Getting Organised With the Help of a Few Friends

As of late, times have been tough; juggling a full-time job with part-time studying and trying to keep on top of my blog as social channels – it’s been hectic to say the least, but things are slowly getting back on track after making a few adjustments in my life – you can read my post about my upcoming blogging break here.

Despite making the tough decision to take a break from this blog at the end of June until December, I still need to get organised in other areas of my day-to-life, which is where a few new friends have been introduced which I’m sooo excited about. I’ve been obsessing over these 3 items since they’ve arrived and I can’t get enough of them already! So, below I’ll introduce you to some new goodies that have helped me keep organised right now with both full-time work, part-time studying, plus thinking ahead for my return to this blog in December. I’ll also tell you how you can WIN one of these items at the end too!Getting organised

My newest obsession is this Kate Spade Scatter Dot Agenda which I bought from Rooi last week, which begins in August 2017 and ends in December 2018, giving me 1 year and 5 whole months so sort my life out, basically. I used to always have a diary by my side back in university and took it to every lecture, every day at my Internship, and even when I went home! I loved noting down every little plan and making little doodles here and there, but now I’ve got this agenda, I can do sooo much more than I could before and I bloody L O V E it! Besides noting down all my plans, special occasions and To Do list, I like to be able to use this to break up my weeks via a P.O.A; create a daily timetable for my studies, hour by hour come the evening, plus set aside time where I may need to do a little overtime for work and even give myself an hour or so a week to plan ahead for my return to the blog come December this year.

If you find agendas a little tedious or boring, get your hands on some stickers to help make it fun and colourful! I got this book of stickers from Rooi too which even has the essentials like; Pay Rent, Pay Day, Bills etc. but also stickers of food, quotes and rainbows – you know, the essentials!

Jord WatchJord WatchJord Watch

The last addition to my life as of this week, is this stunning wooden watch my Jord Watches. I love wearing a watch, and although I love the one I currently have, I’ve worn it everyday for the last 4 years and it’s now time for a change. However, despite my tiny 16cm wrists, I love unique watches and big clock faces! They might look a little out of proportion on my wrists, but I simply do not care when they come as pretty as this.

This is the Zebrawood & Champagne watch, which I believe is available in this design and a smaller clock face too, but I much preferred this one! I always wear a watch, as I practically feel naked without one – if I dare leave the house in the morning without it, I have to run back. I’m constantly looking at my watch to keep on track of time.

Now, here’s the exciting part. If you want to have the chance to win $100 towards a Jord Watch of your choice, head over to this link and enter the details. If you’re not the lucky winner, you will all be sent $25 off their website regardless! Please note, they do ship to the UK – hence how I managed to get my hands on one!

The competition ends on July 23rd 2017 at 11:59pm.

The winning $100 code and additional $25 codes will expire on 30th September 2017!