GRADO RS2e Reference Series Open Backed Headphone : Are those Angels I can hear singing?

I tried senheiser, audeze, ultrasone and others. I admit to wondering how these sold. Yet the grado brought tears to my eyes. I knew i had found the sound i have been looking for for years. Yes at a grand they are not cheap but saving up for them is a good aim to have. I have bought all of my hi fi stuff by listening and comparing first. Analogue seduction who sell on amazon allow this to happen.

These are just a fantastic set of headphones. I upgraded from the grado sr80i’s. Before i bought these, i auditioned several headphones, namely b&w p7, p5 series 2, nad hp50, philips x2, l2, shure 1540, sennheiser momentum 2, hd600 and finally grado’s own rs2e. I already own beyerdynamic t90’s and sennheiser amperior’s. Well my decision was based on sound and comfort. The grado’s are just so clear and articulate but with quite a neutral sound. Mids are beautiful and not recessed in anyway. Treble is definitely present but not too bright. Unlike other grado’s bass is much more prominent but as it should be. I would say that other grado headphones have slightly recessed bass whereas these have just the right amount. The bass is tight and controlled but perhaps doesn’t extend as much as the likes of sennheiser hd600’s. These are a really enjoyable listen. Very musical and toe tapping. That’s what’s it’s all about isn’t?.

Great headphones – great sound but be very careful buying these wonderful headphones out there. Heard some real horror stories about dodgy sellers of this high end product – if it sounds to good to be true then it probably is.

I bought these to replace my sr365e. A definite improvement in sound quality, sharpness, a better sound stage. Contrary to some reports i find them very comfortable and light to wear.

Use headphones with iphone 6s opus #1. I enjoy every single thing from thesefantastic headphones at a superlative quality. What more could you wish for.

(to be emoted in the style of brian blessed)when approaching *the grado*, every nerve within my frame tingles with anticipation. Senses crave new satisfaction yet fear the unknown summits to which they may be led, innocent as babes. First, the physical: we are not worthy. Stunned by the combination of sheer heft tempered with feathery lightness, my head is bowed in awe. Carved from pure shine and pitch black obsidian, this is a veritable crown of wondrous enchantment. Is that my face i see in the reflection of mercurial chrome, or perhaps the face of god?. I gingerly grasp the small, golden, phallus-shaped jack and ever so tenderly insert it into the orifice leading to the dark womb of my gryphon colosseum reference amplifier. Sound – sound is too small a word, surely – issues forth at first gentle as a cirrus wisp caressing the coat of a baby lamb, then rapidly rises in span and scope until the very superlative apex of fortissimo is breached, and i am beaten into submission, yay humbled – broken under a torrent, a cascade, a deluge of music. I pause to wring out my ears, so many notes are caught in them. The representation of detail is sparse as spartan, yet rich as cresus – out from that inky abyss rise epic utterings the like of which i have never experienced.

I love these headphones, they’re without doubt my pick of the £1,000+ headphone market. They have a wonderfully open sound and pack oodles of detail into an expansive stereo image. Everything from their impressively deep (but natural bass response to their sparkly (but not too bright) treble impresses me. They may not be as precise as the likes of stax or the audeze lcd3’s but what they lack in accuracy they make up in absolute excitement, with every bass, mid-range and treble note conveying a resounding brilliance that i can only describe as electric which just isn’t found with other brands. If you’re considering spending more than £1,000 then you should definitely give these an audition along with the audeze lcd3’s (superior accuracy) and sennheiser hd800’s (very neutral coloration, superior 3d imaging, superior comfort) in my opinion. Each have a different character and you may simply prefer one of the other, however, you should take careful consideration when matching the lcd3’s with an appropriate headphone amplifier as they can sound very lacking otherwise. I’ve auditioned dozens within this end of the market, even the stax and wouldn’t consider any of the other brands in my short list (sorry). The only downside is the headband and comfort of the headphone but at this price point it’s all about how they sound. If i didn’t get these i would get the lcd3’s which are quite heavy anyway, so either way i’m going to suck it up, lay back on my bean bag and just enjoy some late night listening sessions. Btw, these cans will ‘leak’ sound because they’re an open back design.

