GOTHAM STEEL Gotham Steel GSISGM Electric Indoor Smokeless – Great for quick and healthy cooking!

My husband bought this as we couldn’t get our other grill hot enough to make the attractive stripes on steaks. This is brilliant – does what it says on the tin and is really easy to clean afterwards. We’ve used it twice now and are very happy with the results.

Very good for thin items but takes ages to cook deep cheeseburgers or hash brown’s.

Hi brought this item see on tv as easy to use and clean, yes easy to use really like it but as you can see from picturescan’t clean there everything sticks when cooking the rest is ok, just that one end don’t know if the coating on itthat it’s burnt away, can you look into this and come back to me.

Good product works well good price looks great 95% good 👍.

Overall good, just a shame that the grill plate is loose on the stand and only held in place at one end with the plug/thermostat.

Its a great product and for all. Intents and purposes is oretty smokeless. But i recommend sesrimg anythimg you grill first and set to maximum, leve to heat for at least 5mins be intrioducing meat to grill. It cooks inside of meat excellently but does not do a very good job of browning. But it is an excellent grill worth butimg. Decent proce paid for decent product. Fyi, the grill mesh is not quite as non stick as one may have been led to believe.

It was quite easy to put together and use. There was very little smoke coming from the grill. The slots are quite bigger than expected but just need to cut proteins large enough not to slide under. Thinking to buy the tray for options.

I returned this as it was not as efficient as my george forman grill.

Used it 3 times ,food sticking at end , cannot clean the burn marks off , under side hard to clean as fat sticks to it , not a good buy , and it leaves a haze in the kitchen.

Excellent exactly what it says.

I love it cooks great easy to use and clean.

The item itself is good but the delivery was little less then desirable as left the item in my rubbish bin and seeing as there was rubbish in it not very good for a food preparation item. Here are the specifications for the GOTHAM STEEL Gotham Steel GSISGM Electric Indoor Smokeless:

  • Smokeless technology: virtually Smoke-free electric indoor grill – Enjoy your BBQ favourites all year round
  • Perfect results: temperature dial allows you to have total control of your cooking with even results across the whole grill plate surface.
  • Family cooking: large cooking surface lets you grill up a treat for the whole family.
  • Keep warm: switch to keep warm setting so your food stays ready to eat when you want it.
  • Healthy grilling: fat and oil drips into the stay-cool drainage system meaning there is virtually no smoke, so you can make healthier grilled food indoors

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Cleaning

  • Hmmm. Jury still out. But Good Product.

  • Lovely replacement for light grilling