Hama Digital HiFi Tuner DIT2100MSBT Internet Radio DAB : Just what I wanted.

I have a early dab sony & denon tuner & this unit sounds miles better than them. So i am really pleased with this piece of kit.

If you want a digital radio tuner that is easy to use & works well for dab and internet radio then this fits the bill. Don’t forget it is a tuner & must be connected to an amplifier. I use headphones or the optical output to connect to my onkyo audio system & it sounds fine. You will need a good fm signal to achieve a quiet stereo output so i use a loft aerial as the supplied telescopic one isn’t good enough. I am happy with dab though, unlike the purists, so i listen to that & internet radio most of the time.

Excellent product beautiful tone.

Locks onto dab that my other radios cannot, has a wide selection of internet stations, and is very flexible in its connections to other equipment. Better still, having a headphone socket means i can listen over headphones to my music while my son plays computer games via the av amplifier. Well built, very affordable, and connected easily to my network without fuss. If only other manufacturers built to the same high standard.

Interface is a little clunky and shame it cant directly play spotify (needs to be have it pushed to it).

I bought this for the kitchen and was really impressed with it. A very compact unit but for this reason stereo separation suffers especially if pushed up close to the wall as the speakers are mounted on the side. It goes surprisingly loud for it’s size and more bass than you would expect with a clear sound with tone controls and a dsp. The display is very clear and set up was simple, connecting to the router was also easy. Playback from a usb stick was good with the track titles displayed but no artwork as it has a mono screen. It comes with remote control but not really necessary as the buttons work well and are very positive in use. It could be used as an alarm clock / radio for the bedroom as it has alarm and snooze functions. The photo shows how small it is compared to drink cansthe only dislike about the unit was the external power supply which has two pins euro style that goes into a three pin uk style adapter (supplied) this made it very bulky and as my socket was behind the fridge freezer made it stick out. The only option is to buy another power supply with the same voltage or a different adapter to keep it close to the wall this maybe a deal breaker for some.

Addendum, august 2017: suddenly i’ve found i can’t receive bbc stations 3, 4, 5. Apparently the bbc has set a new standard for broadcasting, and the radio, like most others i think, doesn’t support it. I can receive bbc world service and all non-bbc stations, so my original review still stands. Just be aware, this happened to me yesterday, the fault of the bbc not the radio. So unless they do an upgrade, when this fails i will have to have one with fm on it as well.

So versatile and perfect sound.

  • Good for the price but could be better
  • Kitchen Radio
  • Excellent for Amazon Music & Internet Radio

Hama Digital HiFi Tuner DIT2100MSBT Internet Radio DAB+/ FM/App | Silver

Size Name:DIT2100  |  Colour Name:Silver Product Description Spotify Connect – unlimited musical enjoyment With Spotify Connect you can enjoy music wherever you like. Smartphone, PC and in future also directly via your radio when changing the player music starts exactly at the place where you stopped it before. Millions of songs and always the most current hit lists at the touch of a button – this is Spotify Connect! UNDOK – comfortable remote controlg UNDOK allows you to comfortably control your radio via your smartphone or tablet PC. With the free app you can control all settings of the radio, change the stations, administrate favourites or create multiroom groups. Even the complete first setup is directly possible via an Android or iOS device. Multiroom – listen to your music anywhere in your home You want to enjoy your favourite music in the bathroom although the radio is in the living room? Multiroom allows you to distribute your music to any compatible speaker in every room of your house even if only one device has the corresponding source. Large rooms can also be filled with superior sound by simply positioning several devices that play back your favourite music without audible temporal offset! Bluetooth streaming – music transmission from a smartphone or tablet PC There is a super wide choice of radio stations but there is nothing like your own music. Thanks to Bluetooth you can stream your favourite songs quickly and easily from your smartphone, tablet, notebook or PC to the radio. Simply pair the radio and your device and enjoy your favourite music!. Box Contains 1 “DIT2100MSBT”; digital HiFi tuner, 1 remote control, 2 AAA batteries, 1 Wi-Fi antenna (SMA), 1 DAB/ FM antenna (F-coaxial), 1 Bluetooth antenna (SMA), 1 RCA audio cable, 1 Spotify flyer, 1 quick reference guide

From the manufacturer


Music pleasure in a class of its own

Digital hi-fi tuner DIT2100MSBT

Are you ready for a new level of hi-fi equipment? Hama digital hi-fi tuners give you limitless radio and music enjoyment. Whether digital radio, internet radio or network streaming: The world of music enjoyment is open to you.

