Gigaset AS300A Caller Display DECT – great phone great value for money and looks cool too

Great phone great value for money and looks cool too, the only comment it would have been nice to get a manual with it, but otherwise perfect.

As i am hard of hearing i particularly liked the clarity of the sound and the ability to enhance the volume without loss of clarity.

Clear audio with good volume, comfortable to hold both in hand and against ear. Phone it replaced had none of those attributes, so am very please with this. No problems with reception wondering out into the garden, so range seems to be good. Does all i need of a cordless phone at any rate. Comes with a couple of standard aa rechargeable batteries, so if the charge-life starts to become an issue over time, it’ll be a hassle-free task to replace them.

Item arrived on time and was well packaged. I had some problem setting up and registering handsets so i contacted the ‘gigaset’ helpline and was soon expertly and politely shown how to correct the problem, by a young lady speaking excellent english–from rumania i thinkall now seems to be working as promised and the product is excellent.

I haven’t used all the options yet but bought it because i wanted a phone which allowed me to increase the volume: i do a lot of work on the telephone, often caling mobiles in all parts of the world where reception may be poor; also, i know my hearing isn’t as good as it was. It was advertised under the section for people who wanted increased volume, but doesn’t deliver it, no more so then my old one. I wish i hadn’t wasted my money. In other respects it’s a perfectly ok , bog-standard cordless phone.

A good and simple telephone. Perhaps the caller display could be a bit larger and clearer.

I wanted phones which had a speaker (or handsfree) facility, good audio and reception, clear typeface display, comfortable to hold and with a small footprint basestation – oh, and which didn’t cost too much. The gigaset as300a duo phones meet the criteria and morei have made calls to local and international landlines and to mobiles and the clarity is superb, with no distortion, and increasing the volume was dead easy. The handsets are stylish, comfortable to hold, and the buttons are recessed enough that the handset can be lodged in the crook of your neck without any buttons being pressed by mistake. One of the best extra features (and there are quite a few that aren’t listed on the box) i have discovered, is the ability to enter your contacts on one handset, and copy them straight to the other handset with a few button presses. Plus should you make or receive a call to or from a contact who isn’t already on your contact list, it’s very easy to then save the number and add the contact name. The instruction booklet is detailed enough (if you read it properly) to get you started, and from there the phone’s menu is pretty intuitive (and i am not very good with technology as a rule). I won’t be using the answer machine function, but i have tested it, and it’s simple to operate. Note: the default time until the machine picks up is 18 seconds which is pretty long.There are other options available including 10 seconds which is what i would use.

Not easy to set up as the instructions are not clear nor is the menu on the handsets intuitive. Adding to the address book is really tricky. Bought these phones for caller display function but the small screen makes the numbers difficult to read. The warbling tune is difficult to hear so have had to leave the old phone connected. This set was sold as ‘used’ and therefore at a bargain price. I am glad i had not paid the full price.

Here are the specifications for the Gigaset AS300A Caller Display DECT:

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  • Phonebook for up to 60 entries
  • Hands-free talking with brilliant HSP sound quality
  • Illuminated display
  • Long talk time of up to 20 hours
  • Illuminated High-quality keypad

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Excellent cordless phone
  • An excellent product.
  • great phone great value for money and looks cool too