Gigaset Telephones – Simply Beautiful Communicate – Best VOIP prosumer phone available

Looks good and functions well with loads of features. A definite buy if you’re willing to shell out the price.

Compared with other manufacturers this repeater works almost doubling the range of preveouse units with additional clarity of sound.

I bought this handset to replace one of my set that had broken. I had no hesitation in buying the same again as the model is rich in features such as bluetooth (for use with a compatible headset), clock, and uploadable address list using a gigabit app. But best of all, when used with a suitable base unit, it can make cheap phone calls over the internet (requires an account with a voip service provider). The only issue is that it was supplied with a continental type plug, which didn’t matter to me as i still had the charging cradle from the broken unit.

Picked this up from a different retailer fur cheaper price and happy enough. 5mm headset port for meetings and works well. Don’t have a landline anymore but picked a couple of free voip account that come with 0203 numbers so able to receive two separate line in concurrently. Have a third separate voip account for dialing out. Able to flexibly control call routing via web management login.

It does come with a uk plug now. Just make sure that before you register it that you switch on ‘repeater mode’ on the base station. To do this, on my handset, i go into ‘settings’ then ‘system’ then ensure that repeater mode is checked as on. Also ensure that all the eco modes are switched off (this limits the range) and that ‘extended range’ if you have it is switched on. After that, it’s a doddle, and works very well. Just wish that they had told me the above in the operating manual rather than me having to contact customer service.

Been using various gigaset ip phone devices for years, all quality products that work well. Bought this one for the added feature of being able to set up a black list of number that can either be blocked or set to silent. My gigaset c610h handsets also worked with this unit and will also display the same features including the blacklist as the s850h handset.

It has made such a big difference. I can now get a phone signal over the whole house.

Bought this phone over other options as it allows voip and it says you can connect to your smartphone. It doesn’t tell you that you need a voip account with a third party provider and when you try and connect to your mobile via gigaset go the page is no longer available via the internet so you can’t do that. It works as a phone perfectly well but at this price it was bought for the extras and it doesn’t really have them.

Unit was good as with gigaset. Euro plug fitted for supply to the u. Even the chinese mobile supplier get this right or send an adaptor.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great Product!
  • Been using various Gigaset IP Phone devices for years,
  • Pricey but the best