tray, managed to get it out you just need to carefully balance it. This seems to be because the steamer tray is made of a flimsy metal and easily warps. Although the lid fits the rice cooker perfectly. Will update review in the event of any other problems.

I bought this product as a present for a friend so can’t really review how good it is.

And veg steamed at same time.

I love this simple, effective, well made bargain rice cooker. I was reluctant to cook brown basmati, but was shocked by the incredible results on my very first try with this machine. I love the fact that there is also a steaming tray, so you can use energy efficiently. Over the years i lost the knack of cooking rice in a pot. I was adamant i would once again master the old fashion way. Life is too short for rubbish rice.

I’m absolutely shocked by how great this is.

Easy to use and clean, the rice is cooked with ease.

Works fine as regards cooking the rice. Only issue is the warming function needs to be a bit cooler as you end up with a layer of dried out and ultimately burnt rice at the bottom if you leave it too long once cooked.

I ordered this alongside a rice cooker recipe book but havnt actually used it yet but am planning to this week. I’m hoping to make different rice dishes when my indonesian daughter in law to be comes to stay in a couple of months, i will update my review then. The pot itself looks good and easy to clean, it comes with maintenance instructions but no instructions on how to use it.

It was a present for someone but have said it is absolutely fantastic.

Makes lovely fluffy rice each time and you can add flavours or other bits to it.

Product is very good and convenient.

I bought this for my niece who is off to uni. She likes it very much so far.

This makes enough rice for 6 people. The instructions aren’t amazing but its straightforward.

Nice simple little cooker very like the one i had before quick and easy to use for 2 – 4 people.

I didn’t want a fancy rice cooker, just a basic one–but one that included a steamer basket for vegetables to cook at the same time. This was exactly what i wanted, very affordable, and works perfectly.

Good rice cooker but was a bit tricky to use initially although it gave cup measurement.

I bought this to cook rice for my family. There are three of us and this is ideal. It looks quite stylish and i actually like the simple way it stacks up. It doesn’t take too much space on the work top either. We eat rice about once or twice a week and have had it about 3 months now so we seem to be over the two month barrier some users have complained about. We have tried it with three different brands of basmati rice (our favourite) and have found it works well with all of them although the cheaper brand needed more rinsing and the top brand produced the best results. We spray a little oil onto the base of the bowl, to minimise sticking, then add rinsed rice and finally water. We have about 60g or a 1/3 cup of rice each but sometimes add a little extra. It takes about 15-18 mins to switch from ‘cooking’ to ‘keep warm’ so we usually put it on before making a stir-fry or towards the end of cooking chili. Now, there is always a layer of rice stuck to the bottom of the pot. It can just be starting to turn brown but is never burnt and it is actually quite pleasant to taste as it is slightly crispy (like a very thin rice cake). We have only used the steamer once, to cook some tender stem broccoli over our rice. It was not soft enough so had to go in a pan of boiling water to finish off.

Great little rice cooker very easy to use great buy i’m very happy with it.

Easy to clean and cooked quickly.

Arrived on time and then delivered to my son at university he says it’s good.

It’s easy to clean and the portion is perfect for 1-2 people. I tried to stew vegetables on the additional pan. It’s really convenient and healthy.

Easy to use and clean, comes with instructions for making rice and a few other recipes, light weight and good value for money.

If you could destroy any rice dish and tried every method of getting the perfect rice and ending up with the same god awful mess every time then this is the answer to your perfect rice every time dreams.

A liitle smaller than i expected, but uselful in a small kitchen.

Fab product cooks rice easily. Make sure you wash you’re rice and place the dish in properly so you have no issues. But that’s not even down to the product itself.