GRADO GR8 In Ear Headphones : Brilliant iGi’s

More thorough reviews of the sound can be found elsewhere (via google). In short, you’ll notice the similarity if you own a pair of grado headphones, and if you don’t, these are detailed, warm, exciting and dynamic. Comfort: with the right ear tips, these will fit snugly and comfortably for hours. The best tips depend on your preferences and ears. Foam comply tips are popular and compatible with these, but they have a limited life because the foam degrades. I suggest wearing them upside down, with the cable going over your ear and down. Durability: i’ve used these daily for 18 months and they’re still working perfectly. The only minor issue i had was the rubber sleeving on the headphone jack becoming loose, but this was fixed by a drop of glue. The shape also adds to the durability, over some larger iems (e. Models by shure and westone). Overall: i’ve had more expensive headphones.

This product looks and sounds great. The negatives are that it bleeds sound and also can take some time to get used to the feel. At first can be uncomfortable but after a while it fits fine.

Great sound for the price, i prefer them to my grado sr80. Somehow igrado sounds a little louder and brighter then sr80 (after i made some penny size holes into cussions even bass is heavier). Still sr80 seems to have more depth and the sound is more relaxed and more enjoyable. Now the bad: they may look like portable but they are open back and leak sound heavily. Also very unconfortable for my ears. The drivers never seem to cover my ears completely and after one hour my ear lobes hurt like hell. I will try to put igrado drivers into some other cans casing to see what happens.

I’ve had these just over a week. I listen for a couple of hours most days using earphones. This is the most i’ve paid for earphones. I have grado experience from their headphones. Relying on my experience with sr60 and sr325 headphones from grado which are very good, i decided to splash out a bit for these in ears. I’ve been using the sony in ears that came with my player. They fit just fine and out of the box are enjoyable to listen to.

These sound great to my ear. After the initial ‘pinch’ on my ears i forget i am wearing them and can just enjoy the music. Once downside is that because they are open (by design) whatever you are listening to will leak out. So not great for the bus or the library, but fantastic on a run.

Never been a fan of earphones but after reading the reviews thought i would try these with my sony mp3. They are comfortable to wear, the sound is great and would be totally lost without them, enjoyed all my music again.

These are my third pair of these headphones as the end where you pull them out kept breaking after 7-9 months. However, i opened the third pair to find the wire and end has been changed to become more robust so hopefully this won’t happen again. The sound quality is easily the best of any headphones in this price range, and they do leak sound a lot, but if your prepared for everyone to know what you are listening to then thats fine. Other than that, comfy, well designed (although the ‘back of the head’ design can get annoying if you just want to rest your head on something.

When i first got these i thought yeah not bad, pretty decent, then i read that you should leave them playing at quite high volume for a few hours. So i left them playing on shuffle while i was at work, now they have gone from pretty good to so good i hardly use any of my other in ear headphones.

  • The best portable headphones I have found so far.
  • Have to admit I’m a bit disappointed with these
  • Best value headphones

Grado GR8 In Ear Headphones

Product Description, A proprietary wide bandwidth moving armature design provides the listener with unsurpassed performance. Small size allows earphone to nestle well within the ear canal, maintaining an excellent air seal for improved bass and reduction of outside noise without causing discomfort

Box Contains, 1 pair of GR8 headphones

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These are excellently balanced headphones, deep bass, crisp mids, and sharp highs. The plugs they come with look really large but are great at sound isolation, and of course there’s the distinct shape of the rear of the earphone – a bit pointy – but they don’t look ridiculous. These are way better than the sennheisers they replaced.

Great sound, great design & a great price. Give yourself a treat & buy these.

My brother has the larger over-ear grado’s and i was amazed by there performance, i wanted something that i can use with my ipod and i wanted in ear so i decided to give these a go and they are without a doubt the most warm and detailed in ear headphones i have ever used. They come with an array of fittings for your ears and they are just brilliant. These are way better than any of the dr dre beats that are out there and for the money i just can’t see anything being better. I am looking forward to listening to my music all over again.

Very pleased with these in-ear monitors which, although pricey, provide outstanding sound. They are not ideal for very noisy environments when compared to the noise-cancelling alternatives but they are discrete, your partner will never know how much they cost and i highly recommend.

