Global Gourmet 8.8 Litre (35 Cups) Stainless Steel Catering Hot Water/Tea Urn | Instant Water Heater, Boiler and Dispenser | Suitable for Commercial/Office Use | Double Wall Insulated – Works well

The tea stays hot and easy to keep clean.

Ok but not as good as i thought it was.

It’s good value but can make the water taste a bit strange.

Great item, water perfect , ready to drink.

Product used in retirement home to provide hot water for residents afternoon teas. Works perfectly, looks good.

I really like it, the only downside is that it doesn’t have a driptray,,.

Only 1kw which means quite a long time to heat up when full – but uses less power. Heats up to much closer to boiling than our previous ‘boiler’. The double skin means less heat loss and the surface can be touched without any danger of a burn – in fact, it is excellent to warm the hands after a cold hour on the bowling green.

Works as you would expect has done one event so can’t comment on longevity.

Absolutely ideal for my afternoon tea party with 14 friends. Only took about 25mins to come to the boil filled 6 teapots and two water jugs easily then topped it up for refills later. A handy little tea urn to have, would definitely recommend.

Is exactly as advertised — we use it for tea,/coffee supply for our powerboat racing team — excellent.

Bought it in june and thought this morning it had stopped working, changed the fuse on the plug etc and still would not work, this is not a fault on the product. Someone had left the urn on overnight with no water in it so it automatically cuts out, you have to press a reset button on the bottom of it to switch it back on, good safety feature, have edited my review to reflect this.

A bit slow to boil but once it has it stays piping hot.

Good size, sturdy, quick delivery and works well and quick to boil the water, perfect for what i need it for. Here are the specifications for the Global Gourmet 8.8 Litre (35 Cups) Stainless Steel Catering Hot Water/Tea Urn | Instant Water Heater, Boiler and Dispenser | Suitable for Commercial/Office Use | Double Wall Insulated:

  • 💪 [DOUBLE WALLED STAINLESS STEEL CASING WITH COOL TOUCH HANDLES AND TWIST LOCK LID] – The Global Gourmet hot water dispenser system boasts a variety of features including double walled stainless steel casing for efficient boiling and keep warm functions, leak prevention and a cooler external body than single walled versions. The cool touch handles making it optimal for self-service whilst the twist lock lid is an essential safety feature and avoids any spills.
  • ☕ [PROVIDES UP TO 35 CUPS OF FRESHLY BOILED WATER] – A fresh cup of steaming hot coffee or tea is the beverage of choice among many adults, so be fully prepared to serve up piping hot, freshly brewed coffee and tea to attendees when you host a group event. With the Global Gourmet stainless steel hot water urn you can brew up 8.8 litres (35 cups) of hot water to please your thirsty crowd.
  • 👪 [PERFECT HOT WATER URN FOR SELF-CATERING BUSINESS MEETINGS, FAMILY OR SOCIAL GATHERINGS] – The next time you host a family, social or business gathering make sure you are equipped with a large hot water dispenser to cater for your group’s inevitable thirst. The perfect hot water boiler dispenser for self-catering- this urn has an easy to read water gauge making it easy to judge when it’s time for a refill.
  • ⏲️ [FRESH HOT COFFEE IN A MATTER OF MINUTES WITH THIS THERMOSTICALLY CONTROLLED URN] – The convenient indicator light on this generously sized electric hot water urn lets you know when the coffee’s hot and ready while the non-drip dispensing tap makes sure you won’t waste a single drop. This 35 cup urn is thermostatically controlled with water level marks for easy filling.
  • ✨ [EASY TO USE AND EASY TO CLEAN WATER HEATER URN] – This hot drinking water urn features a removable drip tray making cleaning a quick and efficient task. The lid and brew basket on this electronic hot water dispenser are dishwasher safe. With an attractive stainless steel finish, this coffee water urn looks perfect on any serving table.

