Gigaset C620A Nuisance Call Blocking Cordless Phone – good enough for me.

Generally a very good set of phones – i decided to pay a bit more than cheapest and mainly did not regret. Software menu and features are all intuitive and well thought through excepta) with multi handsets there is a good chance you may be putting them in a room where you don;t want calls to disturb e. You can mute (press and hold * key) but this also mutes internal calls. The internal call feature is very useful in a large house to hail the kids without screaming at them. But is in effect completely useless if you want to mute external calls but not internal calls. B) as others have noted, the single units (not the base/ansaphone) do not sit easily in their bases – rather odd design fault. Not the end of the world this one though.

The handset leans back too far back in its cradle – making it uneasy (for me at least) to re-place in its cradle, and frequently results in the handset sliding from my hand on to the floor if i let go before ensuring the handset is fully in its correct position. Navigating to the directory/phone book takes three button clicks; i would prefer just one click because the directory is the facility i need to access most frequently. When the phone automatically answers calls, it does not play the caller’s message (nor the recorded greetings message) through the speaker. Not playing the caller’s message while recording eliminates the choice of whether to pick up or not when i’m away from, but within earshot of, the phone.

I would have preferred the display to have larger characters; i have to put my glasses on to read them. It has more than enough functions; i could have done with a simpler phone but my requirements are simple. The main phone plus 3 extensions are very useful and one can choose a different ring tone for each extension so that you know which one is ringing. I think that the batteries are larger than in the previous model (aa rather than aaa) which means you can have longer conversations with the speakerphone on. My last phone was a gigaset and replacing it with an upgraded model of the same make is a recommendation in itself.

I gave it in the beginning 1 star as i thought erroneously that there was a problem of interferences that were due indeed to my bt line and not to the phone itself. I like it and it seems that once the problem on my end has been solved the phone works perfectly as described.

A comparison of the user guides for the models c430a (silver), c530a (black and silver) and c620a idenitifed only minimal differences (if any) in the functionality. The c620a does, however, have larger rechargeable batteries which should provide longer speaking and standby times. – the phone is essentially usable without a user manual – very intuitive usage, well arranged functional hierarchies. – the optional display of the time in the form of an analog clock is useful for the far-sighted.- 200 phone book entries with space for home, business and mobile numbers is good. – i believe that phone calls can be recorded on the answering machine, but i haven’t tried this yet – quite handy for spam calls and the likes. – my only ‘gripes’ with this model are: that the sliver area beneath the display is glossy rather than matt, so it immediately shows fingerprints. Past experience with other manufacturers’ phones give rise to concern that the silver surface may, with regular wiping, wear away, laying bare unsightly plastic. Andthat the phone does not slide easily into the cradle. The c530a model can be laid in the troughing and it slides automatically onto the pins.

I have been using a panasonic quin cordless phone set for years but one after the other the phones started dying. Having had other panasonic equipment fail on me i decided on a change of manufacturer. The gigaset c620a quad was quite a lot dearer than other makes but reports were good so i went ahead anyway. I did not find setting it up easy. The instruction book is not clear. The main problem is that the handset gives the impression that pressing different parts of the central button will give different results. You have to press different parts of the rim round the central button to achieve these. Having got over this i found that setting the time to the second is not easy. I have got it to within 11 seconds of correct and i will settle for that.

That’s what i thought and hence i hadn’t bought one for years (until my new pup decided to chew mine to bits). Turns out, she did me a favour. Fabulous bit of kit and whilst i thankfully wasn’t so backward that i wasn’t already familiar with the caller display function, i am undeniably delighted with the ability to blacklist all those hateful cold-callers from this phone (highlight of my day now each and every time one of them rings, lol. ) you can also block all withheld numbers (or alternatively divert them automatically to voicemail so you aren’t disturbed but can vet them at a later date. ) i also love the fact that when someone calls, you can automatically push the call to voicemail if you wish, and when people leave a message it is silent (and thus if you have your ringers on silent because you don’t want to be disturbed, you aren’t then instantly disturbed by someone leaving a message which was certainly the case with my last phone. ) lots of other useful functions, plus all the standard things you would expect from a phone e. Selection of ringtones, address book, sms function (there’s even a baby monitor.

The negative reviews for this phone were so varied, and many just pathetic that i went ahead and bought one. It is obvious some people don’t bother reading instructions, ok, i don’t always but sometimes it’s needs must. I found the sound quality good and the ring tone loud enough to be heard anywhere in the house. All witheld numbers can be blocked, but there is the possibility they could be important, so i use the silence button. Also unwanted callers can be blocked. It has a few niggley faults, the screen text is a bit small with no option to change, the menu isn’t very user friendly, and i had to resort to instructions to find out how to set speed dials. If you use 1571 you must set to 10 second ring or messages will go to 1571. In the first few days we had 6 missed calls but no messages, we tried 1571 and there they were, an email to customer services soon found a solution. All in all i’m happy with it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Highly recommend!
  • good enough for me.
  • Probably the best cordless phone set I’ve ever had