Geepas Food Steamer 12L Capacity | 3 Tiers BPA Free Removable | 75 Minutes Timer & 1000W Power | Stainless Steel Housing | Makes Healthy Food – Excellent machine which produces fantastic tasting food.

This product produces great vegetable and rice and is one of the best steamers we have had.

This is a good enough steamer just a bit fiddly and takes up a lot of space.

Excellent product, well worth the money.

Absolutely awesome steamer, bigger than i expected so well pleased, definitely recommend, great for doing one big lot too, separate bottoms ,, oh it’s just simply great best buy ever.

A couple of holes in the black tray (to allow the water to fall back in the bottom) would make this perfect.

I use this product for steaming vegetables and it does the job.

I recently got geepas food steamer and are really happy with it as we really enjoyed mix vegs and fish and it is easy to use and clean and it has many other qualities as well so yes we made good decision i think.

I needed a large capacity steamer for my large pudding basins and to replace my old steamer. This was the only one i could find as i needed it for christmas. It arrived on time but had the ricer bowl missing. I contacted the company and they sent me a new set of baskets.I contacted them again, they were very apologetic but informed me they would not be getting anymore steamers in until after christmas. They did however, offer me a 10% discount which i took. The steamer was exactly what i needed and does the job. However, the basket plates are loose fitting and fall away easily but not when steaming. I did try and see if the plates were numbered to correspond with the numbered baskets but the numbers are all the same.

Excellent steamer very easy to use and plenty of room for large family meals love it.

Nothing to dislike, great size for a large family.

Nice size steamer and easy to use, only down side is that the mains is a permanent hardwired one and not a plug in one so storage not so simple. Nice product and would recomend.

Arrived earlier than expected. Needed new steamer and this one is great.

Being more powerful than my one this replaced it works very well and slightly quicker. Here are the specifications for the Geepas Food Steamer 12L Capacity | 3 Tiers BPA Free Removable | 75 Minutes Timer & 1000W Power | Stainless Steel Housing | Makes Healthy Food:

  • ✅ 12L LARGE & 1000W POWERFUL FOOD STEAMER – It comes with 3 large transparent bowls with 4L capacity each. Bowls are transparent, allowing you to see the food while cooking / steaming. Ideal for steaming vegetables, meat and fish the three tier steamer provides one of the healthiest ways to cook while retaining nutrients & vitamins.
  • ✅ BPA FREE, STACKABLE & DISHWASHER SAFE – All plastic bowls are stackable for easy storage and dishwasher safe. Beware that the motor is not dishwasher safe. Since food cooks faster in the bottom bowl, always place food with longer steaming times on first, closer to the base.
  • ✅ 75 MINUTES TIMER – It is set by timer, goes up to 75 minutes to cook. When the timer returns to 0 or have no water in base reservoir, a bell will sound, and the steamer will switch off.
  • ✅ SIMPLE USE – Simply put the timer at the right time, load the products into containers, pour water into a special vessel and leave the device to work. When cooking is complete, steamers will automatically turn off.

The baskets have a poor clipping set up bottom to sides. Its mechanically weak and may not last.

Very easy to use and cooks my veg perfect every time.

This product is very good for the money i paid a very good size the only bad thing is it won’t go in dish washer.

Does the spuds & veg just right.

Please add option that allow to provide feeback without keyboard.

A nice priced steamer bought to replace an old one. The steam trays are a nice size for a family and nice and sturdy. Used four or five times and does what a steamer has to do, cook the food nicely. A good buy highly recommend.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Large food steamer

  • Great companion for every kitchen. Really recommended!

  • Okay but could be better.

It’s the size that i like easy to use good all round to use.

Good solid, made for purpose, made with material that won’t crack.

This steamer is not like the others in the shops this is, very large everything can go in. Very well made and strong, all information in leaflet, easy to use. Any problems ,great customer service. Excellent buy highly recommend.

It is larger and stronger than my previous one. It is easy to clean because it comes apart. I mostly use it to steam vegetables. When steam they are cooked to perfection and taste wonderful. This is the best steamer i have every purchased. I would buy it again and also would recommend it as a good buy.