Enjoy good DAB + quality with your Dolby surround system: The tuner with a stylish metal housing can be perfectly integrated into your sound system in your living room. Thanks to numerous connection options, you are flexible in the application: Cinch, optical and coaxial digital output, analog audio input, headphone output and even USB port are available.

Internet radio for worldwide reception

Thanks to internet radio reception, the whole world of radio music is open to you. Browse the channel list for your favorite radio stations and select your favorites. Found favorite stations? Then save them to one of the 30 local Internet radio favorite memories and enjoy your favorite music at the touch of a button.

DAB + and FM radio

But even without Internet access, the hi-fi tuner offers a large selection of radio stations – thanks to DAB + in the very best digital quality. Your local favorite station is not digital yet? Then just switch to FM mode and enjoy the good old station quite classic and analog. Also for radio reception via DAB or FM there are 30 favorite places each.

At a glance

  • Internet (WLAN / LAN), DAB +, FM radio
  • Amazon Music, Spotify Connect
  • Multiroom, Bluetooth, network streaming
  • USB, AUX ports
  • Stereo RCA L / R output, S / P DIF coaxial / optical out
  • Headphone jack
  • Replaceable antenna
  • 2.8 “color display (TFT) with automatic backlight





Multiroom – brings your music to the whole house

With Multiroom you create your very own sound world. Ask e.g. a radio in every room and play the same music synchronously everywhere or place a radio in each corner of the room and enjoy room-filling sound. Multiroom lets you brand-independently distribute music from the master device to any compatible home-network radio, even if only this device has the appropriate source.

Control via app or remote control

The tuner can be operated both with a normal remote control (included), as well as with the free “UNDOK” app (Android / iOS) conveniently from your smartphone or tablet. The app takes over all the functions of a conventional remote control. The advantage: You usually have your smartphone at hand and you do not have to search for the tuner remote control for a long time.

Color display with twilight sensor

Thanks to the 2.8 “-large color display, the tuner is easy to operate: the menu is clear and comes without useless frills.The RDS and ID3 tag display gives you full visibility: The display shows information about the song depending on the sender , Artists, etc. displayed. In addition, practical: The intensity of the backlight adjusts automatically by means of a twilight sensor, so that screen contents can always be read off perfectly.

Connect external music sources via AUX and USB

Via the AUX-IN socket on the device, you can easily and quickly transfer your favorite pieces of music directly from your mobile phone, tablet or PC to the loudspeaker via audio cable. Have you stored your music collections externally on USB sticks? These can also be connected directly to the tuner.


Spotify Connect for even more music enjoyment

The tuner is compatible with Spotify Connect and gives you access to millions of songs. You can search in the huge song selection of the streaming provider, create your own playlists and have your favorite music on any device available – even on the DIT2100MSBT. To use Spotify Connect, you need a Spotify Free or Premium account.


Music streaming with Amazon Music

Amazon Music is integrated directly into the device and can be streamed through the tuner without the need for a smartphone or tablet. Only the registration on the Amazon account must be made once via the smartphone / tablet. Amazon Music requires Amazon Prime membership and / or Amazon Music Unlimited subscription.


Connect external music sources via AUX and USB

The selection of radio stations is huge, but nothing beats their own music. Thanks to Bluetooth, they can be streamed quickly and easily from the smartphone, tablet, notebook or PC to the tuner and then sounded via the connected speakers. Simply pair tuner and device and enjoy favorite music.


Network Streaming

Not only radio music can be received with the tuner, you can also stream your own songs and playlists from your PC, smartphone or tablet to the device and listen to it via your sound system. With UPnP you have access to your music collection on the home server or PC via the network. A few mouse clicks later your favorite tunes are available on the tuner.





xx s ff v gg
HiFi tuner (Internet radio, DAB, Multiroom, Bluetooth) HiFi tuner (Internet radio, DAB, Multiroom) Internet and digital radio (2.1 sound system) Internet and digital radio with CD player Multiroom speaker with Internet radio
Internet reception
DAB + / DAB, FM / FM
Spotify Connect
Amazon Music
Transmitter memories 90 (30/30/30) 90 (30/30/30) 90 (30/30/30) 90 (30/30/30) 30
Speaker None (HiFi module only) None (HiFi module only) 70 W (= 2 x 20 W + 30 W Sub) 40 W (= 2 x 20 W) 30W RMS
Multiroom capability
Other connections LAN, WLAN, headphone, line in, line out, stereo L / R cinch, optical and coaxial audio output, antenna connection LAN, WLAN, headphone, line in, line out, stereo L / R cinch, optical and coaxial audio output, antenna connection LAN, WLAN, headphone, AUX-in, line-out, optical audio output LAN, WLAN, headphone, AUX-in, line-out, optical audio out line-out

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Quick and easy to set up, but needed to download pdf manual on line first as quick-start guide very limited. However, easy to find and keep internet radio stations – found my personal favourites very quickly, and excellent sound for such a small unit.

