GRADO SR225e Prestige Series Open Backed Headphone : Best headphones under £300

Superb sounding headphones but they won’t suit everyone. I have used quite a few sets of headphones over the years but none of them match the grado’s for clarity and detail. They make me want to keep on listening for hours. Be warned though they are only really suitable for use at home in a quiet room.

Forget build, forget looks, unless you like retro, put them on and close your eyes. The soundstage and presence it uncanny, just like cleaning your windows to the sound. I was a bit reluctant to buy these because i have headphones for 3 times the price. Grados have their own sound signature which to me sound natural with added magic but not too much. I suppose everyone has their own taste and if you are a d beats fan, they probably will not have enough bass. I listen to natural flat response headphones which i like, but sometimes i feel are a bit boring. These headphones have an altogether full bodied great lively sound without being way too over the top. For the money, i totally agree that they are amongst the best sounding headphones for the price. Remember just to put sound first. Open back means no sound isolation which means everyone can hear you and you can hear all that is going on around you.

Best headphones i have owned. Beautiful soundstage, great highs and mids and great tight bass. Makes you want to listen to stuff all day. Great rock sound, but also sound fantastic with jazz and folk.

The sound that comes from these is nothing short of incredible for a pair of headphones. This is the sort of sound you expect from a high end speaker setup, not two little speakers that sit over your ears. If you love audio, or you’re someone that spends a lot of time listening to high quality music, you’ll appreciate the sound that comes from these. However; if you are someone that enjoys listening to music for prolonged periods of time, or even someone that simply enjoys sitting and listening through an album rather than just playing a few odd songs, you may find issue with these headphones. They’re extremely uncomfortable, at least on my ears. After a very short time, my ears become hot and uncomfortable due to the pressure around the ears. As you may expect from the photos, they don’t cover your ears, rather they sit on them. Of course, my criticism of these headphones is entirely subjective. We all have different ears and different ideas of comfort. Although, most would agree sitting in a recliner is nicer than sitting on a wooden bench.

Grado have always been a favourite of mine. My wife has adopted my old pair, so i treated myself.

These headphones are brilliant, nice simple packaging, all the focus on the important part which is the actual product. They are comfy and do not produce listening fatigue like some other pairs of headphones, the sound quality is so good that i have switched from listening to mp3 to listening to flac, great sound stage and nice focus on mids where far too many modern headphones compromise for stronger bass.

Brilliant sound, perfect clarity and comfortable; it’s just a pity they don’t come wireless.

  • Absolutely stunning sound!
  • My God!

Grado SR225e Prestige Series Open Backed Headphone

Product Description, Another open-back on-ear design; the features are the same as the SR125i headphones, new driver, cable and housing design. However, the SR225i earphones also benefits from an increased rear air flow, utilises Grado’s larger ear cushion and has closer matched drivers, within an astonishing 0.05dB.The improved metal rear screen increases air flow by 50%, freeing the headphone from colorations, whilst the use of closer matched drivers and the larger cushions results in an enlarged soundstage. The overall sonic improvement is unequivocal and the sound is, as always simply ‘Grado’

Box Contains, 1 pair of SR225e headphones

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Great headphones the sound quality is amazing for the price the design is also great they feel really comfortable the only issue i have is the amount of sound that leaks out so if your listening to a few songs at medium volume most people in the room can hear it as well.

The more detailed reviews from others here are pretty spot on. The sound is spot on and value for money is top. These are the best headphones i own, simply perfect. I listen to all sorts of different music from pink floyd to faithless and london grammar to arctic monkeys. They cope with all of it and the level of background detail is better than any of my others. Listen to echoes on these and you will understand this.

Not sure why the review tab is asking me about noise cancellation or battery life. These are a good set of headphones. They are open backed and wired. I’m very happy with the sound quality.

Despite the hype, i found these to be an above average sounding pair of headphones that offers general higher amounts of clarity and detail than other pairs of cans that you can find on the market for similar prices. If you’re planning to do some general in home listening, then these are for you and are a generally better pick than many other more popular headphones such as beats and pretty much anything from skull candy. However, similarly priced open back headphones can greatly outperform these in almost every aspect such as sound, comfort and build quality. The only reason why i’d see someone pick these over, say, a pair of beyerdynamic dt 990’s is if they want to use these with their phone or don’t won’t to spend extra on an amplifier to drive them.

These continue to sound better with time. Amazing detail, accurate reproduction of recordings. Not as bass heavy as other headphones, but certainly not deficient in this area either. You will hear new details in tracks you thought you new inside out. A hi-fi for your head – awesome.

Sent back as recieved used pair but the sound is excellent only slight difference to next level model.

The styling of these headphones leaves much to be desired but style is outweighed by the sound quality. No there not perfect because the bass doesn’t thump but it is present and the mids on the wrong song can get a little too shrill for my liking but there overall sound is very good considering what you get for your money. Its the space between instruments where these headphones shine. I now regret returning them because i expected too much. They also leak sound due to there open back nature.

