GoNovate G8 Mini Bluetooth Earphone Earbud : Three Stars

You will always have to reconnect to phone.

Very good product, i am enjoying using it. However, from using it for about a week for about an hour, i noticed a bit of discomfort that made me pull it out. Otherwise i will recommend this product.

Amazing little thing works really well. Only problem it’s too loud for me. But that seems to be the case with wire headphones too so can’t fault the earbud. Sticks pretty well might have to try a flanged earbud to really stick in. But still amazed every time i use it.

Gonovate g8 bluetooth earbud, w/ 2 x magnetic usb chargers and 5. 5 hour playtime, mini wireless headset in-ear earpiece with mic for iphone, samsung galaxyi lost my jawbone bluetooth hands free earpiece and was looking for a replacement. I kept looking at the gonovate g8 and couldn’t believe that this could be any where near as good as the jawbone as it’s a 1/10th of the price. I ordered it anyway, it was delivered next day. Wow, what an exceptional earpieceit’s light weight, fits brilliantly and the sound quality, in both directions, is excellentthoroughly recommended, buy with confidence :-).

Great charger, tiny device average sound at the receivers end. I called a client using it and although its beautifully discreet, they said it sounded like i was in a tunnel – i wasn’t. So this is the reason for the 3 star rating. Apart from that the charging unit can be angled at 90 degrees so it is very flexible and the magnetic coupling is excellent making a very positive connection for re-charging the earpiece. I suppose – and i can’t complain, its so small i will probably loose it long before it stops working.

Great product works great battery life brilliant sound quality great.

I only managed to use this item briefly. It paired and worked easily with my iphone 7 plus. The quality was reasonable for listening and speaking and being heard at the other end. The supplied pair of usb charging devices is a good idea so you can have one in your car or on your desk while leaving the other in a work bag/case. Remember that only one of the charging connectors bends – the other is fixed. The only reason i haven’t given this 5 stars is simply that after a few days i lost it. Being so small i have obviously put it down somewhere or left it in a pocket. But i never saw it again so i cannot comment on its long term use. I also think being so small it is easier to lose than the more usual larger ones i have owned in the past. At least i bought it in the amazon sale so i haven’t wasted a fortune.

I use this everyday to listen to pod casts, the sound is surprisingly good, i charge it every day and it lasts for a good 5 hours plus.

  • Great little bluetooth earbud, but has its quirks
  • Great small earpiece that works fine with the iPhone but is easily lost!
  • Really greatused daily.

GoNovate G8 Mini Bluetooth Earphone Earbud with 6 Hour Playtime, Wireless Bluetooth Earpiece In-Ear Headphone Hands free Call with Microphone Headset for iPhone 7 6s 5s Samsung S8 S7 and More (1PCS)

Exceptional Small Earbud with Exclusive Charging System
GoNovate G8 wireless earbud delivers superior performance (5-6 hr playtime),comfort and a secure fit-all in an elegantly small design. With GoNovate’s Exclusive Magnetic Charging System , charging an earbud has never been this easy before. G8 earbud will magnetically attach to the charger charge it anywhere a USB can be connected: wall, laptop and even in your car. Best of all, we included TWO magnetic chargers , just for you. Keep 1 at home and 1 in vehicle.
Fully integrated with your busy lifestyle :
Home: Tune in to your favorite podcast while doing chores around the house On The Go: Listen to audiobooks on the move while staying aware of surroundings with G8 Mono Bluetooth Earbud. Office: Stream music discreetly and increase your work pleasure. (No flash once connected)
Wireless Freedom Hear music without holding your phone or getting tangled in wires.
Keeping it Simple1 button control to power on/off, pair Bluetooth, play/pause audio, answer/end calls.
Pairing**To enter pairing mode, Press and Hold Multifunction button for 5 seconds+ until LED flash BLUE constantly, should also hear a Voice Prompt “ready to pair” OR ELSE the earbud CANNOT PAIR W/ PHONE, ONLY powered on, NOT in Pairing Mode
Specifications:Bluetooth Version: V4.1Bluetooth Profile: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSPWorking Time: 5-6 hours for music (30-40% volume) Charging Time: 1.5 hourDimension (L*W*H): 2.1 x 1.6 x 1.8 cmWeight: 3.7g
What’s in the Box: 1x G8 Bluetooth Earphone (1 headset, NOT a pair) 2x Magnetic USB Charger1x Eartip S/M/L1x Carrying Case1x User Manual.