And pleased to see it to be able to load all different food items on the same time and cooked well. The compartments are adequately sized to accommodate a decent amount of food items.

Love the capacity but the heating element does tend to get charred up.

Good steamer the baskets seem much stronger but the water reservoir tray where the used steam goes is almost impossible to lift out to use for gravy without burning yourself and the used steam/water drips back and mixes with the main water.

Great quality product and easy to use. This was bought as a present for someone who can’t rate it highly enough. It’s used everyday for lots of various foods with great, tasty results.

I use the steamer regularly, it is a good quality item, would recommend this product.

I love steaming food, veg n fish, but will only use electric steamer in oppose to hob ones. Unfortunately the one i had for about 10yrs gave up the ghost. I did buy a nice small compact steamer, but it was absolutely useless i returned it to amazon whom refunded me with no questions asked; so thnx amazon. So was on the lookout for another one, but even tho i like compact, i realised that it would be best if i got an extra large one. I always use the steamer, pressure cooker and airfryer. I normally go for well known brands, but this steamer from geepas was actually the biggest one that i could find. Offering a 12l capacity is substantial for our needs. Veg in bottom and middle section with fish in the top one. But i only can give 3star rating, b’cs they bases aren’t attached, so keep falling out everytime you remove the veg out of the steamer. Also the bases aren’t numbered n are quite fiddly to fit into place securely to. To save on the cleaning when steaming fish, always use toastabags microwave steambags, purchased from amazon.

Used this the day it arrived and wouldn’t be without it. Meal times are so much easier now, fill it, switch it on, set the timer and done.

Good product , very affordable , very useful , not at all complicated and very healthy too.

Cooked all my vegetables perfect.

I love this product, with a family of 5 adults this steamer is the ideal size. I’ve had it now for a few months and use it every weekend when we have time to eat together as a family.

Although a jigsaw moment putting on layers/trays, i truly found this product excellent on deliver- an excellent buy .

This sreamer is great except for one thing. The numbers on each of the layers are very difficult to see yet if the manufacturer pressed a small bobble into the plastic then you could tell just by picking them up. I would’ve loved some more information on how long foods take to cook.

Unfortunately can not give any comments at this time as it is a christmas present, but have given a 5 star rating hoping that it is liked.

Used this steamer for the first time on christmas day and it cooked the vegetables perfectly.

After steaming, if you want to pour the vegetables from the unit into a bowl the base of the unit can fall out and veg goes everywhere. In addition, if you need to empty hot, condensed water from the base receptical you have to wait for the steamer to cool down as there is no way to remove the base without burning your hands.

Geepas advert misleading; steam condensate does get into the main water container, baskets do not fit well and neither does the lid. The base basket is awkward to fit on the water reservoir and other are awkward to on to each other. The base of the first basket does fit well and falls out when removing food.

Used it yesterday for the first time, very happy with steamer, really big so can cater for family when they visit 👍.

Always had tefal steamers but this is by far better. Perfect for large families and more durable than tefal models.

I needed a new family sized steamer to replace my broken tefal one and this has exceeded my expectations. Great steamer, big enough to make a entire meal for 5 with fillets on the bottom, potatoes in the centre and veggies on the top. Baskets stack inside each other for easy storage. The only downside is not being able to empty the steamed water until it cools ( i knew this from research so it wasn’t a surprise though). Very pleased with my purchase.

Disappointed not receiving a rice pan, it does state that its got a rice pan with this model.

Really happy with the way it steams food , even the food tastes better . Highly recommend this steamer. Top quality 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍.

This is my very first streamer i love it vegetable and my fish taste amazing. In 25 min it cooked my vegetables and fish. I like it because you got different departments and also doest steam the house.

The product looks good, arrived as proposed and meets my expectations. I have yet to use the steamer, but i am sure it will perform as good as it looks.

Such a great product wouldn’t want to be with out it.

Works well 25 mints for three tears of veg 8to 10 mints for salmon in the first tray.

Strong sturdy plenty of space easy to use.

All my cooking with vegetables and fish.