Guest Post: 5 Ways to Keep Your Summer Skin All Year Long

Winter is not the best season for your skin, regardless of whether you are Beyonce or an ordinary woman. The onset of winter brings along with it an entire range of issues for skin, pertaining from dryness to itchy and cracked up red skin. In extreme cases, the dryness can lead to skin conditions such as Eczema and even infections.

There are however ways to maintain your summer, supple and glowing skin all year long regardless of the season. Mentioned below are just five out of the numerous ways by which you can keep your summer skin on an annual basis.

Increase Water Intake
Beauty is inside out, taking this literally one needs to be careful about not only taking the proper steps to maintain their skin externally but also internally. Water makes up an average of 15% of our skin, of which it is essential to keep a detailed level of water within our bodies.

Eight glasses of water per day are considered as being the ideal consumption; the dry winter weather dehydrates our skin and hence the necessary steps must be taken to overcome it.

Splatter the sunscreen
The sun shines just as bright even on cold, cloudy days; UV rays are still able to penetrate our skin, thus for protection, sunscreen must be applied at all times during the day. Sunblocks containing Titanium oxide or zinc oxide are best categorized for Ultraviolet ray’s protection.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize
The core issue behind the changing skin during the winter is the sudden decrease in humidity. As the water droplets begin to decline within the air, our skin becomes more and more prone to dryness. Frequently moisturizing our skin is then of the utmost importance. Shops these datys are filled with winter moisturizing creams; you can always rely on natural products such as Virgin coconut oil etc.

Skin can start to look tired and dull once the dead skin cells begin to build up. A skin regime which is in agreement with your skin type is an essential part of maintaining supple skin all year round. Regular exfoliation is also known to keep your skin acne free as well as delaying cases of premature aging.

Avoid heat
As tempting as it may seem, a steaming hot bath on a daily basis to beat the cold temperatures can do more damage to your skin than good. Frequent exposure can lead to broken capillaries as well as constant dehydration. Hot water also causes the unnecessary opening of the pores making them more prone to breakouts due to dirt build-up as well as becoming more prominent. It is advised to stay indoors in cool environments to avoid skin irritation.

Pamper your skin with the earlier mentioned tips, and enjoy your beautiful, supple skin all year round, whether in the autumn season or even in the harsh winters.

This post was written by Beth Martel. She is a mother of two, a medical professional and a humanitarian. She blogs at – go check her out!