Godmorn Waffle Maker 4 in 1 – Easy to clean, plates are dishwasher safe!

We are looking for a waffle maker and this combination sandwich/grill/mini donut/waffle marker looked a great option ,saving space and money on buying 4 separate items. This is so easy to use and the removable plates make it easier to clean than other ones we have had. Makes great toasties and waffles but we have not tried the grill and mini donuts yet.

It’s so easy to use my kids love making waffles and cheese toast. It’s also easy to clean and cooks within minutes.

I have used it a lot for sandwiches, waffles and grilling. Only used the doughnut shape once with pancake mix and they were ok. Easy to clean as the plates just pop off.

This maker is really handy to use when preparing a quick snack especiallg for kids aswell. It’s saves time and also works really well. I like how their is so many different plates to swap and change.

I was looking for a waffle maker since long, but i wanted one of those that i could use as toaster and other things. Since my apartment it’s so small and the kitchen too, it’s the only option for me. The donuts weren’t exactly what i was looking for, but when i’ve seen it, i decided to take it and see if was worth the pounds more. I used it a couple of times. First time i turned on it was smoking and smelling very bad. I was scared if i have to be honest. I let it on for about 20min hoping would stop smoking and smelling. They were so perfect that i was impressed. I sent pics to my parents and friends, shared on instagram. It takes 2 min to make donuts or waffles. I used some coconut oil, but i think i could have used it without. So far, it’s the discovery of the year. I really hope last long, it costs a bit more than the classic waffle makers, but i can do so many things with this.

Excellent sandwich toaster and with removable plates, plus plates for waffles and donut. Previous toasted sandwich makers that i’ve had have been difficult and fiddly to clean. This model makes it so easy as the plates can be removed for cleaning. Sandwich heats up quickly and the plated are quick to remove, nonstick and was toasted uniformly.

This multi toaster machine is great. Easy to clean, simple to use and quick to make snacks. Comes with different plates which are so easy to remove and clean. Not like other toasters where they are fixed and really hard to clean (especially cheese). Finally have one that doesn’t make mess.

This has kept the kids happy this half term. We have been busy making waffles and donuts for ourselves and friends too. Waffles comes out great if you can get a good recipe online and so do donuts but there booket has a few recipes too. The good thing about it is tske a very little space in the cupboard as its compact.

Is really nice to have different platers in one machine i just made waffles and a toast was great. Non-stickeasy to remove the platers.

Very happy with this product,with different plates. The grill and toast sandwich plates are perfect. I use it regularly to make grill sandwiches and waffles. Come out perfect every time.

I was looking for waffle maker from long time as my kids love them. I tried to make waffle and sandwich, both came out very good. While cleaning just take out the tray and clean it like we do normal utensil.

It is very useful, i use it everyday and my kids love toasted bread. It is an amazing product and highly recommend.

Great new addition to our kitchen gadgets. We mostly use it as a waffle and toastie maker. Love the fact that it’s non stick and easy to clean. Here are the specifications for the Godmorn Waffle Maker 4 in 1:

  • 🍩【4-in-1 Function】–This waffle maker comes with waffle, panini, sandwich, and donut plates. One machine meets all your needs. For best results, we recommend turning the waffle over for cooking halfway through making, so that you can get a perfect 2 side brown waffle. ( As the time of batter contacts the upper plate and the underplate is different, it might cause the top side is not so brown as the underside. ). Be careful when turning, do not scald by steam.
  • 🍩【Non-stick Plates】–Non-stick coating plates are very easy to clean. They also will not break the surface of food and keep perfect looking when you take food off. You do not need to add oil in the cooking process which can reduce fat intake and keep healthy.
  • 🍩【Compact Volume】– The small size of this waffle maker makes it easy to storage and portable. You can store horizontally or vertically in the corner without taking much space.
  • 🍩【Indicator Light】–There are two indicator light on the cover: green and red. The red light on means that power is on. The green light means that the machine is heating. After plugging into the socket, both lights on and machine preheat. About 2min later green light goes off, preheat finish and machine stop heating, then you can put panada on a plate. Close the cover and green light go on. When the temperature up to about 200°C, green light go off again.
  • 🍩【100% satisfied service】–If you have any question and problems with our product, pls feel free to contact us. We will try our best to help you and offer 100% satisfied service.

