Handcoffee Handpresso – Auto 48264 12V portable coffee maker : Absolutely brilliant

We have had it for over a year now and we used it a lot. On the comments that the machine doesn’t work, it could be due to the state of the battery. In one of our cars with a newer battery, it works beautifully but in our old camper where the leisure battery is a bit old, it didn’t work – similar to what the one star reviewer gave. It makes very good coffee from carte noir pods. I was very tempted to upgrade to the 16 bar version, but decided against it in the end. We have amortised the cost of the machine now. We have had more than 100 cups of coffee already. Updates: two problems appeared after a while. When filling the unit with hot water, if you spill water into the switch it will pump like mad and stop. But it will start again after it dries out.

Used it today for the first time and i am so happy to be able to enjoy a nice coffee when i am on the road. Ihave a senseo machine at home (and at work) so use plenty of pods; the fact that this handcoffee uses the same is a huge bonus. It is very easy to use and the best about it (compared to the manual handpresso) is that you do not need boiling water.Unscrew the top, pour water in it, put the pod in, screw back on; plug it in the cigarette lighter, switch the on button (don’t forget like i did); wait a few minutes for the beeps. Turn the machine upside down and press the cup button. I do travel a lot and i reckon that at the price of a cip of coffee on the motorway, this machine will soon have paid for itself.

Perfect for coffee on the go and makes great coffee or expresso. Just don’t make my mistake and buy the double cup pods as they don’t fit.

I bought this as i have an electric car and didn’t want to wipe out my fuel savings buying coffee while charging. It does the job and produces nice piping hot coffee. The senseo pads are economical and don’t produce tons of plastic waste. Downside is that it’s fiddly to fill with water especially in the confines of a car. It should come with some sort of pouring device. My first attempt to fill it from a cycling drinks bottle ended with a somewhat damp wife.

  • It does the job and produces nice piping hot coffee
  • Absolutely brilliant
  • Perfect!

Handpresso – Handcoffee Auto 48264 12V portable coffee maker for cars using soft pods

Product Description, The Handpresso company, specialized in portable espresso machines, extends its offer to all coffee lovers. Either long or short, with Handcoffee Auto, you can drink the coffee you fancy.You may vary the tastes, choose among the very wide range of soft pods and go from long coffees to cappuccinos without forgetting macchiatos. And without getting out of your car! As always with Handpresso, Handcoffee Auto has a streamlined design. Simple and easy to use, it can be placed in the cup holder and plugged into the cigarette lighter. In less than 5 minutes, you prepare your favorite coffee, 80 or 110 ml long, and drink it anytime, anywhere. Ideal for those who drive a lot for business or leisure, Handcoffee Auto prepares the coffee that will boost you whenever you need it. Handcoffee Auto may even offer a family experience as you can choose various tea and hot chocolate types, to make everybody happy!

Box Contains, 1 x Handcoffee Auto 1 x Napkin 1 x Instructions

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Handpresso Handcoffee Auto

The Handcoffee Auto is a portable coffee machine for the car.

Whether long or short, with the Handcoffee Auto, you can drink the coffee you like using original Senseo soft coffee pads.

Product Specifications

  • Size: 22.5 x 9.5 x 9.5cm / Weight: 820g
  • Pressure: 2 bar
  • Cycle: 4 minutes
  • Water reservoir capacity: 80 to 110ml
  • Voltage: 12 V DC
  • Power: 140 Watt

Handcoffee Auto – 12V Handpresso Pump – Black Handpresso Auto – 12V Handpresso Pump Pop – Orange Handcoffee Truck – 24V Handpresso Auto Capsule
Ground Coffee
ESE Pods
Senseo Coffee Pads
Nespresso Capsules

Handcoffee Travel Pack

Handcoffee Multi Drink Kit

Handcoffee Multi Drink Kit

Handcoffee Bag

Handcoffee Auto Travel Pack

Set Includes:

  • Handcoffee Auto
  • Handcoffee Bag
  • Handcoffee Multi Drink Kit
  • Multi Drink Case

Everything you need for great coffee on the go!

Handcoffee Multi Drink Kit

Kit Includes:

  • Larger Portafilter
  • Pod Adapter for all types of Senseo Pads including Mug Sized and Speciality Milk Coffees
  • Adapter for Ground Coffee or Loose Tea

Upgrade your Handcoffee Auto or Handcoffee Truck with this handy kit and enjoy Mug Sized Coffees and Speciality Milky Coffees on the go!

Multi Drink Case

The perfect accessory for your Handcoffee Auto or Handcoffee Truck! Handy case for all your coffee pads; keeping your coffee organised on the go!

Handcoffee Bag

The perfect storage option for your Handcoffee Auto or Handcoffee Truck and accessories! Keep all your Handcoffee paraphernalia together in one handy place.

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  • It does the job and produces nice piping hot coffee
  • Absolutely brilliant
  • Perfect!

Handpresso – Handcoffee Auto 48264 12V portable coffee maker for cars using soft pods

Features and Spesification

  • EASY USE: Plug the coffee machine into the cigarette lighter socket (12v), add cold water and place the Senseo*soft pod of your choice, press the ON button. After 4 minutes, when you hear 3 bleeps, turn the machine around and press the Espresso button. Your espresso is ready!
  • A COFFEE OF THE SIZE OF YOUR CHOICE Easy to use this coffee maker offers you two sizes of drink: a short (80 ml) coffee or a long (110 ml) coffee. Thanks to the 2 bar-pressure, your soft pods will release all their flavors to prepare a delicious coffee.
  • ADAPTED TO THE CUP HOLDER The Handcoffee Auto machine has been designed for optimal use in your car, truck or motorhome. It fits the cup holder, plugs into the cigarette lighter socket and is easy to store due to its compact size.
  • DEVELOPED IN FRANCE by the mobile and portable coffee and espresso pionneer.Since 2008, Handpresso has been developing a whole range of coffee makers for cars and travel. Its portable coffee makers travel with you whenever on the go. Recognized and sold worldwide by the world’s leading car manufacturers.