GermanMaestro GMP 8 : Absolutely Superb Quality Hradphones!

Great headphones, sound great – balanced, clear. Comfortable – have worn these for hours on end without fatiguing. I even love the industrial look. I much prefer these to the various sennheisers that i’ve owned over the years (hd25 in particular).

I first saw them highly rated in a magazine. They are very strong and perfect for monitoring sound from my professional video camera – they also look the part, i.

I had owned an ath-m50 for a little over a year before it broke thanks to it’s flimsy plastic construction. Rather than fall into the trap i saw others in – where they buy new headphones every two years because they keep breaking, i instead opted for headphones that would provide comparable sound quality to the m50 while being built to last. Certainly, i don’t expect these headphones to break anytime soon, since they have an extremely solid construction. In fact, i would feel comfortable throwing these around or dropping them, which i cant say for my old ones. I’ve seen some reviews saying they look bad, which i think is nonsense. These headphones can take a beating, and their appearance reflects that. If you think everything in life should be a fashion statement, maybe you should reconsider why you’re buying headphones in the first place. I’m no audiophile, so don’t take my word for it, but i feel like the audio on these is superior to the m50 – the bass is much clearer in my opinion. If you want some robust headphones with decent sound, i’d definitely recommend these.

I’m giving these 4 stars because the sound is excellent for closed-backs. All the notes are clear and audible, they are well balanced. They are extremely sturdy – finally, fused ends on jack plugs. You would have a tough time breaking thesehowever, i had to return them. After 30 minutes of listening, my ears started to hurt. The headphones are very heavy and are really uncomfortable. I wouldn’t recommend these, although i really want to.

After reading various reviews on monitor headphones i decided to go for the germanmaestro cans. I worked as a recording and live sound engineer/producer in the 80’s and know what monitors should sound like. These perform exactly as monitors should – level response and clearly defined across the whole frequency spectrum. High-quality construction and designed for years of use.

Right ordered these after reading a few reviews and i am absolutely in love with these german-made headphones,the packaging is pretty basic – there is no carry case but you won’t need it as these are built really well and yes they will definitely not win any beauty contests but they are lightweight and very comfortable. Now the important bit the quality of the sound well its simply fabulous these headphones are very easy to drive from an ipod touch/ipod/iphone/ipad or any other mp3 player and these headphones are loudthe sound is free from distortion and vocals,instruments are equally well represented there is no distortion even when you turn the volume up to the maxi have owned every type of headphone but these are the very best. You can keep your crappy overrated beats,bose these are simply the best.

When i first tried these out i thought they didn’t sound quite warm enough for my liking, but after having used them for a while it’s really not an issue because anything they lack in warmth they make up for in crispness and detail. They really bring out the entire audio spectrum in any type of music, i immediately picked up things that i’d missed in some of my favourite songs using my old phones. The sound does not seem to be coloured at all, as mentioned earlier my personal preference is for a warm sound, but to give these anything less than five stars would not be fair. Some people think they look a bit ugly, personally i love the way they look, i really dig things that value function over form and think that those type of things have their own unique, no nonsense aesthetic, i think they have a certain 1970s chic. Sound and looks apart the reason i went for these is because by all reports they are virtually indestructible and i was sick of having sub par equipment fall apart on me, they seem very well built and are made of a much softer plastic that looks and feels like it would never crack. They are very light and comfortable to wear but probably wouldn’t fit someone with an unusually large head as there isn’t quite as much adjustment in the headband as in other headphones, plenty for most heads though i would think. Would definitely recommend these.

Build quality is phenomenal and cable (which is coiled half way down) is the thickest i’ve ever seen, so don’t think the problem with sound coming out of one ear is gonna happen anytime soon. In addition, it comes with a 3yr guarantee, so why only 4 stars and not 5. The problem is that the comfort is virtually non-existent. It is very uncomfortable around the ears due to the heavy pressure of the head band. After stretching them over night its become a little easier but still max wear time is around 20-30mins. Only had them a couple of days but will continue to try and see if they get better with time. Update — have figured out the pads aren’t that thick which contributes to the unconfortableness, but have stretched them out more, so can wear around 2/3 hours before having to remove and adjust due to heat and pressure build up. Still a worth while buy but will look to replace pads sometime once i can find a suitable replacement.

