GooDee Projector : Overall Very Good But a Few Small Issues

I was a little nervous buying this. Not many reviews and didn’t trust the authenticity of the few there were. Had it for about a week and pleasantly surprised. It’s only standard hd but the picture has good detail throughout (some complain of blurriness on corners but not in my case) sitting approx 3m from projection of 2. It’s not to noisy and has decent contrast. Only small complaints is audio output (3. 5mm jack never a good option for anything but headphones) and the plastic battery cover for remote was broken. For the money i think it deserves 5 stars.

We’ve been using a projector for gaming and netflix in the evening for the last few years. 3rd projector and this is the best buy we’ve had. I’ve discovered parts of my game that i never knew was there. Projector can be used with a lamp on and i’ve included a photo with the big room light on as well as with the light off. I cannot express how happy we are with the product. It’s quiet, has 2 hdmi sockets, media ports of usb x2 and a port for memory cards from a camera. The speakers are actually quite good and haven’t experienced the tinny sound expressed by another viewer. Only draw back was that our speaker jack doesn’t get picked up by either the speaker part or headphones though that may be as they are cheap pc speakers. If placing against a wall on a shelf as we have, include an extra 1. 5/2 inch for the power fitting and hdmi.

I am new to projector, i had read many reviews about different brands’ projector and the prices are between £100 to £400 . Finally i gave goodee a try. Coz it has 3600 lumens and 30000 lamp life. It is brilliant, it is projecting vivid pictures, but you need to pay more patience to correct focus and keystone to get clear images manually, it is fair enough for a £150 projector. People can buy a better one with £450+ but think for that much you can buy a decent 55 inches 4k telly. Alright i am happy about the speakers, it is loud clear and deep bass, i recommend to use surround mode, to compare the speakers, you can ignore the fan noise. Overall it is fantastic, i give 5 stars rating and thumbs up.

After trying a lower quality projector i decided to upgrade to this. First it’s flaws you need a good ceiling mount that can adjust left/right/up/down and have it perfectly centred as this projector doesnt really have the feature to adjust. After that it’s all positives. Picture quality, sound quality, sound on fan leagues ahead of previous projector and can’t really fault. My favourite feature been automatic shutdown as i’ll watch going to sleep.

I purchased this projector to build a home theatre, which i have to say it is perfect for. The projector is quick to get up and running, and i managed to have it set up straight out of the box. It has a high brightness of 3500 lumens and a high resolution (1280×768), which enables me to achieve a large and bright image even in day time (this was with the curtains closed). It also has two decent built-in speakers. In terms of connectivity, it can accept sources from hdmi, vga and av inputs or a microsd card, which is sufficient to cover most sources. This projector does not have a wireless connection but this function can be easily added using a hdmi wifi display adaptor which isn’t included. The functionality of the projector is, however, greatly improved when it does have a wireless connection. I am very happy with the image quality it generates, which can be focused manually, and the keystone adjustment is useful as well. There is a stand on the front of the projector, whose height can be adjusted, which is especially useful if you put the projector on the floor or other low surface. The projector is great for watching netflix, youtube and other videos.

I was using a mini projector, but its only have 2000 lumens ,that not suitable using at day time, that is why i browsed number of projectors before making this purchase and i am glad that i found what i was looking for. It’s has got really impressive picture quality. It’s bright and clear like you are watching movie in a movie theater. I watched 7 movies in last 3 days without any problem. It has got hdmi, usb, vga, and sd card inputs and av and audio output which is enough for me to get it setup for my hometheater. The sole purpose of this projector for me is to watch movies so i don’t have any opinion how it will perform with games. The projector has inbuilt speakers which are great for a small room. Set up is quick and very easy. Projector comes with all accessories required to get started including a base for tripod setup.

First thing is; i am using this projector at the limit of its throw (the distance from the projector to the screen) and it’s still delivering a good quality picture, so, in my specific case it would be useful to be able to vary the zoom to reduce the image size over this distance (5m) as it produces an image that just fits on a wall 2. This also means the focus at top edge is a little out, again this is down to the position of the projector (it’s very high in the room). It is so important to position projectors well and i can’t say it in the best position, the keystone setting adjusts for the distortion but the focus is a little out. Once you start watching all but the oldest 4:3 movies this problem is greatly reduced with 16:9 formats. But that said the projector is really easy to set up and has good connectivity, i added an amazon fire stick which plugs directly into the projectors usb and into the very handy usb power socket on the projector so you don’t need extra power connectors. The speakers are good but i have taken a feed out to a surround sound set up which is working very well. For the price i can’t say enough good things about this projector, i am very happy.

This is my first projector,i was compared so many different kinds of projectors before i brought this one ,it’s compact and easy to use,great quality with amazing pictures even in daytime,we brought it for our bedroom so we can watch movies in the big screen as i got two babies now ,i can’t even go to cinema,and this is the right thing i need at moment,i’m happy with this purchased ,thank u.