We are quite pleased with the urn. The only complaint i have had is that it takes to long to heat up, when even half full.

Doesn’t take long to boil and has a stay warm function. Just right for teas and coffees at our fete.

Does as described however tap to close to base needs supplementary stand to give height.

It may just have been a one off, but the water tasted strongly of metal despite following instructions when first delivered. Had to return it as drinks made with it were not drinkable. Shame because itooks a lovely little urn.

Haven’t used it in earnest yet but set it up when it was delivered and heated a full urn of water up in about 30 minutes and kept it warm for a good amount of time. Will be ideal for family gatherings.

Works well stays hot for tea etc.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Thought it was faulty, it has a reset button, good product

  • Water tasted horrible

  • Excellent Buy

Too soon to write about whether it’s easy to clean or not but can’t imagine why it would be. So far it has been really easy and useful in a medium sized business- no longer having to boil the kettle a million times a day. We tried other water heaters in the past that were cheaper but they were terrible. And this water boiler is only about £10 more than a descent kettle, so no brainer really.

It’s a very good finish, and the lid fits tightly.

Didn’t take too long to heat the water up.

Very good and excellent quality.

Takes forever to heat up – wouldn’t buy it again.

I bought it as i needed a standby that i could leave to get sorted out and be ready for use when i needed it.

Had it running 14 hours a day for over a week, done a great job for us making hot drinks.

This tea urn is ideal for any occasion. It’s really modern to look at and holds like 85 cups of water so it’s perfect for a gathering.

Love the size – smaller than a piece of cabin luggage, so easily transported – we have two so we don’t have to refill and wait for a bigger boiler – as one runs out the other takes over and the first is back up to temp when the second runs out. They will do about 20 mugs, before you need to tip the boiler which we avoid by having the second ready to go. Water pressure will ease off towards the end of the tank. Easy to carry size and heats water fast. We put ours on a slightly raised chop board (about 1. 5 inches) so that a cafeteire would fit in nicely. There is a great safety feature too – if the boiler is left to dry out the electricity cuts out and you have to turn the boiler over when cool to reset the supply, so that it will work again.

Bought for entertaining, guests can help themselves to hot drinks as and when required.

It gives you an after taste 1s boiled for more than an hour its a matallic and water with floride in it. It tastes like a swimming pool when u accidental swalled some water its not good like.

We run a training department at a hospital with an ever-growing team, our kettle really wasn’t providing enough boiled water for a team of our size. Furthermore, our clinical educators often have short breaks so the keep warm function allows them a quick beverage during such periods. I fill ernie up (the department nickname), first thing in the morning and within roughly 15 minutes (sorry haven’t timed it exactly) we have enough boiled water for the day. This really has made a difference and after weeks of use, we could not see/bear life without it. It is lightweight, easy to use and feels of good quality. I am sure this will will continue to function effectively for years to come. I highly recommend this to all those planning small-medium events or office staff. I may even buy a second one for family events.

Very pleased with the product would highly recommend this site.

We bought this urn to use at our museum open day. It arrived sooner than expected, very easy to use, did exactly what it said on the tin and worked brilliantly.

I thourghly tested it it took thirty minutes to boil from cold when full the thermostat kicked straight in to keep water hot after one hour it was still hot enough to make a cup of tea.

The mother in-law gets her use from this. It was the perfect gift for her 60th.

Ok for small functions at our village hall.

Looks good, works well, lots of space to get a mug under the tap. Absolutely no problems at all, very good value. Used only half a dozen times so far, time only will tell how durable it will be. My only niggle is that the one i brought advertised as being 1500 watts when in fact it is only 950. Takes about 20 minutes to heat up and simmers away quietly on standby. Very pleased and would recommend for smaller groups or running from a generator.

Loved the size and the fact it boils quite quickly. Because of the medium size, this can be cleaned easily.

Very pleased with the service and the urn. It is very quiet and does the job for us.

If boilers break in buy to let for tenant.