  • Music, maestro, please
  • Awesome sound
  • Built to last

GermanMaestro GMP 8.35 D Closed Back Monitor Headphones

Manufacturer’s Description, When it comes to professional music production and monitoring GermanMAESTRO know exactly what matters the most. With the versatile GMP 8.35 D headphones music producers and DJs always have the right tool for the job at hand. Capable of adapting to a wide array of sound equipment this well-balanced monitor headphone is the perfect choice for field and mobile applications, including portable MP3 players and computers.
Whether used with mixing desks or portable devices, the low-impedance and highly sensitive drivers of the GMP 8.35 D are able to accommodate any situation. Superior diaphragms with copper-plated voice coils create a precise resolution across the frequency-range. Users will be amazed at the dynamic bass response and wide clarity in the mid and high range. With a closed earcup and one-sided cable design the GMP 8.35 D is the ideal partner for the project studio or for music on the move.
Built to last, the GMP 8.35 D is constructed from durable PE material which makes them nearly indestructible. The padded steel headband features generous cushioning and the ergonomic design creates the most comfortable listening experience possible.
An inspiring audio monitor tool – GermanMAESTRO GMP 8.35 D Monitor headphones
Versatile Applications – Capable of adapting to a wide array of sound equipment this well balanced monitor headphone is the perfect choice for field and mobile applications.
Noise Shielding – With a closed earcup design the GMP 8.35 D is ideally suited for studio applications and production sessions where outside noise needs to be avoided.
Virtually Indestructible – Housing made of robust PE material and strong steel headband guarantees an uncompromising long-lasting performance of the GMP 8.35 D headphones.
Impressive Technical Features – Innovative lightweight layered diaphragms, copper-plated aluminium voice coils and quality drivers combine to create the best possible audio product.
Ergonomic Design – Earpads made from soft leatherette material make the GMP 8.35 D a pleasure to wear, even for extended periods of time. The adjustable headband makes sure the headphones stay in place.
Quality Craftsmanship – All GermanMAESTRO headphones are designed and manufactured in Germany by engineers with years of experience in the audio industry.
Peace of Mind – Every GermanMAESTRO headphone comes with a 3 year manufacturer warranty.

Box Contains, GermanMAESTRO GMP 8.35 D Closed Back HeadphonesGold-plated 6.35 mm screw-on jack adapter

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I’ve had some bad headphone experiences before buying these, and i’m fed up with so-called “dj” and “pro” pairs letting me down. An expensive pair of audio technica ath-pro700 mk 2s failed in one ear after just a few months’ professional use. Prior to the ats, i’d been reasonably pleased with a pair denon dn-hp1000s. They survived six years or so of hard daily use in a radio studio and in my gig bag. But even they snapped eventually. And don’t even get me started on the numark red waves i bought in a moment of madness. What was i thinking?i nearly bought the beyerdynamic dt770 pros, as i’ve used other people’s in radio studios and found them comfortable and well-built. But i find they’re a bit lacking on the “oomph” department.

These headphones are built to last. I get through headphones rapidly (normally cable faults in one case a broken headband), so was looking for a headphone that is durable and also sounds good. The cabling is very impressively made, the headband is flexible and very strong and the headphone earcups look like you can stamp on themsound is equally good. Bass response is powerful and clarity is a massive upgrade from my previous headphones (audio-technica ath-es7). The earpads fully cover the ears, which means they block out lots of noise.

After the death of my sennheisers i fancied investing a little more money into some good headphones and these seemed just the ticket. Sound quality is subjective, so i will just say i think it’s great, but i’d like a little more bass (mainly as i’m used to my sennheisers). The main reason for purchase was sound leakage and i have to say i’m very impressed that people can’t really tell i’m listening to something quite loud. The build quality is stunning, and i love the industrial look. If you’re a bloke, don’t make the mistake i made of dropping the cables through your clothing to a phone in your trouser pocket. The curly extendable cable will remove your chest hair. Overall, happy with purchase.

  • Music, maestro, please
  • Awesome sound
  • Built to last

GermanMaestro GMP 8.35 D Closed Back Monitor Headphones

Features and Spesification

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  • Robust design suitable for professional DJs and music production
  • Sensitive, low impedance drivers adapt to wide range of equipment including portable devices
  • Durable PE material of housing and steel headband is virtually unbreakable
  • Diaphragms with copper plated voice coils for precise sound resolution
  • Handcrafted in Germany with 3 year manufacturer warranty