George Foreman Enhanced 5-Portion Grill and Melt 22160 – : At first thought I had wasted my money

Great that i can use as a grill also.

Good communication and good delivery item as described good value for the price paid.

Very satisfied with product and speed of service.

This was bought as a gift unable to complete survey.

Really good used it lots and no problems.

Excellent and very easy to use and clean.

The plates on the previous one were not non stick any more, and i was loath to buy replacement plates at over £50. This unit is so much more versatile, has a completely different type of non stick coating. Absolutely love it and have no hesitation in recommending it .

Like the product and the outcomes.

  • Very good quality and amazing product
  • Best grill ever
  • really cleaver as the plates are removable for cleaning.

George Foreman Enhanced 5-Portion Grill and Melt 22160 – Silver

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Bought this as a replacement for our 8 year old gf grill. Absolutely fantastic and tried it using the grilling bags – the food is even better and with no mess on the trays.

Brilliant so easy to clean , has a very high temp so can cook steaks on it.

Excellent, does what it says,you can take the plates off to wash them,and you can adjust it for cheese on toast.

Great addition to our daughters new kitchen really pleased.

Had a previous incarnation of the grill and it was one of the best purchases i’ve ever made. This one is a massive improvement due to the removable grill panels and the better ceramic covering, so it’s even easier to clean. Wouldnt hesitate to tell others to buy one. As essential as a microwave really.

Well made and does what it is advertised to do.

Absolutely brilliantthe best i have ever had. So easy to clean and remove the plates. Melt is a very good idea and it’s a lot faster heating up than my old one. Only thing missing is a timer but you don’t really need it as you should be nearby most of the time anywaythis model is the best.

At first thought i had wasted my money, then my stepson used it and now we all think its brilliant.

  • Very good quality and amazing product
  • Best grill ever
  • really cleaver as the plates are removable for cleaning.

George Foreman Enhanced 5-Portion Grill and Melt 22160 – Silver

Brilliant for cheese on toast.

I’ve used my grill for pork chops, steak, chicken kebabs, french toast, bacon, it’s a great machine very easy to use and clean if it’s used right it’s perfect very easy to clean very quick at cooking it seals the meat and flavour in whilst dispelling the fat great purchase.

Best grill i have had for the money, does exactly as stated, my sausage turned out great with this grill, my reviews keep getting removed as my first grill was used, but my seconds one is very nice, maybe could be a little bigger as does stated 5 servings, i dont think it’s possible to fit 5 sirloin on but overall i really am impressed.

Cooks perfectly, food tastes great and cleans easily.

Great product but has its issues. The removable plates are easy to clean but absolutely everything sticks to them whilst cooking. They then need repeated cleaning to remove the residue. Unlike previous george foremans the fat and etc from items being cooked starts to burn really easily resulting in smoke and smell issues. Again, causes cleaning issues. The screws holding the plastic ends to the removable plates are already rusting after 3 months of use.

I’ve always been a fan of george foreman grills having had two myself over the years and use it almost daily. This was purchased for my parents as a gift for their new kitchen and they were certainly not disappointed with the product and neither was i. It’s a more advanced product from my own so now am quite jealous.

Really cleaver as the plates are removable for cleaning. When the top plate is removed it reveals a grill element and the top lid is positioned high enough up to allow you to use the grill to make toast etc.

Got for my nan she loves it and finds it easy to use cleaning is a bit of a pain but it is with most george foreman’s.

Easy to remove and clean the plates. On/off switch it a little to close to the hot plate for my partner but that might just be a man thing.

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