I already own the gs1000’s,i recently bought a pair of ps1000e. In my opinion the ps1000e’s do sound slightly better than the gs1000’s,however i find them very heavy and uncomfortable for long listening sessions. So i would advise anyone considering the ps1000e’s to audition a pair first,you might just find that the gs1000’s are more suitable for you being so much lighter. Just a short update,yes the sound quality is stunning,but that is not matched by their comfort or build quality. In the last few months the headband has detached from the ear cups a number of times,i believe although this is only my opinion; that grado need to redesign the way it attaches the headband to the ear cups. Due to the weight of the ear cups gravity is not their friend,mine have now gone back for repair.

  • a better sound stage
  • Incredible.
  • Five Stars

Grado RS2e Reference Series Open Backed Headphone

Product Description, The RS2e is the little brother of the RS1e and shares all of the characteristics of its distinguished elder sibling. It also boasts upgraded drivers, the new 8 conductor cable design and a handcrafted wooden air chamber. However, although the carved mahogany enclosure of the RS2i is smaller than that of the RS1i, it still produces a sound that is pure Grado; full bodied vocals, excellent dynamics and an ultra smooth top end. The Frequency response is 14Hz – 28kHz. The drivers are matched to 0.05dB.

Box Contains, 1 pair of RS2e headphones

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Wonderful product best in the world .

Amazing product, expensive but value for money for clear involving sound.

Now superseded, but despite a monster price tag, this is ridiculously good. If you want your music unravelling, laid bare in front of your ears, with every nuance highlighted and polished, these are the cans for you. To get them to be extremely comfortable, bend the wire frame of the head-strap inwards slightly, so that the large cushions float the cans over your ears, rather than letting the weight of the cans push down onto your cranium. Bass is monstrous, but controlled and never too heavy, midrange is sublime, high notes without sibilance and neither too recessed nor too in your face. Yes, i still hanker after other headphones, too, but am supremely happy with these.

As expected excellent lively sound from rs2e and getting better as they break in, more comfortable than my rs1s.

I bought these after finding my sennheiser hd650’s a bit veiled. These fit the bill perfectly. A much more forward and energetic sound but with an excellent tonal balance across the entire range. The only fault i have is if you have an lp that has sibilance these will not tame it like the hd650.

First impressions=================they do look impressive. Compared to the ps1000, ps1000 well. The cable is thicker (12 conductors vs. Sound=====they are much more superior to bose headphones. And they are much more expensive. But the sound out of these bad boys is astonishing. It’s almost as if they can pick up a pin drop sound on an audio track. They can be very very loud when you need them to, and even at low volume they simply rockbass====the bass seems to go so low and is so deep that you may imagine witchcraft has been involve in making these. Wow factor==========when i had listen one evening with these on my lovely, but large, ears i couldn’t stop thinking wow. (the wow factor) night after night i became more impressed with them. I’m not really into classical music but i listened some some to see how these woud cope. It was similar to being at the concert, each instrument was defined and almost spoke.

I cannot praise these headphones high enough. I use a cd walkman and the detail of the music is astonishing,even at low volumes. I find them very light and comfortable to wear. The only downside is the price,but personally for all the hours of enjoyment rediscovering my collection it is worth it.

Having progressed through a series of excellent headphones (hd580, hd650, sr225) these are without a doubt the best phones i’ve ever. Most enjoyable phones i’ve ever listened to. Are they the most comfortable?. Do they deliver wwriwyg?(what was recorded is what you get) no. Have they made me listen to a huge amount of music since getting them, just to see how awesome this old album sounds, and revel in the improvement and enjoyment created by these phones?. I never really enjoyed his music, simply because of the whinyness of his voice. With these phones, however, the timbre changes. You can here the grit in his throat and the saliva swirling round his lips as he blows out great music. And the most amazing thing about these phones?. Straight out of my iphone sounds fantastic. I have a respectable desktop setup, and realistically, unless you’re in a quietened room, concentrating hard, it’s difficult to see a whole lot of difference. It’s there of course, like the phones just have that little more space to breathe, but straight out the phone is definitely fine by my standards.

  • a better sound stage
  • Incredible.
  • Five Stars

Grado RS2e Reference Series Open Backed Headphone

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  • Grado is pleased to present the new 3rd Generation of their award winning headphones the “e” series. New updated version with improved sound and Build Quality
  • Wooden air chamber
  • UHPLC copper voice coil wire
  • HPLC copper connecting cord
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