Handpresso Auto Ground Coffee and ESE Pods : Worth the money

Good stuff for a car traveller as it save u a lot of money, make a descent coffee, the pods for me is a bit light but the powder one is lovely, worth the money for a regular user.

Excellent in every way 5* transaction.

Use it the car and the motorhome. I’ve had the hand pump model for a couple of years and that’s still working brilliantly so this should as well.

  • Love it.
  • superb
  • Worth the money

Handpresso Auto Ground Coffee and ESE Pods, 12 V, 140 W, 16 Bar

Product Description, The new Handpresso Auto Machine has been revamped inside as well as outside. This ultimate, even higher end version uses both ESE pods and ground espresso coffee. Good news for all the espresso aficionados among you! According to your availability or travel mates, you either use E.S.E pods because they are so convenient or your favorite ground coffee thanks to the Ground Coffee Adapter (already used in the products of the Handpresso Pump range) and its ground coffee case.

Box Contains, 1 x Handpresso Auto Hybrid 1 x Napkin 1 x Instructions 1 x

From the manufacturer

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Handpresso Auto Hybrid 12V

This machine helps you to prepare a barista-like espresso in your car in only two minutes!

The Handpresso Auto comes complete with two portafilters; a small one to be used with E.S.E. Pods and a large one for use with Ground Coffee.

It gives you the freedom to convert your coffee break into a real relaxation moment, wherever you are!

Product Specifications:

  • Weight – 880g
  • Size – 22 x 10 x 10cm
  • Cycle – 2 minutes
  • Pressure – 16 Bar
  • Water Reservoir Capacity – 53ml
  • Voltage – 12V
  • Power – 140W

Handpresso Auto 12V Handpresso Pump Hybrid Handcoffee Auto 12V Handpresso Pump Pop Handcoffee Auto Truck 24V
Ground Coffee
ESE Pods
Senseo Coffee Pads

Accessories to Complement your Handpresso Auto 12V

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Handpresso Auto Cups

Light, elegant and strong, these cups can be taken wherever you go! The handy water-line guide helps you measure the amount of water needed for your Handpresso machine!

Handpresso Ground Coffee Case

Fill the three Ground Coffee Adapters before you go and enjoy your coffee break wherever you are!

Handpresso Power Adapter

Power Adapter 220v-12v (150 watt) to plug in your Handpresso Auto; from the comfort of your own home to a distant hotel room!

Handpresso Auto Intense Ground Coffee Portafilter

This Portafilter slows down the infusion while increasing the extraction of aromas, for a truly Italian Ristretto. The Auto Ground Intense Portafilter is for use with the ground coffee option of the Handpresso Auto.

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  • Love it.
  • superb
  • Worth the money

Handpresso Auto Ground Coffee and ESE Pods, 12 V, 140 W, 16 Bar

Features and Spesification

  • Enjoy espresso in the comfort of your own vehicle
  • Powered by your vehicle’s 12V cigarette lighter
  • Compatiable with both ESE pods and Ground Coffee
  • Premium quality espresso thanks to 16 bar pressure
  • Includes an Auto Cup with water fill guide line