Have to admit i’m a bit disappointed with these. I bought them on the recommendation of a friend. The sound reproduction is excellent so no problems whatsoever, there. But they are not a great fit for me over the ears. The reason that i gave 3 stars however is that they leak sound which can be readily heard by those nearby, even at reasonable levels of volume. For the money, i would not expected that to be a issue.

These portable headphones are a bargin for around £50 they have the same drivers as the rs60’s headphones. Plug the igrado’s into your ipod or phone and they just sing if you use them for a jog they stay firmly in position there’s not much difference to the rs 80’s in sound quality in my option another top quality product from grado.

As good as the sr80sthoroughly recommended for cross-trainers or on the bikes at gyms. Have had to replace the jack plug once, but that is in 7 years of use, more or less twice a week. The wires do seem very thin but as above, have proved tolerant enoughearpads now crumbling away so sourcing new replacements.

I use this headphones with my computer for music and gaming. It produce the sound accurately, good clear upper and mid range, the bass is just about right not overly exaggerated like most headphones. I have both expensive astro and qpad gaming headset, neither of them produce as accurate sound as the igrado.

  • The best portable headphones I have found so far.
  • Have to admit I’m a bit disappointed with these
  • Best value headphones

Grado GR8 In Ear Headphones

Review of the igrados: i love the quality of the sound of these headphones, but as others have noted the cables tend to fray, caused by a combination of an inflexible cable sheath and a lack of tension management. I sent mine to the official igrado repair company, who replaced the cable with the exact same one despite telling me they were going to fit the newer, less troublesome one. Well, after relatively few hours of use the cable sheath has once again broken where it enters the right side of the ‘phones. Fortunately, i foresaw this happening and had already raised a complaint, and received a brand-new pair of igrados with a seemingly-unique sky-blue cable that is much, much more flexible, and less microphonic to boot. So, very enjoyable sound quality, badly flawed cable, but excellent customer service.

I like the sound and fit of these phones. However the cords are very thin and their attachment to the plug seems fairly flimsy. As such they are unlikely to last very long.

I listen to the majority of my music through genelec studio monitors with a flat eq. Sometimes i listen with grado sr80 headphone. The grado igi are just perfect for my portable needs. They have a great balanced sound and i can hear perfectly everything in the mix from the high hats to the bass. The bass is tight and un-hyped, which may not suit users with untrained ears or those who are used to mega bass. These headphone take about 70 to 100 hours of use to really break in and start performing at their best, so give them a chance to settle down before judging them. The selection and fit of the ear plugs is also very good.

These are excellent headphones. The build quality is good for the price, but the sound is truly excellent. This is my third pair of these. I broke both of the other two by catching the lead on things. This pair has come with a substantially thicker cable. I don’t blame the construction of the headphones, it was my habit of wearing them to do everything from housework to diy with them on; they were bound to get broken at some point. I have bought a pair of sennheiser headphones to do the diy in to save the igrados.

If you’re an audiophile or an avid music lover that is on the go, these are the the way forward. They’re the cheapest iem’s that grado offer, but they certainly don’t feel or sound cheap. The build is sturdy and the sound so far has been great. I know i still have to break them in, so to have a sound like i do which is straight out of the box is superb and only gives me high hopes. You get a small variety of foam and silicon tips which might be a bit of a struggle to get used to compared to the average universal ones you get with pretty much every other standard pair of low budget earphones. There are some info leaflets and a carry case. But where these earphones shine and rightly so, is their sound. The sound is great out of the box. Any grado fan will not be dissapointed. The soundstage is wide and spacious and has superb clarity and detail straight out the box.

The only reason i did not award 5 stars was the fact that there is a fair amount of noise generated by vibrations on the cable which can affect listening.

This will appeal to people who already know the grado brand, who are looking for that ”airy ” open sound you find in open headphones. Would not recommend this if you’re a bass-head or into music that’s bass heavy. The build quality is unfortunately quite poor, wires look like they came out of an apple iphone or samsung generic , stock earphone quality. I dont expect it to last forever, but while it does, i’m definitely enjoying it.

The price and sound is amazing.

Features and Spesification

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  • A proprietary wide bandwidth moving armature design provides the listener with unsurpassed performance.
  • Small size allows earphone to nestle well within the ear canal, maintaining an excellent air seal for improved bass and reduction of outside noise without causing discomfort.
  • Raised dot on left earphone provides tactile indication of channel allowing earphones to be put on correctly even in the dark.