Brilliant, bought these to replace my old sr60’s and was worried if they would be a sufficient upgrade instead of going for the more expensive 125’s. No need to worry these are fantastic and a significant upgrade from the 60’s, amazing detail and superior bass response. Anybody debating whether to buy these, just do it you won’t be disappointed.

  • Absolutely stunning sound!
  • My God!

Grado SR225e Prestige Series Open Backed Headphone

Great headphone for detail, open back design leak like mad though, they are as loud for nearby people as they are for you : ) but a nice spacious sound. Tried the 80s too but these had more treble and seem to resolve more.

Wow just add the g cushion pads and it’s as good as 700 pounds headphones.

As with other grado headphones their strength isn’t the amazing detail or well defined bass – it’s in their musicality. They simply make music enjoyable to listen to.

Excellent headphone for the sound quality but the head phone ear piece has come off the head strap, nit the star quality expected.

Ok ive given 4 stars but i sort of wanted to give it three. And here’s why; the sound quality, for the price, is excellent. At this price there are other headphones out there which sound good too, and both look and feel far more comfortable. Grado, for those of us who can overlook it, don’t put emphasis on comfort and design, its all about the sound. But when wearing headphones you want something that is comfortable on your head, which these rate average compared to others i have worn. Not the worse, but not the best. Its just a thin pvc sleeve around a thin flatwire band. And that brings me to my final point.

Shockingly amazing sound for such a cheap price. Don’t worry about sound leakage if the area you are using them has any level of chatter/noise like at work. The sound seems more live than the ps500’s which i own, but not has accurate as the ps500. These are great with an ipod video 5th gen.

Excellent value for money i prefer the sound from open back headphones i use use them in a quiet roomalthough they’re on here the very light and comfortable.

Excellent sound a world apart from even slightly cheaper headphones. In my opinion the picture makes them look smaller than they are, quite substantial but not heavy and very comfortable to wear.

Best headphones i’ve ever owned in terms of sound quality. Can be a little uncomfortable but the sound quality trumps that minor niggle.

Have wanted a decent set of headphones to go with my stack system for a while but didn’t want to spend over £100, and after reading the whathifi review i decided to splash out on these and i’m so glad i did. As per the description in the review they arrived in fairly thin cardboard packaging, however the inside contains very sufficient foam padding which i found to be a welcome change from the moulded plastic which is so common these days. Upon first use i noticed that some reviewers on here have found the headphones uncomfortable to use, especially after extended periods. However i haven’t had that problem, and actually find them to be more comfortable than most i’ve tried. As a benchmark test for their first tryout, i listened to three albums from different genres. Firstly i listened to pink floyd’s pulse album streaming from amazon music. The grado’s performed very well, picking out sounds i hadn’t noticed before. Although occasionally the mid-treble can be a bit harsh (which may be down to the format), overall i found it to be clear, bright, and punchy in the right places. Next up was jeff wayne’s war of the worlds but on vinyl this time. Such a difference to my old sennheiser cans.

As others have said the retro industrial look is something that is going to appeal to you or not. The cable is thicker than the ring main in my house (nearly). I personally love the function first approach. What you can’t fail to be blown away by is the sound quality. I primarily use mine paired to an oppo ha2 portable dac/headphone amplifier (another top product) fed with alac ripped cds, hifi grade streaming from tidal and some hi res audio files using the onkyo hf player (a highly recommended app). I can’t easily describe in words just how stunning and absorbing the sound quality is from this combination. Some people have marked these grado’s down because of the sound leakage. They are open back headphones. If you buy them in that knowledge you won’t be dissapointed. They aren’t going to totally isolate your music from the world and they aren’t going to totally isolate you from the noise of the world around you.

Lightweight and pleasure to use. In the summer, really nice alternative to heavy headphones like beyerdymanic 1770 or others. Can be used without amp, so extremely portable.

Also fast shipping and great communication.

I’ve had these grado’s a few weeks now, and they are superb. They get even better with a better input signal.

Wow,the sound quality is mesmerisingthe plastic holding the cans snapped within 2months, but amazon got the whole product replaced immediately. Owned sr60 a few years back, the headphone assembly fell apart bit by bit over time, but i seriously can’t fault the sound quality.

Not very comfy for the ears, but the sound quality is beyond anything i have heard so far.

Not to be worn on public transport or office as there’s quite a lot of spill with the open back design. They are truly a quality headphone.

Bought these for my dad for his birthday – very sturdy and well made and the sound is terrific – he loves them.

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  • Grado is pleased to present the new 3rd Generation of their award winning headphones the “e” series. New updated version with improved sound and Build Quality
  • Non Resonant air chamber
  • HPLC copper voice coil wire
  • Standard copper connecting cord