Great device, cooks beautifully. Only prob was after 4 months the bulb blew and it had to be returned to the dealer, it is not possible to repair this yourself. It was returned quickly but alas the fan would not work so back to dealer again. Design needs to be improved i believe. Have not used any other make so cannot comment on the concept of this type of oven. Only that the idea of a portable oven that is clean, quick, economical, should be touted in the market place a bit more loudly.

Being a great beliver that good organic food is esentual to a healthy life, and have my veg delivered to my door by riverford. I am very careful how it is cooked so i steam all my veg, cook my organic meat in the oven, i bought this oven at the suggestion of a friend and use it every day for both veg and meat. Yesterday i wrap, in grease proof paper my meat and veg, herbs, olive oil, staple it to seal and cook for about 40 mins delious. This oven is also good with the amount of electicity it uses. Use the oven when you are camping, caravaning or just out for the day. Can be used in the camper or car by buying an adapter you can plug into you car battery.

It is fast, tasty and cooks quickly. Only worry is can i get parts. Did not come with guarantee in box. Have not stopped using this oven. I brought this halogen oven a few months ago and have not stopped using it.

Brilliant as soon as i got it i gave it a test run the chicken was cooked very good very healthy way because you don’t need a lot of oil. Very easy to clean once you know how to pull out the draw etc nothing to it.

I was thrilled to get this halogen oven and indeed it served me well for a few months with occasional cooking. However, the bulb blew up and although i purchased a replacement bulb, i could not replace it. The explanation on how to replace the bulb is extremely complicated to follow. I had to unscrew the whole head and could not unscrew some screws as there were far too tight.In the end, after several hours of attempting to replace the bulb — i decided it was too unsafe to proceed and i gave up on replacing the bulb altogether. I decided to buy another halogen oven but not from gold-tec.

I use this more then conventional gas oven. It cooks really well and i suspect is now cheaper then gas if your not filling oven. Very easy to clean and all the trays, stands etc fit in nicely when not in use. Extender is certainly worth having. I’ve taken it into work when we’ve had leaving parties and at christmas etc.

This is one of the best we could have bought, we have used it quite a bit & have taken to halogen cooking, should have had one long ago.

I bought this product after it was recommended to me by a friend. I think it is an excellent cooking oven and saves me money on electricity too. I still use my main electric oven for large roast chickens though as a preference only and use a combination of both now depending on what i and the kids fancy to eat. The booklet that comes with this product is compact so read it, with dishes to cook, displayed in black and white pictures, poor quality and some of the descriptions do not read right to me, but this i do not mind as i think the money they saved on the booklet has been spent on making a good product and so i will recommend it to others. There are plenty of halogen cook books around on sale so just take a look on amazon, a local book store or car boot sale.

  • really good product
  • Halogen oven

Gold-Tec Oven/Cooker/Airfryer/ (air Fryer Option)


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It’s a must have for the ketches so good.

My last halogen oven had to be returned because of a fault. I couldn’t do without one so ordered the gold-tec and i am delighted with it. I try never to use my conventional oven now (i hate cleaning ovens)the gold tec is so easy to use and clean. I would recommend it to anyone.

I cannot truly say how impressed i am with this product. My normal oven died 5 months ago & i’ve been really missing it as i bake a lot & enjoy a roast dinner. My new halogen oven made a roast chicken dinner with roast potatoes that was perfect, in an hour & a half – i just bunged everything in at the same time & turned the chicken twice during cooking – that was it. All the juices & fat collected in the bottom, ready for perfect gravy. My loaf of bread wasn’t fantasic, but baking is almost a science & i’m sure with a little tinkering with temperature & timing, i can get it right – i may invest in a halogen oven baking book. In short, every oven is unique & requires some adjustment of cooking methods, so it’s not really an issue. Update: the bulb blew after using it 5 times. The bulb cannot be replaced without a degree in engineering, meaning it has to be sent back to the manufaturer for repair, at great expense.

How did i manage to live so long without a halogen oven?. Fantastic, easy to use with perfect food every time. Having cooked a whole roast chicken, plus roasties i can’t enthuse enough about this product. Good recipe book included and takes up so little space. And when you have created the perfect meal, this wonderful oven can clean itself. What more could i possible need in my kitchen.

Bought this as a gift for my son and his girlfriend. They love it, they say it is as good as an actifryer.

The halogen is everything good that i have heard and read about. I have had it for just a little time but i couldn’t do without it. I would recommend it to everyone.

Hi, i had been looking for halogen oven for a few weeks,after my old onebroke down and when i saw this one for size and price i purchased it. Now imust say i am very pleased with it,and the service i received was excellent. I only wish now id bought the spare bulb on offer,because thats whats wrongwith my old one.

Excellant, great fast service/delivery at a very good price, will use again. Product does what it says clean and fast to use cooks great every time and ease of cleaning, wonderfull.

  • really good product
  • Halogen oven

Gold-Tec Oven/Cooker/Airfryer/ (air Fryer Option)

Love this product, it cooks everything so good. I got this one for a friend.