I mainly purchased this for making toasties, although i love the different hot plates that come with it. It heats quickly and is very easy to keep clean.

At last i can make my own delicious breakfast without a trip to the cafe. The grill is very easy to use and changing the iron plates are nicely designed to making it simple. I found a recipe online for the waffles and the children loves their cheese toasted sandwiches.

Fantastic product, easy to use it.

Does what it’s name implies, well almost. As with all compact sandwich toasters is doesn’t take full size bread slices, you have to trim your sandwich to make it fit the plates. This product does what it is advertised to do and is a useful item for casual cooking. Makes good heated sandwiches, the waffles are excellently cooked with a crispy outside and a soft inside. Bought this as it was a 4-in-1 and so far have used all the types of plates and really pleased with it. Heats up quickly and makes great paninis and waffles also. The plates are really easy to remove and clean so thats a bonus.

Amazinglove this sandwich maker, i have been looking for a machine that can make sandwiches recently. You can put vegetables, bacon, and eggs in the bread to make a delicious breakfast, and the product has 4 replaceable baking trays, easy to use and cleaning function is also very good. I use it to make waffles, heats up fast and evenly. The waffles i made are perfect. Many people say that the waffle function is problematic. It may be that there are too many ingredients. I recommend putting less dough.

Unlike my current toastie maker that has fixed plates and is a complete nightmare to clean this doesn’t suffer the same fatethe plates come off for easy cleaning which is a godsend, making it simply the easiest thing i’ve had to clean in a long time. On top of this great feature it comes with several types of plates, grill, sandwich toastie, waffle or doughnuts. Making it easily the best product of this type i’ve ever owned. Can’t wait to try the doughnuts. As i’ve never had this option.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • good for making tofu waffles

  • so good! I’m impressed

  • Easy to clean, plates are dishwasher safe!

Bit slow and one plate got stuck but works fine.

First attempt was potato waffles, didnt cook evenly though it could be the mash, didnt have butter in it which is probably why it didnt brown evenly. Will try again soon – with butter, if same result may return for refund.

I was looking for a sandwich maker and a waffle and they be honest i didn’t know it existed all in one. And to my surprise i came across this item and was impressed. Compact design, can fit any small kitchen. It has several adjustments of trays for different purposes: sandwiches, waffles , nuts. No oil is neededmakes perfect snacks and breakfasts and really easy to keep safe and cleanwho ever does this thing: hello .

Have used all but the donut maker . Easy clean quick to remove plates. But you can use the panini plate instead.

It arrived next day with prime delivery. I’ve used the waffle, panini and toastie attachment and all work brilliantly. You just slot the specific plates in, plug it in and wait for it to heat up – wait for it to cool down, pop the plates out then wash/wipe them seperately. The waffles took around 15 mins each to make with a regular batter and were amazingly fluffy and light. Toastie maker and panini grill were also super easy and took about 10 mins depending on your preference. Since it’s flat you can store it really easily too which is a big priority for me. My children loves crunchy sandwiches . I’d highly recommend this multi use product.

Super helpful waffle maker for nice breakfast. Don’t use so much space and it’s very easy to use as a 4 in 1 appliance. I was looking for waffle maker but spotted this one because sometimes i making sandwiches also and i think it’s good idea to have all in one. Really safe my space in the kitchen. Waffle maker is very easy to use and clean after. Getting hot very fast so i’m hoping not using so much energy.

Quite a good item, does the job well. The option to change the plates is quite a plus that allows me to cook different things without using different tools.

I loved this waffle maker, i am using ir basically to do toaster but it’s very useful. It comes with these pieces you can change to make waffle, sandwiches or mini donuts. It’s very easy to clean, doesn’t stick and works perfectly. And it has a very nice design.

Bought to replace my old toastie maker that i had since i was at uni. Sad times but he made his last toastie. Thought this looked cool with all the different plates. Kids love the doughnuts and waffles and at least i can control their sugar intake if i make them myself. Really easy to clean, plates have been through the dishwasher and survived. The clip is really sturdy, i made toasties using thick bread and it held even though it was a bit of a struggle to clasp, would defo recommend using medium sliced bread rather than thick. Comes with a booklet that has recipes for the batter for waffles/donuts which is really easy to follow.

