Gigaset DX800A All In One Multi-line Desktop Phone – Good home office phone

Good looking and with good quality sound. I had a problem with voip connectivity about which i had not much help from gigaset. The supplier, ligo, came up with some helpful ideas and the phone is now working well. There are a few small software glitches but overall a useful product.

Fantastic product and worth the money.

It so nice i like it thank you.

I work from home and wanted a single phone on my desk. I now have all the potables running off it, my two voip lines and my landline and no messing about with cry’s of ‘its for you’ as you can do internal transfers. It connects to my mobile phone via bluetooth so no messing about trying to make sure the signal stay the same. Has web interface for some items. Phone book on phone with link to google address bookusing the headset is easy. Lots of options to configure as you want it. Downsides (which are minor).

German companies like siemens are known for their high-end cordless phones in the home market. Now gigaset, which used to license the siemens name, is marketing the dx800a landline phones for companies and busy house holds. The dx800a is a neat and stylish machine and as your needs grow extra cordless handsets can be added. The dx800a has hi-def sound which really is brilliant when using the base calls are clear and the screen is easy to read and sharp, only bad point is the hadset, whilst it is brilliant to hold for hours because it is light, it feels too light and flimsy, i think they should of added a weight to the hanset to give it substance. This model supports up to seven handsets in total i use the sl78h hansets which also use the hi definition audio, though there are other gigaset dx series bases and cordlesses which suit businesses for up to 15 or 30 employees, in various enviroments this is my prefered choice they look elegant and smart. It’s easy to make calls between internal extensions, of course. Note that on the dx800a you can only make four calls at the same time. All the systems have lots of features and are easy to use. There’s a colour lcd screen to show who’s calling you, display menus and so on. The large address book sections on board mean you can store up to 1,000 contacts.

Got this phone to use to try out voip as a trial option for a second line for working at home. Would have given 5 stars but for initial trouble setting it up. It wouldn’t connect to the gigaset server, but using the manual set-up to enter sipgate settings (with help from plusnet forum) worked fine and the sound quality is excellent despite our poor internet connection.

Expensive but looks good in my study and pairs with gigaset handsets i already have around the house, perfectly. Undoubtedly too many functions for domestic use but it does everything i want it to do and i was getting really brassed off with fluctuating volumes on previous, admittedly very old , bt phone. One niggling problem is it keeps losing bluetooth connection to my imac so have not yet been able to transfer all my contacts easily, but perhaps if i hardwire it it may be ok.

Lots of features, easy to set up basics. Would have given five stars but for clunky mac synch software which duplicated my contacts on all devices (iphone, ipad, macs) and randomly added uk and/or my local dialling codes to most numbers. There are vague instructions on making sure that dialling code seetings are same on dx800a as mac contacts but i think this was the problem. Also incoming calls don’t show up on mac screen as should do, outgoing calls from screen are fine however. Note the headphone socket is, unusually, 2.

Top quality telephone, looks very sexy.

Here are the specifications for the Gigaset DX800A All In One Multi-line Desktop Phone:

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  • Multi-line desktop phone: fixed, IP and ISDN line
  • Large TFT colour display and exceptional HD sound
  • All in one

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Expensive but looks good in my study and pairs with Gigaset handsets I
  • Good home office phone
  • Five Stars