Already having an halogen oven i wanted a larger one. This 12 ltr one fits the bill in all aspects. It comes with all required extras and even the delivered price undercut all others. £35 inc delivery is a fantastic price. Only extra i would throw in is a ‘baster’ which is essential for this type of oven.

I sent for my goldtec halogen oven 12. 17 litres with free ring extender and accessories paid and was expecting to get it 5 days later but it was next day order was sent reciept next day halogen cooker arrived early in the morn and over the moon with the service and over the moon with the cooker and extras as i have had them before but this is far better bigger and extras the service is a 1 1st class i will be buying again for my family as presents thanking you at goldtec [email protected]

Im very pleased with the cooker. Its excellent and cooks alot of stuff very well. I do find it can take a while if youre trying to cook quite alot in it but if youre cooking for one its a god send. I often just need the odd thing cooked that would have needed cooking in the oven and this is excellent for that, very time and energy saving.

Hi, have just purchased my halogen cooker should have done it sooner, great machine have not used my conventional oven for the last three weeks. Try roasting a chicken or pork chops meat really moist and tasty and as for roast pots really crispy. If you are thinking of buying one of these don’t hesitate just do it you won’t be disappointed.

Love it to bits wish i had bought it years ago, i have cooked just about everthing possible cakes, scones, roast for 7 people, bread, breakfast, bacon no more splats all over my cooker, cleaning so easy and you can stop and start cooking all the time to test cakes etc and the cakes don’t flop, and you can see whats cooking, bought one for my son and wife too.

I bought my hologen oven on the 16th and it arrived today, the 19th. The oven is fab but the instructions give no discription of how to use the utensils that came free. I can’t seem to find an address for the gold-tec company that i bought it from. So it’s a fab product , but you have to be a detective to find the maker. And guess how to use the extras.

Only had this for about 2 weeks but so far so good, cook book not great but i am not doing to bad for trying out myself,i do keep it on the side and have used it more than the proper oven,the only thing you have to put on normal oven to heat up plates,good purchase.

Got this to take to fuerteventura (bowl in hand baggage and top well wrapped in suitcase)because spanish ovens are rubbish. I have one at home and wouldn’t be without it. All it takes to master this new way of cooking is a bit of common sense and patience, and it’ll do almost anything (except boil an egg or walk the dog)_superbly. Roasting meat, fish, re-heating ready meals etc etc. Instructions/recipes that come with the oven are a bit basic so i bought ’80 recipes for your halogen oven’ by richard ehrlich which is fantastically informative and contains really interesting recipes. Excellent service from this supplier. Cooking in a halogen is fun, and the glow really cheers these dreary autumn days.

Pleased with fast delivery but doesnt have any instructions for what accessories are or how to set them up in the oven. Recipe and instruction book is poor.

I am very pleased with my oven it is saving me time and money. Very quick meals cheaply cooked. I recommended the oven to my neighbour and she is as pleased as i am. I can honestly say it is a godsend in my kitchen.

Bought this at the beginning of august and have used it everyday so far. I have not experimented with all the options you can do but it saves me time and all the hassle of heating up a home oven and the cleaning that it envolves too. To sum up really is its simple and once you experiment abit you can get the desired results, the same as using a conventional oven only it takes mere seconds to heat up and seconds to clean.

Hardly use my oven now because my halogen does every thing.

Great little halogen oven ( dont mean little as in small )delivered in 4 days of ordering.

Bought this for my daughter when she moved into her flat and watching the pennies.

Looked ideal to use in spain where we didn’t have a conventional oven. Suppliers were superb at meeting our needs as we had a very small delivery window before flying. Oven travelled without mishap in a suitcase (just under weight allowance) and has performed exactly as described. Takes up no more room than a microwave and can, in fact, sit on top of one. This has been one of the best purchases made and has transformed the range of food we can now cook when away.

It is fun watching your food cook without having to look through a smokey glass of an oven door. The halogen light is extremely bright and the glass gets extremely hot so need to be wary not to burn yourself. Most of the menus say it takes half the time to cook than a conventional oven but i haven’t found this with the meals i have cooked. Fish definitely needs the usual oven time (15-30 mins dependant on size). Frozen foods take just as long – 40-50 mins. Easy to wash the bowl but not so easy to get splash marks off the halogen and fan. Made use of all the extras that came with the oven particularly the shelves and extra trays. Didn’t get the free tongues that they advertised but i had some anyway so not a great loss. Easy to use the whole family use it and have had no issues with it. The only issue is getting round bowls out of the glass bowl, it can be a little difficult as hands don’t fit down the side of the bowl to lift it out and then burn your hands – so beware.

Bought this to use in our static caravan, picked this particular one as it had a large capacity and extras. Delivery was swift and everything described was included. The recipe book was probably not as detailed as i would have liked but really its just common sense and keeping an eye on what you are cooking. Really pleased with the cooker – used it for everything from frozen pizza to a full roast chicken dinner with all the trimmings. Tempted to buy another for home.

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