It works ok but if it spills out it’s still difficult to clean the device. It’s a slight improvement on my previous one where the plates couldn’t be removed and this one obviously can be so i’ll keep at it. I’ve tried waffles and the toasties.

This is nice, compact easy to clean sandwich maker. Love that it has 4 different plates to cook a variety of things. I have made toasties, panini’s and waffles and it’s yet it fail me. Yes it’s small but can suit one or two people suitably. And can be cleaned with one wipe. *top tip* line the plate with butter so it dosen’t stick.

Let’s be honest, a toastie maker gets used every day for 2 months then put away for the next 2 years never to see the light of day. This is actually great because of its interchanging plates. I bought this for my office and so far it’s probably used 10 times a day. The waffles are great, toastier are a hands down winner and the mini doughnuts are, although small, so tasty and if you want a bacon sandwich the hot plate works a treat. The plates for each come straight out and go in the washing machine at the end of the day ready for the morning.

Awesome product, no problems at all and saves me some counter space.

Very good product makes yummy waffles.

 excellent quality product easy to use easy to clean value for money make your own favourite.

I like that is easy to use and i can do many different type of snacks.

I need this for tonight and it arrived on time. I had to make an emergency purchase when having some friends and their children over for desserts. This was ideal as had to prevent contamination for those with allergies😟. The removable plates means i can keep the waffle setting for my allergen son and use the rest setting and old waffle maker for all others. The price is ok as is a four in one but only takes room of one gadget. I will update review once i get feedback from the party.

This waffle and toasty maker heats up evenly and quick. The pans are easy to clean, switch with the touch of a button and are non stick. It easily lets you make deep filled toasties or waffles. Solidly made with a cool touch handle and a good latch. Very versatile even for paninis.

My old sandwich maker broke down, so decided to try something new and this 4 in 1 just perfect, heats quick , non sticky plates so not takes long to clean it, very practical, just changing plates and have waffle maker or donut maker, i haven’t try to make omelette yet, but i think omelette waffles will be amazing in it.

For me this is a good sandwich maker been using this in our new home. I’m satisfied on the results every time i used it. Easy to clean and easy to use.

I ordered waffle maker for making tofu waffles as part of my keto diet. The waffle maker heats up quickly and does the job well. Most importantly, it is non-sticky which makes it easy to use and to clean. If you found my review helpful, please click below.

I’m pleased with this product. It is easy to clean and the surface heats up very quickly. We have made some great waffles with this product and after experimenting with it for best results get waffles like that you would get at a restaurant))) it comes with different sets of moulds. We used almost all the components and very happy with them.

With the 3 different features i can make sandwiches, grill meat or make doughnuts all in one grill. It is really easy to clean as the plate comes off so it can be washed well.

Very pleased with this waffle maker.

Waffle maker wasn’t functioning properly, but seller sorted t straight away.

Very good, perfect for me and my family. The waffles cook very quickly use all plates and such a good price.

The best sandwich maker easy to use, easy to clean. I would recommend this product.

Sometime ago i purchased a waffle maker which worked well unfortunately the edge of the waffle became hard ,so i got this one and i must say the ensuing waffles are excellent but whether this is due to the waffle maker or aunt jemmima s mix i don’t know but they’re great.

This is not just a waffle maker but also a sandwich maker. Super easy to use and change the different plates. Made toasties and waffles so far and am happy with the results.

Does not feel that it will last long. After few times of making hot sandwiches (bread should be small, not regular size) it did started to move to the sides, i am closing it with great care, as do not want to break.

Very nice and practical kitchen gadget. Yesterday been cooking waffles and they cooked briliand, this morning hot sandwiches for work with the same gadget.

I’ve used the waffle, doughnuts and toastie attachment and all work brilliantly. It’s easy to switch the plates in and out once you get the knack, and they are very non-stick, so as long as you take care to quickly hand-wash them (not dishwasher). Overall i think it’s excellent value for the price and am very happy with it.

Great 4in1 can do different food.

I like this waffle maker mainly because it have 4 in 1, i like the donut shape the most. A lot of others waffle maker does not have donut doughnut maker. I tested once i received it, the heat is sufficient and it is easy to clean after used.