Gin Discovery Club by Flavourly

If there’s anything better than a monthly beauty subscription, then it has to be getting alcohol delivered to your front door on a monthly basis. That’s all thanks to Flavourly – a Bottleshop & Drink Membership website which enables you to shop your favourite beers, spirits, sparkling drinks and my personal favourite at the moment – GIN! I believe I’ve mentioned my love for Gin a few times on my blog, including my recent mention in my Mother’s Day Gift Guide which featured the most magical of Gins.Gin Discovery Club by Flavourly

So, how does their drink subscription service work?

All you need to do is sign up to one of their Discovery Club boxes, which includes a Gin selection and a Beer selection and this will be delivered to your doorstep for just £35. I recently received the Selected Gin Box which included 3 x 200ml bottles of gin, a classic Tonic Water, a tasty Rose Lemonade, a delicious Lindt Chocolate Heart, a packet of Cheese & Chive crisps and a copy of Flavourly’s very own magazine. If you ask me, it’s a pretty sweet deal.Gin Discovery Club by Flavourly Drinks

The price – £35 seems a little steep initially when you think about it. You’re getting less than a 75cl bottle which you could pick up on offer in the supermarkets for roughly half the price. However, the way this price is justified in my eyes is that you get to try different distilleries and flavours you either wouldn’t have thought to try, or can’t easily access in your corner shop or local supermarket. You also get the beauty of it being delivered directly to you. All you’ve got to do is wait for Royal Mail to arrive and then you can put your feet up and enjoy your very own gin & mixer alongside a delicious snack which is hand-picked for you.

This would also make the perfect present for those who like a bit of Gin, but you’re always unsure what present to gift them. I recently turned 25 and I was given so much Gin, it was unreal. I’m not complaining though, because I got so many new flavours to try, which is what I love. There was even a Sweet Potatoe flavour and Oriental Spice flavours to try!


My big question of the day…

Do you have Gin with Tonic Water or Lemonade?