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Was pleased with product as has two magnetic chargers – one for home and one for vehicle as stated in the description. Charged it initially from my computer all working fine. Best day in my truck connected it to charge and it melted and smoked before my eyes. Seems vehicle one does not work. Why in small print does it say 5v charging when vehicles are 12v?thankfully gonovate understood the issue and have sent a replacement which works well. Am very happy with their prompt response to this problem.

Very good value for money, noise clear and others can hear me clear too as i was bit concerned that it being so small and so far away from mouth may cause problems, but no problem so far. Very handy little carry box and two usb chargers, i would recommend it.

Two types of usb charger included (top end only), one for a car one for mains, extra buds for different ear sizes and a nice case to store it in. My only concern is finding it when you drop it.

Good for discreet use but lowest volume level is still very high, way too high.

This product has blown me away. It is very comfortable and the sound quality is amazing. You wouldn’t expect something so small to produce such excellent call quality and superb music playback, with very deep bass. The battery lasts about 6 hours at 30% volume and really you dont need it any higher than 40% because it is amazingly loud.

Charging points are genius, but construction worker and kept falling out.

Very good little unit, easy to pair, easy to use. Great magnetic charger (2 supplied). Only slight gripe is volume could be a bit better.

Very good battery life and decent sound quality. Connection can be a bit unreliable though if your device doesn’t have very strong bluetooth, even if it’s close by.

  • Great little bluetooth earbud, but has its quirks
  • Great small earpiece that works fine with the iPhone but is easily lost!
  • Really greatused daily.

GoNovate G8 Mini Bluetooth Earphone Earbud with 6 Hour Playtime, Wireless Bluetooth Earpiece In-Ear Headphone Hands free Call with Microphone Headset for iPhone 7 6s 5s Samsung S8 S7 and More (1PCS)

Bought it to listen for daily podcasts and audio books. This small gadget is constantly with me.

It fits quite snugly into your ear, with a simple press button on and off switch. It is easily bluetoothed to your phone, connecting within seconds. The calls are clear with the battery lasting for several hours. My only drawback with the gonovate is that my partner also owns the same earpiece and when we’re connected during a call, with both of us using using our earbuds, there are times when loud, screaming feedback rings in your ear. It is intermittent so doesn’t really pose a problem, just an annoyance when it happens. All in all, i really do love my gonovate which my five star rating reflects.

I don’t usually leave reviews but i have been very impressed by this little piece of equipment. This is now the 2nd bluetooth ear bud ive had. The 1st one was a waste of time and money so was not too optimistic when this one arrived. However it has proved me wrong. It fits nicely in ear sometimes i forget i’m wearing it. Comes with 3 buds for different size ears. Connects to phone bluetooth and you can listen to music or make calls. I can hear the caller and they can hear me with no problems so far.

I have tried dozens of bluetooth earbuds in the search for the perfect one and this is the nearest i have come. I highly recommend it for size, comfort, reliability, sound quality and value for money. I was so impressed that i bought a further 5. Buy some before their all gone.

Have had these for a few weeks and have been using them daily. Small (a blessing and a curse. Great sound (for small, bluetooth device). I listen to podcasts and audiobooks mostly and voice quality is spot on. Range isn’t great but that’s to be expected and not usually a problem as carrying phone round with me. Connection has been trouble free (samsung s7 edge and s8 note), with reliable pairing and button responsiveness. Pop in ear, click to connect and click again to start book etc. Best thing is that i can have this popped in while i shower in the morning.

Magnetic charging brilliant.

So now i have three – single earbud earphones that is. My quest and test for the best has revealed that this is it. Quick delivery, a dinky zip-up case for storage of bud and ancillary bits and bobs (important in avoiding rage induced when being unable to find the tiny thing down the back of the chair etc), and a couple of extra silicone buds to cater for the fact that not all ear-canals are the same size and shape. Decent set of instructions but it’s easily sorted intuitively with a bit of fiddling about. The sound quality, given the size of the thing is pretty good, with good bass, as much volume as you need (controllable solely from connected device). A battery-charge of about an hour lasts about five and a half hours play-time. Voice warnings for ‘power on’, ‘device connected’, ‘device disconnected’, ‘battery high’, ‘battery low’ (five minutes to flat) and ‘power off’ are really useful. So to summarise: given that you get a selection of buds, a hard-case, a really neat magnetic usb charger/connector (+ one spare), this is for me the best yet. Last and by no means least, the thing weighs next to nothing (4gm) and has passed the ‘shake your head’ and ‘sprint for the bus’ test without falling out.