Solidly-built, very responsive controls, very good quality sound. A tad expensive when compared to the ocean wr-230, but still cheapest mid-range model. Pausing playback when playing own media not preserved when switch off/on, nor can do a ff/rw, making this function pretty useless except for very short tracks (same on ocean radio, btw).

This was a replacement for a 25 year old fm hi-fi tuner that has finally stopped working reliably. Connected to an fm roof antenna. Fm is probably not quite as good as the hi-fi tuner it is replacing, detectable hiss on some stations that was not there before. The fm performance is the only negative, but in the end is not that important as it is now being used mainly for dab and internet radio. The internet radio works well, both with wired and wireless connections. Streaming music from a tablet using bluetooth also works well. It also easily streams music from a qnap nas that is connected to the home network. The android application to control it is a bonus, though i found i needed to use the undok app and not the hama app that failed to worked.

Brilliant piece of kit crystal clear sound, easy to set up and use.

Good customer service from supplier.

Living in qc, canada, i bought two of these from amazon uk. Reason is simple: as of today, kinda strange that an internet radio is still a niche product in north america. Few where the choices, so i went with what seemed to be the best bang for the buck: grace encore. And what a disapointment it was: the unit felt like it was coming from the cheapest chinese plant possible and assembled with dated mid 80’s technology. Fortunately, as usual, return was a breeze thanks to amazon. So i’ve lurked what was available in europe and, to my surprise, such thing as an internet radio was more democratized over there. The main purpose of the device i was interested in, was the alarm function (wanted to wake to non local radio stations as they’re all garbage stations in my area). So, again, i went ahead with what i then considered the best bang for the buck after some research: hama ir110. And what a relief: a little box with strong specs, very well built and exactly what one could expect from an internet radio in 2016. Plus it is meeting my requirements when it comes to an alarm device (only thing i regret is the lack of a nap function though).

Perfect size for our kitchen great tone and so many channels to choose form.

Things have moved on a lot since my old technics tuner. I can listen to rock from all over the world.

  • Good for the price but could be better
  • Kitchen Radio
  • Excellent for Amazon Music & Internet Radio

Hama Digital HiFi Tuner DIT2100MSBT Internet Radio DAB+/ FM/App | Silver

Excellent piece of kit – very good sound – looks stylish and does not take up too much space on the kitchen work surface.

A nice piece of kit that is versatile. Dab works well but i would question it’s usable threshold. Distant stations appear then vanish as if they have been muted as they have not attained a mystery level?. Strong stations march in as one would expect. The internet radio was the feature that encouraged this purchase but on two occasions i have been met with a message ‘internet timeout’ and it has taken ages to get the unit to respond. Naturally, it had to go back hence the three star rating.

Excellent performance and value for money.

Hello,hama dir 3200: a radio with a function that others don’t have: the ‘back to sleep aid lullaby function’. As most of the comments have described, this radio breathes quality. The sound is good, intelligible at low volume (even if the low volume is not its primary vocation) to be able to install the station near the bed, medium fm reception (mean in my corner of the countryside, i do not have dab and internet is weak and very irregular). The remote control is a real remote control, which holds well in your hand. It provides almost all functions in a pleasant way. The organization and hierarchy of functions are well thought out, in search of simplicity. It also has the specific function that i was desperate to find and which can interest people with frequent night awakenings:the possibility of turning the radio on for a short time (15 minutes or more) by a simple gesture not to wake up too much. The sleep-timer function is usually designed by engineers for the person who has decided to fall asleep while listening to the radio, not for the person who wants to be accompanied to go back to sleep. In the first case, the ‘sleep-timer’ is activated while the radio is in operation. In the second case, the ‘limited operating time’ is activated while the radio is switched off (more precisely in standby mode).

