Genuine Instant Pot Yogurt Maker Cups – Five Stars

Good for poached eggs, lemon curd, or anything you need to cook pot-in-pot in small quantities.

Easy to lift in and out of the ip. I wasn’t sure if i should put them on during cooking as the recipes i used say to cover with tinfoil, however i tried with the lids on and everything worked perfectly. So far i’ve made yogurt and custard which is delicious and only takes 3 minutesok to wash in dishwasher.

Bought these for use in instant pot and they are an excellent product, but i bought mine in july at just under £7 at that price they were worth it. If the price comes down again i would be happy to buy another set.

The pots are excellent, both for making yogurt in the pot, or for storing it in after you’ve made it.

Sorry i have not used yet, searched for a whole day to get a recipe to do the yogurt, with no joy. The product is very good, very strong and inexpensive, just wish i could make yogurt. I would recommend this item, well worth the money.

Works really well, no need to change the silicone seal between cooking/yoghurt making. In use twice a week (we have two sets – one set stands on top the other during the making process).

Much easier then making it in the main pan – and delicious.

Everything was fine no polemic.

This was a non essential purchase for my amazing instant pot. I feel i buy too many accessories and then never use them. I already own a steriliser for the baby bottles so i didn’t need it for that. Technically yogurt can be made in the big pot, but i loved the little pots that come with this. Individual portions would be so convenient. So, i’ve used this several times already, but never for yogurt. That is on my list of things to do and i will get around to it when the pot isn’t in use – and that’s my problem. I’ve been boiling eggs in it and the tray from this holds 5 eggs perfectly.

Great for making perfect portion sized yoghurt.

I haven’t used this for it’s intended purpose, as i make yogurt with 2 litres of milk at a time and strain to make greek yogurt. However it’s great for ‘canning’ small jars of things like dulce de leche and lemon curd, which can be made easily in the instantpot. I use it to keep the jars apart and upright in the pot (ball ‘crystal’ jars fit perfectly), and then the whole thing is easy to remove at the end of the process.

Excellent addition to the instant pot line up. It is extremely well made, and the yogurt comes out so extremely well. Using this in the instant pot knocks spots off any other way of making yogurt that i have tried. Looking forward to using it for many years to come.

These work wonderfully to make yogurt.

Handy little pots for yoghurt but the 5 together do not hold 1litre of milk. I now use the glass vonshef pots and can use all my carton of milk in one go.

Not much good for yoguhart pots,trivet works better.

They are a bit tiny for my taste.

Various different instructions on how to make yogurt online. I kept it simple and left it on overnight. Just wish there were 7 little pots.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Handy little pots but
  • Five Stars
  • Great for IP custard