Great earpiece no problem at all with this.

I bought this unit to both keep me entertained, and to listen to google maps directions from my smartphone, while riding my motorbike. It meets that requirement quite well. However, every time i pull my helmet on, it changes position in my ear, and i have to struggle to get it back into position. It also always drops out of my ear when i pull my helmet off. Not show stoppers, but still something to be wary of. The other quirk is that every time i switch the unit on and it auto connects to my android phone, the media streaming capability does not work until i manually disconnect and reconnect the bluetooth connection from the phone settings. A bit annoying, but it becomes routine quickly. Lastly, with the flexible charger, while the magnet attracts the earbud, the two connection pins do not make contact on the earbud (see attached picture), and i have to use a rubberband. I think this is a manufacturing issue with the charger unit, as i don’t have this issue with the fixed charger meant for use in the car. I will write to gonovate for a replacement.

Goes everthing it say cool ☺.

First one received was faulty, but contacted seller and received replacement next day. Fab service, great comms and nifty bluetooth speaker. Swapped the ear cushion to a better fit, great had different sizes in pack. Great value for money too with extra charger.

I have a few different models of these 3 x g10 and 2 x g8 i have found that this one is the better for sound quality and distance from source. The g10 is a little smaller and has around the same battery life but because one of my ears is slightly larger it keeps poping out and if my phone is in a trouser pocket the g10 disconnects from time to time while walking but the g8 stays connected when doing the same.

A excelent small bluetooth device.

Everything is fine with one exception, the volume doesn’t go low enough. I’m using with an iphone 6 and with volume set to lowest setting, it’s too loud to use to listen to podcasts in bed – which is what i bought it to do. It needs to be able to go a lot quieter which would allow me to hear the speech but not disturb anyone else and be more peaceful. It’s really quite loud on the lowest setting, not sure why it would be calibrated without a good range of possible volumes. In all other regards it’s a 5 star product. Battery life good, it’s very small and nicely packaged. In fact, if i could buy it again with the volume issue fixed, i’d happily pay for another.

I work in a boring office the boss doesn’t like music playing or allow ear phone i bought 2 of these half way through the day i switch them so i get none stop music all day it sound great nice base.

This has worked well and suits my use very well, however i hate the voice that’s loaded on to the device.

Superb product that good bought another one for my wife.

Features and Spesification

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  • Comfortable and Secure Fit: With ergonomic design, the G8 earphone conforms to the shape of your ear, along with S/M/L ear tips, making it stays in your ear securely. G8 earbud feels so light and natural you can hardly notice it’s there, perfect for long-lasting audio listening.
  • Best-in-Class Battery Life: 6 hours Playtime (tested on iPhone 6s/7) for music and calls, enable you to make use of the earbud in your all day work. Get quick recharged within 1.5 hr. NOTE: Please DO NOT charge the earbud via USB chargers at a voltage bigger than 5V output.
  • Brilliant Magnetic Charging Method: Make charging more convenient, simply line up G8 earbud to the charging port and the charger will grab it magnetically. Alternative 2 magnetic USB chargers offer you more convenience when charging at home and on the way.
  • Discreet Earpiece without Flashing Lights: Take this small earpiece anywhere and anytime pop it into your ear discreetly, barely noticeable. No more annoying flashing light to distract you every few seconds in the night. NOTE: ONLY 1 EARBUD INCLUDED, NOT A PAIR. G8 IS A MONO EARBUD, 2 EARBUDS CANNOT CONNECT TO 1 DEVICE AT THE SAME TIME.
  • Keep Connected Wirelessly: Enjoy a skip-free audio over a wireless range up to 33 feet. Powered by Bluetooth 4.1 the earphone is compatible with most Bluetooth enabled devices: Smart phones (iPhone 7, Samsung S7) and tablets (iPad, Kindle Fire). Supports Multi-point Technology, connect 2 devices and answer calls from either one.