Ghillie Kettle “Adventurer” 1 : Fantastic!

This was bought as a gift after watching them being made on tv. It is really well made and will get lots of use.

Bought for son as a xmas present. Perfect for camping and even in the garden when having a bbq.

A really useful piece of kit, it comes with a carry bag and very light weight. I managed to boil 1 1/2 litres of water in 6 minutes.

When we were in australia we used a billie can the whole time we were camping and this ghillie kettle is even better than the billie. It heats water in no time and there is a small oven at the bottom where you can put a grid so can cook your breakfast.

Place this on a small sheet of plywood on my spray deck and five minutes later there is a boiling hot cuppa. I carry just a handfull of wood shavings stuffed inside the chimney and that is enough fuel to make a full litre and a half boil. These are reliable and very tough companions for working in the field or on kayak camping trips.

Bought this for my girl friend. Wild camping or just a day out to the beach, its a winner. Boils water in no time at all. This shall be going with us where ever we travel.

Brilliant never be without one, got to overcome some prejudices ref open fires at certain venues but if they allow instant bbqs this is so much safer. Most efficient fuel i’ve found to be dead twigs.

This is an awesome bit of kit. . Takes me right back to basic camping.

  • Does everything it is supposed to
  • Great product
  • Fantastic kit.

Ghillie Kettle “Adventurer” 1.5L

A Ghillie Kettle will boil water in 3 to 5 minutes depending on the fuel you’re using. Made from aluminium it is essentially a double-walled chinmney with the water contained in the chimney wall. Once the kettle is filled with water, simply start a very small fire in the base, set the kettle on the base and drop additional fuel (twigs, leaves, grass, paper, etc.) down the chimney. The large internal surface area of the chimney heats the water very quickly. When the water boils, hold the Handle at an angle of 90° to the Kettle – then lift the Kettle clear of the base. To pour, lift it by the handle and tilt it using the whistle chain. The 1.5 Litre Maverick Enough for 6 large cups, suitable for group adventures.

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Free hot water, as long as you can find stuff to burn. I get excited every time i use it. Don’t push the whistle on, just let it sit on the spout, otherwise you may get a fountain of boiling water. Also leave a bit of a gap from the surface of the water, don’t overfill. You’ll have great fun with one of these. Superb for camping, but i use mine up the allotment all the time.

Does everything it is supposed to but. Was bought for my son who loves to go off track hiking and camping. I thought it was a marvelous idea until he pointed out that carrying it on top of his survival gear made a serious impact in weight. At the moment i cant see a solution because i still like the idea.

  • Does everything it is supposed to
  • Great product
  • Fantastic kit.

Ghillie Kettle “Adventurer” 1.5L

Features and Spesification

  • Simple and quick to use Lasts a lifetime
  • Boil up to 1.5 Litres of water in 3-5 minutes
  • Safe to use in any weather condition
  • Quickly boil water using virtually any fuel
  • Comes with handy Rucksack