GUSGU Bluetooth Earphones Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5 : Great while doing sports

I am very impressed with the quality of sound, comfort and battery life. Also the sound level has surprised me. I’ve been always told that wireless earphones are not loud enough – not true, i never have to set to highest as it is too loud for me. I only had to charge it once during the week as the case charges them when you put them in. The microphone is sensitive enough and allows to make phone calls without the need to shout. Overall i am very happy and can recommend these earphones surely.

These headphones are surprisingly comfortable. I thought they would be a bit bulky and heavy in the ear, but they are not. When i opened the package and charged the headphones (they came mostly charged), and turned them on, they paired up instantly. Music sound quality is great. Very rich deep bass and clear treble. So far battery life has been great 10+ hours of music without needing to recharge. My only (minor) gripe would be that the magnetic connection in the case is pretty strong, and with my large fingers it can be a bit challenging to get a good grip to pull them from the charging case. My girlfriend (with smaller fingers) has no such problem.

I tried several bluetooth headphones but none was right for me. A friend of mine said about these bluetooth headphones and ordered them. I want to tell you that i am very pleased with them. Battery life lasts long enough and even uses them enough.

Good quality headphones, much better to use than the wired versions of headphones. These are easy to use and very convenient with easy bluetooth pairing. Useful charging case which comes with it, can take when traveling. Fits perfectly in my pocket. Sound quality is clear and the bass is pretty cool.

I was surprised how good the sound quality was. Sounded just as good as my wireless beats. Not much of a difference between the two, honestly.They stays in the ears very comfortably even a long time. Totally worth it & very satisfied with this purchase. I will recommend to family and friends.

They’re easy to connect to my phone – i added them to trustconnect so that they are recognised by my phone straightaway. They come with a choice of 3 different size earbud, the smallest one fits perfectly and it’s great to have a choice. The box they come in looks sleek and stylish and fits easily into your pocket. The headphones connect into the charging box magentically and show that they are connected by changing the colour of the light on top. They docking box takes about 2 hours to charge fully and continues to recharge the headphones whilst they’re stored in it. The sound is perfect – clear and crisp when watching videos / movies and bassy enough to listen to music too.

I turned my attention to these great earbuds because they offered an awesome battery life and microphone on both sides of my ears. I always had problems with previous models, other earbuds did not have the dual mic option and finally these lilttle buddies make my life even easier. Sound quality is very decent, pairs quickly as described and i have yet to run out of battery time. The buttons are just right and the case itself does not take much space up in my pocket.

A huge surprise, the sound is very good. The connection process is simple and every device i own can connect easily and automatically after the first time. The range is pretty good and actually works through the thick concrete walls of my apartment. The call quality is great and effortless, it feels like just talking to another person face to face.

  • Love it
  • Quality sounds
  • Nice set of earphones

GUSGU Bluetooth Earphones Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 in ear Earphones Wireless Headphones with Mic(Total 80 Hrs Playtime) Sports Noise Cancelling Earbuds For iPhone and Android

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I really like the design, both the case and earbuds are very textured. Paring is easy, just 2 steps. They sit in the ear very comfortably and stay there, come with 4 pairs of eartips in different sizes, so you don’t need to worry they fit not well. Tested the battery life for several times, on average 5 hours 10 minutes once full charged, on medium volume, which is really impressive, because i have done a research that such wireless earbuds always work only 2-3 hours, so 5 hours, really outstanding capacity isn’t it?.Really love them, so happy with the purchase.

I use these for listening to podcasts and talking on the phone. They are super comfortable and i love the charging case – i do wish you could see from the outside when the earbuds are charged. However, i couldn’t deduct a star for that because on the whole these are so good. I have shoulder length hair and i think my hair often gets in the way of others being able to hear me. My hair may brush against the microphone i’m guessing. No problem with others not being able to hear me. I can hear and be heard very clearly. There are several different size earpads also so if the one it comes with isn’t for you, you will have plenty of options. The biggest challenge is remembering to charge them because the battery lasts a long time.

These earphones are awesome, make me look cool, most importantly the sound quality and noise cancellation are both excellent, the battery life also very good, they feel comfortable in the ears. Some reviews saying it can only connect to one earphone at a time, my suggestion is try to take both the earphones out from the charging box use both hands at the same time, this will ensure both the earphones active at the same time.