Received today and had to review straight away. Very impressed with this new addition to my hifi rack, i actually only wanted it for amazon music and internet radio as i already have a quality dab/fm hifi component. I was previously listening to amazon music through google chromecast audio but wanted a proper hifi component to do it along with internet radio. I unpacked and connected an ethernet cable (i don’t do wi-fi or bluetooth for music) and a audioquest coaxial cable into my audiolab 6000a amp so i can utilise the audiolabs dac feeding into my kef q350’s. Turned on the power went through the set up wizard downloaded the undok app and registered my amazon account, i kept my fingers crossed praying it was going to sound better than chrome cast audio and my god does it, i was blown away, i’m not (yet) even using their new hd service but it honestly sounds like i’m playing a cd i couldn’t believe the difference (incedently i had the chrome cast hardwired via ethernet), everything sounds more fuller and detailed. I then searched the internet radio database for 320kbps jazz stations and saved a few into my favourites and was yet again amazed by the sound difference, i literally couldn’t be happier for £200 with a lovely screen showing what’s playing etc it’s the bargain of the century lol. The undok app is a bit basic but does it’s job, like i said earlier i’m not using the dab, fm or bluetooth or networking from pc as i have components that already do this but as an amazon streamer it’s great. I was worried before purchasing as there doesn’t seem to be many reviews of this model plus no youtube videos but i’m glad i did, well done hama you’ve made a great piece of very affordable kit 10/10.

Very easy to set up if you have a wps button on your router.

This a amazing little machine. Great value ,as it can give you 35 dab stations with 9 presets. Can also play spotify files and has access to of loads of pod casts. The most impressive ,feature is the dizzying amount of internet stations on hand. I thought the sound quality would take a slide ,but on the whole ,through a mid price separates ,system there is little drop off in quality of sound ,with the present limitations of digital output. There is a beautiful little display window giving imformation about the show and track and band/artist names. The internet ,stations have cute and colourful logos. This is a snip for the price. The only problem ,i’ve had with it ,is the amount of choice on show. I’ve also been impressed with the standard of music.

Brilliant radio , sounds like a much bigger hi fi. Getting internet radio is a bit fiddly but well worth the effort.

Better than i anticipated a solidly built product and decent audio.

Very good bit of kit and excellent value.

Very nice internet radio, with dab and fm looking great including optical out it works great.

Replacement for a pure evoke flow with a dead display, and used as a kitchen radio. Reasonably easy to set up, especially the dab auto-tune and the internet radio, and the functionality is everything that’s advertised. Fm set-up wasn’t quite so intuitive – no auto-tune for fm, it seems, and it couldn’t find that many stations. Not an issue, fm is hardly used anyway. It has an internet radio menu section for the bbc stations, which is nice – the dab tuner couldn’t find bbc5+, but it plays flawlessly on the ir. Other internet radio stations are difficult to find, just like they have been on internet radios for the last ten years, using the same continent/country/genre search, and many of my favourite stations are missing. Hopefully the app will help with that (will try later). I haven’t tried spotify or streaming yet, either. Only ten presets each for dab, fm and ir, though. Makes the app vital – it better work flawlessly, or the rating will go down to two stars.

Great network player for a reasonable price. If there is one negative that i can find is that the internet radio does not currently support aac formatted data streams – it does support aac files on usb memory sticks, so i’m hopeful this may be added in a future software update. On the whole, i am very happy with my purchase.

Got this unit to replace a nearly 20 year old technics fm/dab tuner as i wanted one that could get dab+ and have internet connection for foreign radio stations. Reasonably easy to set up and once i registered the unit to my frontier silicon account it downloaded all my favourite internet radio stations. If you want it can also connect to spotify and amazon music but i have no interest in those services so i don’t know how easy it is to connect to them. The unit also has bluetooth but that failed to connect to any bluetooth enabled items i have i. My laptop and mobile phone whether this is due to a problem with the units involved or my not understanding how to do it i don’t know and as i don’t intend on using the facility i’m not much bothered. The remote control is a bit on the small side and the ‘step back’ button only seems to take menu commands back a couple of levels. It is a bit on the expensive side but considering what it is capable of and compared to what i paid for the old technics 20 years ago it is very cheap.

Does a great job with dab given the formats limitations (ie mp2 at 128kps) for most radio stations does even better job with internet radio. Bbc stations at 320kps mac sound fantastic. Use bluetooth with amazon echo dot works well. Analogue audio outs pretty good but recommend using digital outputs with a digital amp or external dac (i use cambridge audio dacmagic).

Good internet and dab reception. Sleep alarms alter display brightnes and more.

Super little radio, easy to set up with a great sound. This replaced a complex and underperforming roberts radio – we can’t get dab or fm – so rely on internet radio. The hama has high functionality and works out of the box.

Features and Spesification

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Spotify Connect – unlimited musical enjoymentWith Spotify Connect you can enjoy music wherever you like
  • UNDOK – comfortable remote control. UNDOK allows you to comfortably control your radio via your smartphone or tablet PC. With the free app you can control all settings of the radio
  • Multiroom – You want to enjoy your favourite music in the bathroom although the radio is in the living room? Multiroom allows you to distribute your music to any compatible speaker in every room
  • Bluetooth streaming – music transmission from a smartphone or tablet PCThere is a super wide choice of radio stations but there is nothing like your own music