Haden 188854 Jersey Kettle : Boil more than twice as per advice

I love everything about this kettle: the colour is perfect; the design attractive; it’s wonderfully quiet to boil; i can boil as little as one mug of water; it boils quickly and it’s a great pourer. Easy to fill too – either through the spout or by removing the lid. An added bonus is that it comes with a spare filter.

Looks great is quiet and boils fast – would recommend.

Stylish beautiful kettle, glad i went with this so many compliments.

Nice looking and quiet than most. But boil more than twice as leaves a metallic taste, which after 2 weeks is just beginning to go.

Maybe a little expensive but worth it.

I’ll just say what other people here missed because i agree it seems real good quality and is quite pretty to look at. I think the thermometer is a very cool feature albeit mostly useless. When i was a kid would have been absolutely thrilled to watch the gauge arm go up (or down to be honest). I don’t like my instant coffee piping hot which makes me the only person in the household to care about the gauge now. It’s also very well balanced with our without water in it. We like this kettle although weren’t planning on spending this much but now feel it was money well spent.

Great colour, great look complete with natty gauge which is great for making instant coffee (80 degrees). Easy fill through spout and quiet boil.

Lovely, works well & extremely good value compared to other similar style products.

  • My best kettle ever
  • Excellent quality and looks great!
  • Great kettle

Haden 188854 Jersey Kettle, 3000 W, 1.5 Liters, Red

Product Description, Introducing the Jersey range of kettles by Haden. Available in three colours with a retro shape these kettles will add a pop of colour and style to any kitchen. These kettles feature a 1.5ltr capacity, temperature scale, water viewing window, a light indicator during boiling and it includes a spare filter. The Jersey kettle is available in three colours; Red, Putty & Marmalade.

Box Contains,

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Looks great in my kitchen, really easy to use and it pours really well. Lovely and light and looks fantastic. Slight scratch on the red enamel when it arrived but apart from that i love it.

I am so pleased with this kettle not too heavy to use even with having oa in hands. The lid is easy to take off but can also just fill using the spout. A really nice stylish temperature dial on the front of it so it makes this kettle look so much different than a lot of others on the market at the moment. The red coloring so nice and cheery and goes with my coffee machine. The noise level on this is a heck of a lot quieter than lots of others we’ve had. The build of it feels well made and it ticks every box for me with it being light enough but feels sturdy and level when on its base. A water level gauge at the side and the base can be placed anywhere as it rotates so making it easier for where you want to place it. It is a rapid boil and yes that temperature dial does work and not just a novelty on the kettle. What surprised me more than anything was this kettle looks good on the web and in the actual flesh so to speak looks good too. A two year warranty and an extra water filter comes with it.

Fast boil and the filter us a plus.

Love the colour and style of this kettle. Easy to hold and pour, with large handle. Nice large capacity stops u having to fill it all the time if you have guests around.

Not too noisy and it doesn’t leak. I had another one from a different supplier and had to send it back after a week as it leaked from the temperature gauge. This one hasn’t and i am very happy with it.

Excellent product love my new kettle.

Lovely quirky looking kettle.

Good to look at and a cheery red in the kitchen, this kettle is easy to hold and fill and boils quickly and quite quietly. There was an initial metallic taste when using the first few times but this has gone now. We don’t actually use the thermometer gauge as it is on the opposite side that the kettle faces, but i’m sure that would be very useful if you did want to keep an eye on your temperatures. Hubby has clunked the kettle a couple of times but no dints as yet. Wipes clean with a damp cloth and doesn’t drip. Very pleased with it so far.

  • My best kettle ever
  • Excellent quality and looks great!
  • Great kettle

Haden 188854 Jersey Kettle, 3000 W, 1.5 Liters, Red

Very nice quality, we bought this after buying a similar style swan kettle which failed badly. This haden kettle is so well made by comparison and quiet when boiling. The temperature guage is useful especially as coffee and certain other hot drinks sinks require boiling water unlike tea.

I found that fitting the filter was fiddly and i am unsure how durable this kettle will be as it appears somewhat “lightweight” considering the price.

Features and Spesification

  • 360° rotational cordless kettle
  • Removable filter with a spare filter included in the box
  • Water level & temperature gauges
  • Concealed heating element
  • Indication light during boiling