After looking for earbuds for a few days i decided to go ahead with this headphones they looking small and compact and the sound is amazing it takes you out of this world, the bass is amazing too. I run quiet a lot and these headphone stuck on my ears like a glue amazing. Purchased item and received the following days well packaged. I am happy with the purchased it well worth every penny.

I was attracted to these because of the promised ‘play’ life. Sadly the product doesn’t live up to its billing. I had major problems connecting & pairing the earbuds. After several attempts using different phones etc, i only got one earbud to pair & connect – yes. I followed the very sparse instructions provided in the box. A number of e-mails to gusgu customer service dept produced no responses, no answer. So these are going back for refund and i shall seek a better system. Update: gusgu got in touch with me and replaced the faulty pair with a free upgraded pair. Excellent customer service on their part.

I am pleased with this purchase. Having had bluetooth headphones previously i was in need of something completely wireless as i got frustrasted with tangle wires. These attracted me as they were not expensive compared to other brands and i have to say the quality os not compremised. The charging case is neat and tidy and gives multiple charge for when you are on the go. These fit comfortably in my ear without falling out. The connection is clear while in your pocket, but not if you stray to far away from your phone/device obviously. Sound is crisp with a good range of tones. Reccimend this to music lovers.

Bought these earbuds for myself, really exceed my expectation. Very fast to connect with the cell phone (as is shown on their pictures: one step paring) and comfortable to wear(never fall out of my ears when i running these days). Easy to charge & the battery life is also good (5 hours 12 mins work time for the first time using). Plus the audible quality from this pair of earbuds is amazing, clear and distinct, deep bass performs well, too. Will buy another one as a valentine’s day present:).

I am so please with the new wireless headphones i bought. My personal experience is that it is extremely useful especially for doing sports as there will be no cables around you. Another great advantage is that it is comfortable to wear and quality of the sound is great. Highly recommend anyone who is always on the go.

  • Love it
  • Quality sounds
  • Nice set of earphones

GUSGU Bluetooth Earphones Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 in ear Earphones Wireless Headphones with Mic(Total 80 Hrs Playtime) Sports Noise Cancelling Earbuds For iPhone and Android

Casing made of plastic but is solid, have used them everyday since arrival a couple of weeks ago and can say pleased with it, they give excellent sound for such a small size, bass is relatively good, last at least 2-3 hours as suggested, depending of playback volume, charging box is handy and convenient, the unit has all the size ear buds attached so don’t need to fiddle around, one size fits all, overall the build and sound quality is decent on this headset.

I have not heard of the company before buying these wireless earphones but i really like them and would recommend them. I am very pleased with the quality of the material and the lovely carrying case. The earphone case is so small and compact to carry around with you. Connection via bluetooth for the first time is very easy and it re-connects to last used device automatically. The sound is very good quality and the bass. The headphones hold the charge for a few hours (around 5 hours). They feel comfortable in the ear and do not fall out when walking and i was even running with them without issues.

I am pleased with this brilliant wireless earbuds as they are as tiny as my size of earhole. The sound quality produced by the earphones is even better than i expected. I can not help but say that everyone should get a pair of wireless earphones to treat themselve if you are a music fan, enjoying videos and music all the time.

Been using these for just about a week now, and what you would expect for this price range. Fits comfortable in my ear and sound quality is decent. It was easy to pair up and works straight out of the box. It’s looks pretty slick if you’re into the minimal look, but i do miss some of the flashy stuff at times.

Really loved these earphones, easy to chare and easy to pair with a bluetooth device. I started using it while running and they fit comfortably in the ear, do not fall out during runs. Sound quality is amazing listening music is a much better experience. The mic is also very powerful as i started using them making skype or any online calls without the need of any headsets these earbuds are perfect. Charging is easy and convenient and once charged it holds it charged for a long time i have used continuously for over 4 hours without a need to charge. Overall all great purchase well happy with it.

These really are an excellent pair of headphone. Very easy to set up and their connectivity seems to be very good and reliable. I have been walking around the house rediscovering tracks with audio i never knew existed until now due to the clarity of treble and bass that these small earbuds deliver. Really good pair of earbuds and would definitely recommend/ buy again.

Very good pair of earphones. They are so easy to connect and use and the signal doesn’t drop like others i’ve had. The range is also pretty good i can easily go around the gym, leaving my phone somewhere around. I liked the fact that it comes with different sizes for the ear pieces because my ears are not the default medium size. Also, they dont fall off easily so you can use them for sports and other similar activities.

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