  • which I have to say it is perfect for. The projector is quick to get up
  • Overall Very Good But a Few Small Issues
  • Amazing home entertainment

GooDee Projector, Upgraded 4000 Lumens Video Projector 200″ LCD Home Cinema Projector Support 1080P VGA AV USB MicroSD for Home Entertainment, Party and Games

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This was much better than i expected. 30 years ago i worked in live events and remember the av techs setting up large barco projectors that cost at least £25-30k, took 4 men to lift, an hour to line up and focus and only had an sd resolution of 768×576 pixels. How technology has advancedyou get a 2. 5m (100 inch) image at a throw distance of 3m, which appears to be it’s optimal size. It has basic horizontal key stoning control, but it’s best to set you projector parallel and central to your projection screen. The image is bright (dim-dark room required of course), and is pretty clear. Motion video, ie tv, games, films etc will look great, although text may look a little soft at the edges, as no matter how technology has advanced, physics haven’t, and with a cheap plastic lens, you’ll never going to get super sharp images without spending the extra for better optics. So i’m very happy with the projector. Fyi: unfortunately mine has a fault, after a couple of hours of use the led display develops a pixelated blocky image in the bottom left. It’s gone next time i turn it on, but comes back after a couple of hours.

I didnt expect much from this budget projector but am amazed at the quality and features. Do the research and make sure the resolution of the lcd in the unit is at least 720p and 100mm wide. They all boast 1080p output but its the lcd resolution thats more important. For the price, these units are a steal and will transform your livestrue home theater affordable for allif your budget wont stretch to a bluetooth or wireless model then get this and plug in your chromecast device for a fully smart experience- you wont look backthe best thing?.The lamp is led and will last years unlike the expensive models of old where a lamp would only last 1000 hours and cost the earth to replace.

I bought this to replace an old projector which is getting old. This projector is of high quality with perfect brightness, and picture quality is leaps ahead. The unit is standard size suitable to be used in the house. The built in speakers provided an loud and quality output and so it does not need to be connected to external speakers. The build quality is great and the remote is very simple to operate. I have connected my apple tv to watch films.

 what a fantastic item af a bargain price. Literally plug in and turn on. I’m running this in a 90″ white screen. It is really bright with vivid colours. And as you can see from the comparison pictures one in the dark and 1 light. It seems to work with every input i’ve tried such as fire stick and sky q running through it. But i’ve run an auxiliary cable into my soundbar which is far superiora great entry into the home cinema market.

Overall this is a very good projector considering the price (although cost has gone up a bit from when i bought it around 6 weeks ago). It is very bright and can be used in rooms with quite a lot of background light. The picture quality is also very good and 1080p means it is crisp even at large screen sizes. There are a few small issues which have prevented me from giving it 5 stars. All of these are quite trivial and i don’t regret the purchase, but are a minor irtitation:1. Whoever put it together left a fingerprint on the inside of the lense2. It seems impossible to get the whole screen perfectly in focus (maybe the fingerprint doesn’t help)3. It does not sit completely flat4. The menu system is pretty poor an not very well translatedstill definitely worth it if you want a good low/mid range projector.

Can’t fault the projector or goodee. Took all of 2 minutes to set up. Picture quality is superb and the sound from the inbuilt speakers is surprisingly good. Nothing spectacular, just good. I had to return the original projector, as it seemed to develop a white spot in the middle of the screen, which i’m told was probably dust. I didn’t feel comfortable opening it up to clean it, so i returned it. Sent back on monday and had a replacement on my door step by wednesday. New one has been all good so far.

I am using my projector as a portable device to watch films either in my living room and bedroom. The unit is very easy to set up (relatively light for its quality), and changing the options (visual options, such as different focus points/colourings/image sizes, and also sound options, such as surround sound) are easy to change, even for the most technologically inept, like myself. The unit is slick, stylish and beautifully presentable in my flat. For the price, i would say the sound and picture quality is exceptional.The only issue is it emits quite a lot of heat (fine for winter) in an averagely sized room. Also, running the projector causes a constant low burring sound (the fan, i guess). For a projector at the bottom end of the price scale, when compared to other projectors, i would highly recommend.

I have used this projector for both lecture class and movies. I have tried it in both rooms with so much light and darker rooms. *its excellent for movies and power point presentations in darker rooms. In rooms that allow too much light your audience need to be closer but it still worked ‘okey’ for me. *this machine has great sound though i have not yet tried it outdoors but the sound quality is awesome. *it has enough space to add your company logo and not cover the brand name just like from the pics. *the settings are too basic and kind of okay not bad for first timers. *the hdmi cable worked okay, i tried the vga but colour was distorted , so i would recommend the hdmi. Maybe it was just my vga cable but till its a great product.

  • which I have to say it is perfect for. The projector is quick to get up
  • Overall Very Good But a Few Small Issues
  • Amazing home entertainment

GooDee Projector, Upgraded 4000 Lumens Video Projector 200″ LCD Home Cinema Projector Support 1080P VGA AV USB MicroSD for Home Entertainment, Party and Games

I have tried to use this projector watched the movie with my kids tonight, it’s absolutely brilliant. It has very clear picture and brightness, the build in speaker is loud enough. It can connect with phones and ipads, easy to set up. My kids really enjoy watching movies at home now. It deserve to buy it and i will report any other issues with it later on.

