Graef 2 Slice Toaster – TO61 : Easy to use

Simply the best toaster i have ever bought, and i have bought many.

Amazing toaster – i didn’t think i’d be quite this impressed by a toaster, but this one is great. The elements must be really hot as the outside of the toast is very crisp and the inside soft and fluffy. Like making toast under the grill but with none of the hassle. It came reasonably quickly, too – a week or less from germany.

I think the major shortcoming is the difficulty of toasting a single slice without overdoing it. Otherwise is does the job, but at quite an expensive price.

Quality and stylish product. I’m more of a pitta bread man than toast fan indoors and this toaster works very well in this aspect.

I should have read the reviews first. I bought it, like another reviewer, because it was a which best buy, but it is disappointing that, like so many other toasters, it does not toast evenly on both sides or from top to bottom. Like others i thought paying slightly more would be beneficial but not in this case. I have written to which to record my dissatisfaction.

I particularly like the arms that raise up to toast crumpets, hot cross buns etc. I was amazed at how well they toasted as i thought they would be too far from the heat source, but they toast really well and quickly. Once the buns are toasted, you simply lift them off. Bread toasts evenly and quickly.

Fully met my expectations and a quick delivery.

  • Looks good, but could perform better
  • Disappointed
  • A great toaster

Graef 2 Slice Toaster White – TO61

Graef 2 Slice Toaster White – TO61

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This toaster arrived this morning and was very well wrapped. It looks even better than in the photos. It works perfectly and i am very pleased with it a perfect match to the kettle.

Excellent product but whatever happened to the ‘cord rewind’?. Would have given 5 stars but for the misleading description.

Lovely toaster, very stylish. Customer service at graef, brilliant no fuss sorted. Well done grade on your design.

To date, the only downside that i have seen is that if toasting only one slice of bread it will not toast both sides equally, ie. The ‘cold’ outer side will be less toasted than that of the ‘warm’ inner side of the toaster. This effect disappears if toasting in both slots. A future design improvement would be to have a switchable single slot system.

Toasts my bread well, controls work nicely, even the crumb trays works well. Perhaps getting a bit expensive now – but for something i use everyday it’s a joy.

Looks good and is easy to store and to clean. I got this because it was a which best buy but i’m slightly disappointed. It toasts well but not evenly. I have to change the bread around half way through to get a truly even toast. It’s fine but not as efficient as i was hoping.

Well worth the price and short wait for delivery from germany.

This toaster looks really cool but doesn’t heat the bread equally from both sides. Each side comes out consistently and even but the sides of the bread are not the same as one another. I’ll suffer its faults because i’ve found cheaper toasters burn the bread too easily but i was hopeful of more.

  • Looks good, but could perform better
  • Disappointed
  • A great toaster

Graef 2 Slice Toaster White – TO61

Beware, this comes with a european plug and adapter so protrudes from the wall socket.

However, slices from a large loaf stick out at the top and it doesn’t really cater for hand cut ‘doorstep’ style slices.

Elegant, efficient and typical solid german manufactured. Would highly recommend this product.

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