GOURMETmaxx 02045 Healthy Air Fryer – Everybody should have one !!!.

Best kitchen product i have ever purchased.

Great product ,much better and faster than acti fry , we are large family and it serves us well , very happy.

I only received this item yesterday but already i feel like we are going to be good friends. Apearance: it’s very sleek, suprisingly light for its size. It’s worth knowing in advance, that when you open the fryer, there is only a base with a basket on. Not an enclosed metal inner. I thought, ‘oh boy food is going to splatter around the carcass’. It would have been nice to have been told in the description, that you can purchase a pan to put inside for that purpose. It is being called a bread baking basket (z 01217). Very useful for bread, cakes and au grating recipes etc. A roasting rail (z 05892) is ideal for frying, roasting and steaming fish, meat and vegetables. Plus a roasting rack, including 3 x skewers ( z 01248) for various other cooking, is available to purchase.

I use this air fryer often for about 7 months. It cooks well and rather fast. It is big enough for us -a family of five-. I had in the past ”the philips avance xl” air fryer that failed my expectations and stopped working after 11 months of use(the control panel could not be adjusted anymore). This one is a bit larger and does exactly what the philips does. Also it is sooo much easier to clean and much cheaper.

Excellent air fryer more room then my old one.

Had this fryer only a few days now but so far so good, it’s not the cheapest on the market as it’s larger than most. I like the stainless steel basket as it’s easier to clean, if i am air frying say steaks, chicken pieces or heating pies or pasties i always put a few table spoons of hot water in first so the food stays moist, i also found i could buy a baking tin to suit for less than four pounds from my local supermarket, i am so pleased with this product.

. Quick cooking with good taste. . Don’t forget to move a little bit basket when cooking to avoid food stick to the basket. Got it one month now but really happy with it and food is definitly less oily and less fat which is staying on the bottom level of maschine.

Here are the specifications for the GOURMETmaxx 02045 Healthy Air Fryer:

  • With extra large XXL frying basket (5.5 I) for up to 1.5 kg of fries
  • Smart and clever combination of a hot-air oven, grill and deep fryer
  • Requires much less fat than conventional fryers, perfect for frying, grilling, broiling, baking, roasting, heating and keeping food warm
  • An adjustable temperature control and an integrated timer allows you to make the perfect meal
  • enjoy crispy fries, tasty snacks, juicy meat and much more

Reviews from purchasers :

  • only received this item yesterday but already I feel like we are going to be good friends
  • Everybody should have one !!!.
  • Great product, much better and faster than acti fry