I was after a fairly cheap projector mainly for my son’s xbox so he could play games and watch dvds on it. We borrowed a more expensive model earlier in the year and it worked really well, so have been searching for a while. Decided to take a bit of a chance on this one and glad that i did. Some reviews mention a slight blurring at the edges of the picture and that may be true, however you’ve really got to be looking to the corners. That seems nitpicking to me, for something that is aimed at being a budget projector. As others have mentioned, the sound is really good from it and you don’t actually need external speakers for day to day use. It’s absolutely grand and, based on the first few weeks of using it, i’d have no problems recommending it.

I bought this for the hd inputs and projection quality. It is easy to setup, very quiet, gives a great size picture onto my wall and ticks the boxes enough for my needs. The sharpness to the picture is not quite as good as i would like, but to be fair i am projecting straight onto my white painted matt emulsions wall, so i expect a bit of loss of quality there. Really pleased with the overall quality though, and the machine is super quiet and very easy to use. Great value for money and a good purchase.

Wow i am so impressed with my purchase of this home projector. It comes in a box with a carry handle and when you open it and remove the box of accessories you find the projector protected by a bubble jacket. It was really quick and simple to set up coming with a hdmi lead to connect to my laptop. I have watched some fab films on it and the sound is like being at the cinema. I am just projecting onto my wall but the picture quality is amazing just like being at the cinema. I wish i had a bigger front room and wall as the picture would go bigger. I plan to try this outside in the summer would look great projected onto our neighbours white wall. Overall i am really chuffed with this projector and will certainly recommend it to friends and family.

Get yourself a sturdy stand and a good screen to give the projector a chance to show what it can do. You’ll need a darkened room big enough for the projector to just fill the screen. The stand needs to be high enough to be halfway up the screen – the keystone adjustment allows different geometries but introduces distortion near the top and bottom of the image. Plug in an hdmi source like a freesat box or blu-ray player (you can get little hdmi extenders that are female at both ends to facilitate this). Then settle back to enjoy a big screen movie. It’s greatit also has a commendable number of other inputs: a second hdmi, a usb, a micro sd, an rgb for older computers, and a 3. There is a 5v usb power port. 5mm audio socket to bluetooth transmitter to output to my bluetooth-enabled sound system.

We have a normal-sized living room, and the maximum distance between the projector and the wall is about three metres. The projector is able to cast image in 100 inches at 3 metres crystal clear. Not brilliant but works well with the hdmi connetion. I opt to use a set of bluetooth speakers instead, and it works brilliantly.

Watched some film with family, that were nice pictures, clear and flowed smoothly. It can connect with tv, smartphone, or game as well. This projector is perfectly for home entertainment, party and game. Can’t wait to use another function.

I bought this to replaqce my benq, which was 800×600 and not led. I thought for the price i’d give it a go and if it wasn’t great i’d let the kids use it in their room for disney movies, etc. But to my surprise, the quality of this is actually really good. The build quality is quite impressive considering the cost. I’ve not really used the built in speaker much, just a quick test, but it sounded loud and clear enough for general use. The resolution of this projector is great, far better than 800×600. The led light source is bright enough, even in a room with lights on. The only time i couldn’t see it very well was when the sun was coming directly through the window. This projector has a manual keystone adjustment, which works ok but if you have the projector too high or too low relative to the centre of your chosen ‘screen’, you can’t get the top or bottom as sharp as the rest. I mounted it level to the centre of my screen, 5 meters away and the picture is super sharp in the centre and pretty sharp everywhere else, even in the corners.

We ordered this yesterday evening and it arrived this morning. This was purchased for our church as the last one had finally given up after 10 years. We have just come home from trying this out and after only a few minutes of setting up (quick flick through the instructions and all cables included). We have a pull down screen and it works great, the picture is so clear and bright, the sound is ok but as we are in a church we will probably have to use speakers. Overall i would recommend this projector, as someone else said don’t bother with the cheaper versions go straight for this one. We purchased a cheaper one and it really doesn’t live up to this one.

It is my first projector, i’m quite happy with it. Actually i been planning to buy it for a long time, and now i know it is a right choice. The very beautiful design and quality made looks so luxury, and it is easy to set up. The picture is nice and bright, even with the warm light in the room i still can see very clear. The speaker is excellent, feels like in the cinema. Perfect for the xbox, i’m quite enjoy it when playing the games.

 ok, so this was my first projector, so i have nothing to compare it with. I am super impressed with it for this price range. Arrives well packaged with the projector specs on the box. Easy to set up (ive not even needed to read the instruction manual). A multitude of connection options, hdmi, usb and sd card. My initial test was using my firestick, as you can see in the pics. This was powered by the 5v usb port on the rear of the projector. I have since tried it with my tv box, xbox and sd card, all run perfectly well. The picture quality and brightness is very good (bearing in mind the wall i tested it on was not white, but cream).

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